God said:

Your intention, desire, and resolve are trail blazers. Intention, desire, resolve, commitment, and yearning fuel the rocket that engenders your evolution.

I have no axe to grind with money. I have no axe to grind with search and desire for money, yet money appears more as a result of creativity and energy than a desire unto itself. Desire for money may start the pump, yet there is another kind of fire as well that heats up your desires well to reach you.   

You may well taste the arrival of money on your tongue. It feels so real you could be holding it in your mouth. You may have a fervor about great sums of money that will deliver to you the great freedom that money can buy. Your ultimate desire is great freedom, and the innocent freedom of plentifulness.  

Every desire has its own vibration. This means that every desire cultures its own qualities within you. At the same time, all desires also culture something of an equal frequency. Desires tweak your heart. Within every frequency of desire, some of the desire is pretty much the same.

You will know this according to how you feel.

You may be fervent about revenge, let's say, yet you already know without having to give a moment's thought to it that thoughts of revenge or vindication carry a far different vibration than thoughts of good for all. Desire for another's comeuppance is not good will. Beloveds, the desires that you will thrive on – and that the world thrives on – support and uplift everyone.

Meanness means smallness. Smallness of desires means low vibration. High vibration feels better. High vibration does not cramp your heart. High vibrations do not cut through you like knives.

Beware of desires that cut you off from love. Even if you succeed in your attempts for victory, you succeed only in ill-will, and ill-will is no accomplishment at all. Ill-will bodes no good.

Negativity is self-defeating. With love, you come out ahead. The feeling level sets the tide.

The High Road creates a better path for you to travel on. The low road is slovenly.

You know how you feel when you are dressed well. Be as attuned to your sensibilities as you are to your clothes. Be attuned -- not to performance as to good will. Pull back the arrow of good will. Anything less is, well, less.

Unlovingness is not worth talking about let alone desiring. Desire not anyone's downfall. Desire that others rise. Anyway, it behooves you not to desire that which is hurtful, for the dagger points at yourself. Never again wound something in yourself. Pull the knife out now. Don't use it in the first place.

Don't even for one moment be good at hurting another. Infallibly, you hurt yourself. Even if hurting another brings you riches, it brings you nothing. It brings you bitterness. It brings you folly. It is a fool who wreaks injury.

Negativity is as negativity does.

A pitfall you put before someone else, alas, is a pitfall you to step into.

If an injustice has been done to you, the injustice is for you to rise above. Another's pettiness and/or errors of his ways are not for you to emulate. Copy greatness over pettiness any day.

Gather lightness in your step. Light the way for all. Be a Light-Bringer. Open the blinds. Pull not down the shades, for you are meant to be a different kind of Teacher.

Teach what you want to know. Open the windows. Let the fresh air in. Fold life neatly. Don't jumble it up. Don’t wrinkle life. Embrace it. Love life. On behalf of Oneness, pack life with treasures to behold.

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Life is a Wonder Filled Journey

And I am grateful for each day that I get to Be on this magnificent diverse planet named Earth. I am in awe of Her Beauty and her ability to nourish Life without Attachment.