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Dear all what does "the west was won" means, I mean, how can I explain it? What is speacial with west and its wining? :criying:




Gosh, Engin. I don't know

Gosh, Engin. I don't know what you're going to do with this one! How about you, Paula, and Stefan, and Spanish translators? What are your ideas?

This phrase, of course, is referring to the Wild West of the U.S. That is a common expression -- How the West Was Won. There may be a movie with that name.

The Wild West was tamed, as it were.

But life cannot be tamed.

That's the best I know how to do.

Bless you for your question.

"Engage in life as if there

"Engage in life as if there are no winners. The West was won, but not life. Life is simply to be lived, not secured, not ordered around."

I find that context is always useful when working with English expressions that don't exactly have a meaning in other languages.
Man may conquer relative things, like climb the highest peak or hold back the ocean, but man will never conquer life. Life flows according to its own rhythm.

For the Turkish people, Engin, maybe this may make sense, "Nazar may have cracked the rock, but not life" ?

One Love

I was wondering about this

I was wondering about this expression too, so I was waiting for someone else to explain. Maybe you can say that lands can be conquered, but not life. Life is just to be lived. That's how I think I'll translate it.


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I think that expression is

I think that expression is perfect dear Paula !!! You are a magician with translations !

Love and big hugs to you

Dear alll, love to you all,

Dear alll, love to you all, :wub:

Thank you all. :wub:

Yes, I think the one about "conquering the lands" fits the best. I agree with you Berit, Paula is a magician of translation. ;)

Dear Santhan, your approach (+ your knowing this nazar thing surprised me) + amazed me. It is a very creative expression, on the other hand "Nazar" concept has a bit negative meaning, it may not give the meaning of success.

Canim Gloria, I will read that posting about translators as soon as possible.

Thank you all, love you all


Thank you all.

Thank you all. :wub: