Whistle a Different Tune

God said:

Expect joy. You have had enough of expecting gloom. The attention you put on warding off untoward events is extraordinary. Sometimes it seems that your guiding star is catastrophe. Often you act as if you are down to the wire when you are in actuality flying high.

Consider all the energy you put into worry. You say you are being realistic. I say you are frittering life away when you worry. Worry doesn't buffer life. It avoids life. It is its own little frenzy. There is no point to it, beloveds. What does worry do that joy can't do better?

What If?

God said:

Come closer to Me, beloveds, where anxiety does not exist. I will tell you something. There is never a cause for anxiety. Never. You find causes. You even plan ahead for them, but there is never need for anxiety. Anxiety exalts itself and writes situations on the calendar. But life on Earth is what it is, and needs no preparing ahead of time. That's what anxiety is, a preparation.

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