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What God Says is coming true

Beloved Theophil sent me a note that he would be out of town for a little while. He is going to Estonia to attend a music festival. What this group writes (meaning the people on this Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum) is incredibly wonderful. It's really true that soon enough Oneness will be all that we know:

To Breathe as One

It is not a coincidence that in the Estonian language the word's "soul" and "breathing" come from the same stem. One word developed from the other, because breathing and soul are connected. Even so closely connected that if you breathe in the same rhythm with someone, with a little luck it is possible to see his soul. The same magic works when tens and thousands breathe as one. They look for the right place in a hurry, gasping for breath. They hold their breath in anticipation. They rejoice from their heart and soul. This is when the souls of one nation meet. It is breathtakingly beautiful. By breathing as one, history can be changed. The vibrations of the soul create a resonance that has broken iron and brought down political regimes. But it is not the only aim of breathing as one. This celebration unites us with those who sang and danced before us, as well as with our contemporaries whose soul may go unnoticed in the everyday rat race. When people breathe as one, it does not matter whether you face the audience of the performers of whether you are somewhere else instead. When you breathe with others as one, your soul is there.

It is time for a nation to breathe as one again.

Thank you, beloved Theophil.

Imagine what it would be like

All relationships would be coherent and harmonious. Conflict would not exist, because one would walk away from it before it arises. I imagine everyday how Oneness would be experienced in the world. Although it's difficult to work when in that state! Yet a bee is always in Oneness and look how busy it keeps. I can see work being so much richer and expressive, deeper and inclusive, original and creative when performed in awareness of Oneness.

It is said that in one breath cycle all of existence is created, dissolved and recreated.