What You Were Born For

God said:

You know, you were not born for yourself. You were born for Me. I put Myself on Earth in the form of you. Too often you mistake yourself for the form. The form is a drawing, beloved. It is not the real thing.

If you understood and accepted that you were born on My behalf, never would you be self-serving. That doesn't mean you would neglect yourself. It means you would get right down to the business of life. Selfishness would be laughable to you, so meaningless that it would be difficult for you to believe that everyone doesn't perceive the way you do. Perhaps you would call your perception enlightenment. Certainly it is expanded awareness.

Of course, you are not thinking: "I am here to serve God, and, to serve God, I serve mankind." It is not a thought at all that I am speaking of.

When you are in a meadow, you don't think: "Oh, look, I am standing in a meadow." It is self-evident, and there is no need to say it.

When you serve Me, you do not think: "Oh, look, I am serving God. I am really serving God." You do not think it because you are serving Me. It is where you are.

It is like being awake or asleep. In either case, awake or asleep, you do not announce it. There is no thought about it, except now as I bring it to your attention. Right now you are awake. Earlier you were sleeping.

Certainly, serving Me can be a decision, and you can make that decision with all your heart and soul. I am all for that. Yet what I am speaking of is not a decision. It is consciousness.

It is like you are a waiter in a restaurant. Naturally, you wait on tables. You are already aware that you are a waiter and that you are there to serve. You don't have to remind yourself.

Serving others is serving Me, and yet you don't serve just to serve. You may be focused on serving Me, yet it is more an unfocused focus. It's like seeing the color blue or the color green. There is no need to think about it. You don't ask yourself: "Is this blue or it green?" You just know.

And so as a server for Me, you just know it is for you to serve.

You may think about it, of course, but you don't have to think about it: You don't have to think: "How do I serve God? How best do I serve God? Am I serving God?" It is the same way in that you don't have to think: "How do I move my arm? How do I best move my arm? Am I moving my arm?"

If you are sitting in a chair, you do not have to think: "I am sitting in a chair." You simply are sitting in a chair. When you stand up, you do not have to think: "I am getting up." It is a natural thing to get up after you have been sitting.

Serving Me is like breathing. You can think about it, yet you don't have to think about it. You breathe on your own without having to make a choice to breathe.

You have an orientation in life. When your orientation is need, you are inevitably focused on your form, or you are focusing on someone else's form. When your orientation is service, there is no getting away from it; your focus is on abundance. Your focus is on giving just as naturally as you breathe. See the difference?

A candle does not have to think it is a candle. It is a candle. Once lit, it does what candles do.

Light yourself, beloved, and then you will know what to do as simply as that.

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This clarifies a lot, Dear

This clarifies a lot, Dear God. Viewed in tandem with Your Heavenletter #2235, The Flowing of the River (which Paula brought to our attention so lovingly), a clear picture emerges that has always been there, only covered by successive strata of dogmatic crusts over the millennia and then generously strewn with New-Age fluff.

So grateful for this Letter and so happy about it,

5 Heavenletter Haikus for

5 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said where you are
I put Myself on the Earth
In the form of you

God said Beloved
You were not born for yourself
You were born for Me

God said in giving
Your focus is abundance
Just naturally

God said you just know
Serving Me is like breathing
It is consciousness

God said simply that
Light yourself up Beloved
See the difference

Love, Light and Aloha!

Powerful words that touched

Powerful words that touched my soul!

This Godletter has given me

This Godletter has given me a sense of awareness that I have some work to do, that is getting right down to the business of LIFE! It seems so hard for me and my God was reading my mind today after dealing with a bad bout of fibromyalgia flare-up and chronic fatigue for a few days this week, matter of fact, this week has passed me by.

I'm really trying to figure out what was I born for...trying to manage the fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, major depression, anxiety and now diastolic heart failure at the age of 47! Now labeled retired disabled..where do I fit in...I know that I am a child of God, I know that God loves me, I know that God has a plan and a purpose for my life...I just want to know what is it. I'm staying strong for my son who will be graduating this year, because his life has been altered since I got sick back in 2004 until the present. I thank GOD that my son is handling this all in a good way, with good grades and just loving me as I am.

I'm scare of the unknow, financially broken now depending on RSDI and long-term disability which isn't much, but more than those who do not have, so I'm grateful that I have this. I have my rental place now and a car, again I'm grateful that I can have these things in my life. I'm trying to not get into a deep depression

I believe that through my serving of others in the past has given me this reward and result of provisions of Gods plenty!
I want to light the candle, but I don't know what will happen it probably will not stay lit...I want to ask God a question, but I don't know what to ask....I've been through so much in my life and I just want some peace, comfort and stablility.

I want to continue to be able to help my Mom, Aunt and my Son when he goes off to college. With the progression of my illness, I'm afraid that my dream to own a business, home and new car will be just that a dream due to my health.
Yes, I know that's negative thinking, but that is all that I know for results..fear is talking; but I know better,,,,I know that God is able to do great things..can it happen to me????Yes, it can!

This sentence "Light

This sentence "Light yourself, beloved, and then you will know what to do as simply as that."

God please guide me, help me to find my destiny or destination.

Juliana, my understanding is

Juliana, my understanding is that it will find you!

Todays message was very

Todays message was very inspiring, I've made a mental note to check my heaven sent notes everyday! This is the exact stimulation i need to do my job here on Earth! God Bless infact Multiplied Blessings to Gloria and the entire Heavenly Sent Staff!!!

Multiplied blessings to you!

Multiplied blessings to you! Tell us more!