Come Out and Play

God said:

You hold the world in the palm of your hand. You are not the world's pawn. You are the wielder of the world. You are not a boat without an oar. Whatever the current, you can paddle in a direction of your choice.

If you are cutting a swath through the jungle, you may have thought of your journey as entanglement. Now think of it as entwining. Think of the marvelous vines that have joined from near and far in order to present themselves in front of you.

It is like life has been braided for you. You and life appear together at a perfect juncture of illusory time and space, one turned over the other, a braided bread, tucked in just so. Life has risen to the occasion for you. There is a great exchange and interaction, and threads, once separate, become wound together.

When there are shoals, you maneuver through them, and the shoals lead you to shore. Sometimes you can leap over the shoals.

The Open Sesame of life is you, beloveds. You open a book of your life, and you turn the pages. Your eye covers the page. Sometimes you seem to skim the page, sometimes you seem to blunder, sometimes you exceed. It is as if you are in a tournament of life, and you joust with life. Yet life is your compatriot.

How about opening the door to life all the way and letting it in? How about welcoming life rather than putting it off? Life would be your chariot to take you wherever you like. Life has been waiting for you for a long time. It has been at your side, and you may have averted your eyes. You may have said, in effect, "Come back later. Don't disturb me now. I'm thinking."

And the life you are meant to savor slips through your fingers. You take only a sip of it. Be an avid drinker of life. Drink it down. There is more.

A day is a neutral thing. Consider it a conveyance waiting for you at the curb. You get in and say where you want to go. You give direction to life. You ask it to go where you want.

You don't force it. You simply give a direction. Sometimes life gets you there fast, and sometimes slow, sometimes there are detours and hills to go up, but what do you care, you ride on life.

If life is a horse, sometimes it is a bucking bronco, and other times a tame horse. And always you are the rider of it.

Or life is a twirling sparkling baton in your hand.

Or you ride in a paddle boat, and you paddle.

However life appears, relish this life that comes before you today. Have the ride of your life. Savor it. Feast on it. Why not enjoy life? It is put before you to enjoy. Wrest the nourishment from it. Let life work its magic on you today, while you twirl it in your palm.

You and life meet today. Shake hands. No need to come out fighting. No need to hide behind the drapes. Just come out and play.

Be like the Sun that shines. Be like the Moon that reflects. Be like the stars. Night doesn't stop stars from shining. What prevents you? What do you allow to prevent you?

Drink life down. You have had enough sipping of it. Chug a lug.

Life is an orange waiting for you to squeeze it.

Life is a dance ready to begin. You do not have to get ready. You do not have to be a perfect dancer before you step out onto the floor. You just have to enter in and start dancing.