What Do You Say?

God said:

Let Me be your reference point. Let Me be your starting point.

You have read many books, and you quote from them. You read great thoughts, and you parlay them. But everything from you is not to be second-hand. Great thoughts are great. Used great thoughts are no less great. They can be used thousands of times, and they are undiminished. Yet the time is now for you to find your own thoughts. Pull up the greatness that is within you. Today I ask you to let go of quoting other sources and find the resources within you to have a voice and to allow the greatness within you to be spoken.

What do you say, beloveds? What do YOU say? What are your thoughts?

Have you not in some sense hidden behind others’ greatness? You peek out from behind their books. You highlight lines and you forget your own. The selfsame greatness that lies within all the great books lies within you. The greatness within you is taking form now. Find out what your own thoughts are, and speak them. Come out from the imagined protection of others’ thoughts and claim your own.

Enough following in others’ footsteps. Make your own. That is the same as to say: Hear My Voice.

You will hear Me within you. You have heard Me within you. You have restrained your own wisdom from pouring out. You were so programmed that you didn’t think you had anything to say, but, beloveds, how would you recognize great wisdom unless you were already the carrier of it?

You do not need back-up. Or, rather, I am the only back-up you need. Read uplifting material for all the great solace it gives you. And then you, My beloved child, solace the world with truth from your own vision, from your own heart, from your own Being.

I did not set you as a parrot in the world.

You have your own connection to Me, and I can speak through you as well as anyone else.

What do you think? What do you feel? What do you say? What new thought have you today? Now you move on from repeating wise thoughts from others. Now quote yourself. Find those great quotes within yourself.

Rely more on yourself and less on others. You are to learn self-reliance. You have already learned from others, and now it is time to learn from yourself. That is to say: Now it is time to learn from the One Who dwells within you. I dwell in no man more than I dwell in you. If I am extant in any person, than I am extant in you.

I do not speak louder to anyone than I speak to you. I do not mumble My words. Beloveds, where did you think all wisdom comes from if not from Me? And now you know, and now you seek and speak from within.

Beloved angels on Earth, We have a wireless connection. Unwire yourself from outer knowledge, no matter how great, and pursue that great knowledge dormant within you. Do not be dismayed that the great knowledge within you has lain dormant. Is it not a good thing to know that you have My wisdom within you even though it may have been unused?

The world would tell you that you are a collector of other wise men’s thoughts, and now I tell you to collect your own. Now is time for you to reap from your own garden. I planted it for you long ago so that today you may garner its great wisdom. Do you begin to see the great wisdom within you that yearns to be released?

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"What do you say, beloveds?

"What do you say, beloveds? What do YOU say? What are your thoughts?"

"Unwire yourself from outer knowledge, no matter how great, and pursue that great knowledge dormant within you."

Oh my God! If I want, as always I want, be honest, I don't find new thoughts in me, I don't find anything new, I find nothing!

"Nothing" means "no thing": there are'nt things in me, only thoughts of things, and all I have come from outside. If I exclude all the answers came from the outside, then I don't have even more questions: where came questions if not from previous answers? And the initial answer came from outside is: "You are", immediately inside became "I am".

I am... Danilo? Or Danilo is a dream came to me and I forgot who I am in reality?
And if I forgot about me but I think that I am not Danilo, then neither like me or Danilo, I find something more to say. :-)

Danilo (?) :-)

Beloved, thank you for

Beloved, thank you for finding quotations from Heavenletters. It is so good to be reminded of God's words.

Will you kindly find those words from God you like and do not question? What if you perhaps did not question for a while? God has said in a Heavenletter somewhere that one question leads to another, and there is no end to it. he has said that deep spiritual questions cannot be answered on the human level. They just can't.

Will you find God's words that you can say Yes to? I would love to see them.

God bless you.

With love,


Thank You, Gloria! Ok. I

Thank You, Gloria!
Ok. I will try to do so! :-)


Dear Gloria, thank you. You

Dear Gloria,
thank you. You allowed me to try that my mind is "no", that my life has been and is a "no", and, immured in this "no", I am not able out of it, and God can not make me quit.
God is only YES to me: it's all.


Danilo, brother, have you

Danilo, brother, have you found some YES in the meantime? Something that is originally and innately Danilo and, therefore, God? Yor are meant to find it. I think the world needs you to find it.

I miss you, dear friend.

Hello Jochen, my dear

Hello Jochen, my dear brother.

Thank for your interest.

No, "originally", "innately", "God"... they are words, just "rumors" in your head, and they create the illusion of knowledge, but they are just ignorance, and the worst ignorance is believing that you know, just because you can hear and, then, repeat the words to themselves and to others.
But an agreement on the meaning of words, is not knowledge but ignorance and shared generalized.
No amount of words, and emotions they argue, can ever overcome ignorance and fear of not knowing and not be anything that a transient image in the mind, maintained by a continuous need for words and emotions.
Who are you? You do not know it, but you identify yourself with an image, with a bunch of concepts to feed your need to be and to become, to ensure the continuity of your emotions, your pleasures, physicals and intellectuals, and particularly the need to escape the fear of death.
That's all.
As for me, I do not know anything.

Good time in your mind.

What if

This is true, dearest, I know. But it's not all, and you know that. Such deep bewilderment as yours and mine is truly awful, and commanding a stutterer to stop stuttering would be just cruel. Still, it's not all. Bewilderment and stuttering are God's. You will have read this, but let me repeat it here for you:

An Awareness So Brilliant
Heavenletter # 293 Published on: August 18, 2001
God said:
What if it is true that I am really contained in everything around you? What if I am really in every object and every picture of every object? What if I am really in you? If I am in everything you look at, I am contained in you who is the looker as well.
What if there is actually nothing out there for you to look at, and it is your own reflection you see through your eyes? What if everything is you?
What if you are out there and in there? You are the inside that can also be seen outside? What if you could look within and see the heart and soul of you and find Me there?
What if everything out there and in there is Myself? What if it is I Who plays all the parts, but I became so enamored of one part or another, that I began to think the part was who I was? What if I bought into My own performance?
Can that be? Can you be MySelf in other garb and all else you have thought but fantasy?
If this be the case, what would it mean, and what would it mean to you?

Only "What if", caro Danilo. "What if" will open the door a crack, whether there really is a door or not. Ah, I only wish for a sunbeam to warm you. Let us not discuss this, d'accordo?

Embracing you warmly,

"If this be the case, what

"If this be the case, what would it mean, and what would it mean to you?"
Nothing. And nothing to discuss, dear Jochen, but only embracing you because "all else you have thought but fantasy".
So, I'm sorry but I don't have anything to add and comment because I keep on repeating the same things, just as God in Heavenletters.



Reading this Heavenletter, I got so excited, I shouted (inwardly, since it's late already where I am): "Hey, You are singing my Song™ !!"

Then, sheepishly, I added: "Okay, You are doing it better than I could. And it was meant for You anyway. You want me to mention Who I got it from?"

But the real shock came when I read the comments. I must have read this Heavenletter several times, and it was brand new today!

My Own Voice

It is true that I have been relying on teachers, and other people to tell me what is real and not. I have had the tendency to wants others to confirm my experiences, even when experiencing undeniable Truth. I have not completely trusted that there is an inner guidance coming directly from You to me, even though I have seen, too many times to count, that You are here and you are taking care of me.

I have experienced Your Grace too many times to count, and have seen miracles reveal themselves right in front of my (Your) eyes. Even as I write this, I am noticing that something questions this, which is absolutely ridiculous because the questioner himself is an illusion. It is only a thought.

Help me be Self-reliant always, including when help from Self comes from another manifestation of Myself. Help me see that all help comes from You, The Truth of Myself.