What Do You Think You Must Atone For?

God said:

Sometimes you seek the ultimate of yourself. No matter how fine you are, tomorrow you want more of yourself. In this way, you are never satisfied.

Your cry of More! More! may be asking too much of yourself. You may whip yourself to a frenzy. You may not let up on yourself. You may ask too much of yourself. You may not love yourself enough -- or why would you keep berating yourself? What do you think it is that you must atone for?

I teach forgiveness, yes? No, I don’t even teach you forgiveness, for what do you think you have to be forgiven for? If you have been a scoundrel in a previous Life, so you have been a scoundrel. That was then, and this is now.

Be good to yourself. How can you be beautiful to others when you frown so at yourself? Love yourself first, and then others will be drawn to your Love.

There is a tendency for many of My Children to be too stern with themselves. There is a tendency to perhaps punish themselves, as if they do deserve punishment.

Have a more friendly approach to yourself and to the world and to Me. Engage with Me, Beloveds. Do not be hard-hearted to yourself as if this is how to win My approval.

Win My approval by accepting yourself as a worthwhile human Being who learns, not all at once, but little by little. You don’t have to be an overnight success. You don’t have to be a Child Wonder who makes the headlines of the newspaper.

Be your own teacher. Do you want a teacher who is loving and kind or one who is so strict you can hardly breathe? Let go of the idea of being a hard taskmaster who demands more and more of yourself. Don’t be over-demanding. Bestow some of the Milk of Human Kindness to yourself.

Accept that you are on the right track.

Give yourself some of your own approval. Don’t be impossible to please. Start with a clean slate.

If you met up with Christ in the world, do you think he would frown at you? If you think that, think again. My Son Christ would shine his Light on you. This is the least you can do for yourself. Be genial with yourself. Enough of faulting yourself.

Never are you to kick yourself in the shins. Open your heart to yourself. Don’t have it in for yourself. You really aren’t so bad, you know. Give yourself some air. Do you really want to be some kind of perfect saint who is so somber he cannot laugh and smile?

Give yourself a pat on the back, and stop trying so hard. Give yourself a break.

I created you Beautiful. I created the world Beautiful.

I do not put x’s on anyone as if I write them off or throw them out of My Good Graces forevermore or make it so difficult that they are to be wilted in guilt.

Not at all. Stand up straight. Put your arm around your shoulder, and hold your head high enough so that you can see above the crowd. Do not endure yourself. Don’t put up with yourself. Don’t kick yourself aside. No, be gracious to yourself. Encourage yourself. You are My Child.

Easy does it. Hard, encrusted, stale, doesn’t do it. Love does it.

Do you desire hard-to-please people in your Life? Do you think that hard-to-please people are good for you and beneficial to others and the world? Do you want frowns or smiles and some pats on the back?

From this day forward, be what you desire others to be. Be what I desire you to be. I desire you to be warm and loving. Start with loving yourself. If you want to grow fast, this is how to do it.

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Heaven Sutras .....a real blessing

Dear Gloria,

I wanted to thank you with all my heart for the Heaven Sutras, they are a
R E A L B L E S S I N G .... OMG..I really really love them so very much and they are helping me so much right now.

Thank you for sharing these precious gems.

Loving you always.....

Again just what I needed

Just what I needed to re-affirm

Dear Gloria, Oh..my

Dear Gloria,
Oh..my goodness..!
This is so True and incredibly accurate by personal experience and
Gratefully not that anymore..!!
How enlightening this Thought stream, beyond those words is unexplainable; But so truthfully express this Human dilemma.

Thank you so much for this expanded vision..Thank you, the God in You and God in all..!!


"From this day forward, be what you desire others to be. Be what I desire you to be. I desire you to be warm and loving. Start with loving yourself. If you want to grow fast, this is how to do it."

This is what I needed to read today <3
Heavenletters is the only place on the Internet I can visit every day and replenish my heart with of love and wisdom. Thank you for all your hard work!