What You Are Here For

God said:

You don’t think you’re alive on Earth for nothing, do you? You must know that you are here for something, that you serve a greater purpose than your own existence. You must know that you are not here for yourself alone, or even for yourself mainly. You are here for greater purpose than even the greatest poets have imagined.

You are not here for salvage. How can a Divine Being be salvaged. What is there to salvage? There is nothing to save you from. But if you must be saved from something, it is from erroneous thought. Most of your thoughts are erroneous, beloveds.

Illusion makes up most of your thoughts. Let’s save you from illusion. The illusions you live under are fanciful, but they are not pretty. It is not pretty to think of yourself the way you usually do. I ask you to glean greater thoughts about yourself and the reasons for your existence. You are a many-reasoned Being. In terms of the world, you serve more than one purpose, and yet you cannot be extricated from My One Purpose.

You are here on Earth for the same reason I am in Heaven. We exist to shine light. We exist to tell the world that there is far more than the eye can see.

I am not here to proclaim doom. Nor are you.

I am not here to point out fault. Nor are you.

I am here to bring light to the world, and so are you.

Your choice is to bring light to the world or leave it in simulated darkness. Which do you choose? Every day you choose. You either choose a limited way or a vaster way. You either choose to let things lie, or you choose to shine light.

You choose to love or not to love. There is no other question.

What will you choose in this moment and the next?

What role will you play? Will you come out front or will you hover in the wings? Will you leave the lighting of the world to someone else, or will you come forward and shine light? Even if you shine the limited light you believe is all you possess, then shine that. By your shining some light, you will begin to perceive the Greater Light within you. Your way will be lighted because you lit another’s.

There is so much light within you that you can light the entire world. All the light that underlies the manifest world, and all that is beyond the manifest world, is the light you are made of, and it is the light at your disposal to shine.

First you start with a trowel of My Light, and then a shovel, and then you shine it out with both your hands, and with all your might. To shine My light takes no might at all. It is the natural thing to do. It is who you are when all you have learned has been dispensed with. The world has taught you that you are less than light, and you went along with the world.

Now go along with Me. Forsake the dictates of the world in order to heal it. Let the world bask in the Sunlight of your heart.

Cast a benign eye on the world. Toss your love high. Let love go where it may. Let love fall on love. Once and for all, be done with whatever else has snuck into your heart. Love will spill it over, and it will evaporate. All the lesser emotions will be evicted never to return. There is room in your heart for love alone. Let love reign. Let love take full effect. Splash the world with your love -- you will get splashed too.

Beloveds, go ahead and drown yourself in love. This is what you are here for. This is what you are meant to do. Splash the medium of yourself. Multiply love across the face of the Earth. Shine My Light, beloveds. Shine it high.