Wait Until You are Asked

God said:

You may think you are being true to yourself when you state your opinion. Your opinion is only your opinion. Do you have an oversized opinion of your opinion? When were your opinions worth idolizing?
If someone asks you for your opinion, this is another story. Otherwise, what do you think your opinion is worth to another? What is your business to opine on, and what is not? Did someone ask you?
What is the value of your opinion and what is the value of expressing it? When in the past have you been sure about matters that have not yet come to pass and you saw did not come to pass whatever you had thought about it? You yourself may have made choices that you deem unwise after the fact. Do you really think you are to offer your unasked opinions to someone now? What do you think you are saving someone from?
If someone asks you your opinion, you have been asked, and this is a go ahead. Go ahead. The more you truly value yourself, the less certain of yourself you have to be. Your opinion could be off-base. You could be a false prophet. You could be a detractor. Hello!
If you predict against the establishment of a happy marriage, according to the practices in the world, the odds are in your favor, yet the less-favored horse does not always lose, nor does the favored horse always win. If you really know how to predict, you might have won the lottery several times over by now.
Beloveds, whose opinion is infallible? Opinions change anyway. And if your opinion is stalwart and never changes, maybe you want to be less rigid and see differently. In life you are to grow. In order to grow, sometimes you do have to let go of old ways of thinking and begin anew. You simply don’t want to hold to your opinions too tightly. Holding on too tight is not at all a sign of strength.
Pretty much in the world, opinions are a dime a dozen and aren’t worth much. Beloveds, with all love for you, I ask you what makes you think that your opinions are infallible or outstanding or worth what you think? Now, will you smile at your audacity a little bit here? to think that you know how the wind should blow?
You are certain that you know how the government should govern or not govern. Of course, you are on the sidelines. Spend one day in the President’s shoes and see how wobbly your legs are.
Discretion is a good thing.
What We are talking about right now is an ego that swells in the fallacy of all-knowingness. You don’t want to be a pumped-up air balloon. Pump yourself up too much, and your balloon may pop.
Even educated guesses strike out. Even experts can be mistaken. What are the chances for uneducated guesses? Admit to yourself that you are not an expert on everything. Anyway, how much is an expert worth? Excel in your own life first. Otherwise, stay humble and restrain your supremacy.
Of course, by accident, you could be right, yet who wants someone who flaunts himself as an advisor anyway?
We come back again and again to: Who asked you? Who wants your opinion? What makes you think that others require your opinion? What has made you stuck on your opinions? What makes you adore them? What makes you bow down to them? What makes you value your opinions more than anyone else’s?
Sometimes, beloveds, you have to come down a step or two in order to rise.

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Who wants your opinion?

Ah, the Ego who struts and feeds on the spotlight of center stage.
Ah, The Ego who is an Expert on Nothing but a Strong forceful Professor on Everything!
What will we do without Him?
Who will make us Laugh?
Who will make us see the errors of our ways?
Who will try to spin the Earth in all and every direction?
Who will try to sail a ship on dry land?
Who will sell us snake oil?
Who will dance to the tune of counterfeit dollars?
Who will toss out the two sides and try to strongly convince there's a third side?
Ah, yes there is always someone who is in need of the chameleon Comedian.

This IS fun! And, of course,

This IS fun!

And, of course, there are all the well-meaning people who sincerely want to help us out.

Love and Laughs

When I don't take egos seriously I can love them and see how funny they can be. Ego's are born out of fear and no matter what age physically, they are a young child wanting to feel safe. Thank you Victor for this post.

I love to come down a step or two

The thing about opinions and advice is: they are just that "opinions and advice" and by now we know that opinions and advice are not "truth". "Truth" could never rely on opinions and advice. I find this very funny and I look toward a world of laughter.