What If?

God said:

Come closer to Me, beloveds, where anxiety does not exist. I will tell you something. There is never a cause for anxiety. Never. You find causes. You even plan ahead for them, but there is never need for anxiety. Anxiety exalts itself and writes situations on the calendar. But life on Earth is what it is, and needs no preparing ahead of time. That's what anxiety is, a preparation.

There is no need to be anxious over death even. Why should death be anxiety-provoking? Why is there fear? Anxiety doesn't stem the tide. Sometimes it might hasten it. But, really, anxiety is no good to you at all.

Why don't you just give up anxiety? Become a stranger to it. Lovingly say goodbye to your anxiety. Perhaps you think it is a preventive, a talisman that will ward off real danger. Trade it in for something else.

What I want to say to you is that there is no danger. There are only boundaries to jump over. You have boundaries set up in your mind. Why don't you wait until you come to them, or they to you? Instead of counting sheep, you seem to count file folders of anxieties. You take each one out and examine it:

"What if I can't reach the next step? What if I lose my job? What if I can't find another? What if John doesn't love me any longer? What if I don't love John any longer? What if I grow old? What if I get sick? What if I have an accident? What if I gain weight? What if I don't have the right clothes? What if I don't have money. What if I don't know everything? What if I don't become enlightened?" Is there an end to your anxiety-stirring questions?

I will ask you some anxiety-reducing questions:

"What if you are young now? What if you are younger today than you will ever be again? What if you are in good health now? What if you will get better? What if you keep your job? What if you are even honored at work? What if today is one of the best days of your life? What if tomorrow is? What if you express today something you have never expressed before? What if today you think of something you have never thought of before? What if you give a new kindness today? What if you make a new friend? What if everyone likes you? What if you don't mind other people so much?

"What if some wonderful unexpected event takes place today? What if some money comes in the mail? What if a long-lost friend returns? What if you feel good today? What if you are happy today for no reason at all? What if you whistle while you work? What if nothing bothers you today? What if you are all you want to be today?"

You have been puzzling the wrong things in your mind. You have been choosing the wrong songs on the juke-box. You have been inserting the wrong-size coins into the slot machine. They can't fit and they won't work. They can only work for you if it is your desire not to play.

Anxiety is like keeping food in the fridge until it spoils. Anxiety is like sitting in a car with no wheels. Anxiety is like being in a boat without oars. Where can anxiety get you?

Decide today that, for every anxious thought or feeling that comes your way, you will replace it with something else. When you feel fear, substitute love. When your nose is out of joint, straighten it.

Don't pick weeds. Pick flowers. Pick flowers for Me. Put some on your table. Give some away.