Waiting for the World to Serve You Tea and Crumpets

God said:

If you cannot accept that you create your Life, perhaps you can accept that you contribute to your Life in the Process. Your thoughts speak for you. You may expect your Life to change while you stay the same. By and large, like it or not, you mastermind your life.

You would prefer not to accept this idea. You prefer to stay an innocent party. That’s just what you are, beloved, an innocent party. You don’t see and don’t want to see that you carry at least some responsibility for your life.

I’ve said these two points before in a hundred ways:

When you complain and complain, certainly you will have more complaints to complain about. When you are grateful for the goodness granted you in the world, you will have more goodness to be grateful for.

There is a sense in which you may feel that Life owes you a living. You may feel that Life is remiss in how it has treated you. You feel that this entity called Life should treat you with kid gloves. Certainly, this great factor, Life, could give you money as well as to someone else.

You may be thinking: "Wouldn’t it be nice if Life took care of me carte blanche?" Life does take care of you. You are taken care of. You are here, aren't you?

You may not want to have to earn your keep. You may see those who do not take care of you the way you would like as scoundrels while they may well see you as a wastrel.

Move your thoughts over. You deserve greater than you give yourself. You are the way-shower of your life. Right now you may be reclining and waiting for the world to serve you tea and crumpets.

Some of My children give too much, and some of these same children, expect to be rewarded. I daresay that you do deserve greater than you receive. Actually, there is no doubt about this.

You may be saying to the Universe or implying to the Universe: "I deserve all good." Then you may utter under your breath: "But the world doesn't give it to me. It hasn't yet."

You see, you may build, and then you may tear down that which you built.

Somehow you have a need for the Universe to take care of you and an equal need to pout. Better to smile at the Universe. If you want Life to shine Sunshine on you, don’t badmouth it. Take a deep breath and take responsibility for yourself, and be confident in yourself.

Take more care of yourself and the Universe. Be well-met to yourself. When you are disappointed in the world, take yourself up a step. Rewrite the script you tell yourself. You may want the world to make nice when right now it is you who must give.

Do you see now what I mean when I say that you have to shake a leg and go higher in your thoughts? Wait no longer for the world or someone in the world to uplift you. Uplift yourself. If you see the world as letting you down, this amounts to your being very thirsty. In this case, get up and go the well to drink.

You may think you have every right to complain. I am telling you to get up and no longer complain. Find that which you already have to appreciate. Take initiative for your Life. Be the initiator of Life. Take authority for Life. It is yours. Prove yourself to yourself. Get up. The sun is shining. Life is waiting for a smile from you. Give your smile, so Life can begin.

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Waiting for the world to serve you tea and crumpets

Thank you FatherMotherGod. Shaken a leg and going higher in Love for self and ALL.. I am so very thankful you are all ways with me as I am with you. I so love these amazing beautiful Divine moments knowing I/Me/We are never alone and all is as it is according to your Divine plan. Thank you for all the blessings for ALL. In JOY! :) Love YOU! <3