What Has Taken Over the World?

God said:

Time is not of the essence. Love is of the essence. Time is a fictive character. It is not a villain exactly, but it is a hard taskmaster, and all your abeyance to it is for naught. Time doesn't stand still nor does it move. Time is nothing at all.

Time is not urgent, although you say it is.

Time is a note that is played on Earth. It is as if the notes of My flute are dropped to Earth, made physical. Written notes of My music are not the music. They are a representation of it. And time, mythical time, is made a representation of eternity. In no time at all, time, instead of timelessness, became King. Time lords itself over you.

Time is a petty tyrant. And yet you wouldn't seem to know how to get along without it. Time knows how to govern you. It knows you would be happier without it, but time, like ego, has its own best interests at heart, not yours.

If you did not defer to time, there would be no time pressure. There would be no pressure. All would ease. Your life would become like a violin string playing a perfect note. As it is, time points out imperfections. It would keep you subject to it.

What is the world as you know it but a machination of time? This nonexistent time has taken over the world. You believe the world must run on time. Time has become the one who beats the gongs on a ship, and tells you when to row. Time is a pace-setter, but its pace is not one for you to follow. First of all, you can never keep up. You can only lag behind. Even when you run to catch up, time runs faster ahead of you. You are forever chasing it. Your heart even tries to race with time. Must even your heartbeat be subservient to the drone called Time?

Have you joined a parade that you step in time to? You do not know where the parade is going, or when it will stop, or when you can step out of it. But at any time, you can put time in its proper perspective. You do not have to let it assault you. Let time walk over to the edge of the Earth and leave you standing. Let time while itself away, while you follow a different drummer. Me, for instance.

When you step out of time, impatience will not exist, and there will be no need for patience either. The world will do somersaults of joy. Every rotation of the Earth will signal joy. Joy will replace time. Isn't it time it did?

Time is a wastrel. Time is quite sure of itself. It swaggers. It becomes a giant. But it is a giant illusion. It is the illusionary monster that you keep feeding. He doesn't exist, but he scares you anyway. He exacts his tribute from you. You lay fruit and flowers at his altar. You try to get on its best side. You play poker with it. You feed the ante. You have become Time's fool.

There are other things you are better suited for. Take time and throw it out the window so that you can capture the spirit of life and cast it everywhere always forever in the realm of timeless beautiful eternity all spread out before you. Come, spend yourself with Me. Step out of the time circuit. Time has overstayed its welcome. Let it go.