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Victor's introduction to Heavenletters

Thanks my fellow travellers for letting me join your Heavenlettes group.
It was in the late 60"s I recalled, when our heavenly father called some of his children. I never knew I was "religious", as I was not spiritual inclined, or attached to any organised religion or group. But in the dream state, that night, I was full of joy, and I could not stop singing a popular R & B song.
All I saw was this huge group of people assembled, and everyone was waiting in expectation. While most of the people were quiet and friendly, here I was singing my heart out! And no one was paying me any mind. I was just glad to be there.
A few nights later, still in the dream state God spoke and address us all. I still recall some of the things he said.
This was my early awakening.
Since then, in my own privacy, I sought out to be know more about God.
I have read lots of books that resonate god's input. I have known Kryon, Shaumbra, The White Brotherhood.
And most of the time I am led to find that book or those that have kindered spirit like myself, so after hearing about your letters, I finally decided to see for myself, and after reading my first letter, I knew you were channelling the Father.
So here I am with your group, as a heaven reader. And thanks again for having me.

Dear Victor, your amazing

Dear Victor, your amazing post here touched me so much, I couldn't respond right away.

Yes, we are fellow-travelers. I believe it is the Bhagavad Gita that says: "Be in the company of the wise." That's what I feel this forum has become for me.

You had some awakening!

What song were you singing?

What were some of the things you heard God say?

And now you are an inspirer, beloved Victor, an honest speaker of your heart.

Just for the record, I do not believe that what I hear is channeling. There is definitely no trance or actual voice involved. (The Voice for God is silent!) It is almost as if God hits a note, and the vibration reaches me. It reaches me as an echo of a word. How many years ago God said the note, I do not know except that in God's realm, there is no time anyway. I suspect His messages are always there to pick up.

Anyway, it's wonderful you are here, and we sure want to hear more, dear Victor. Where do you live anyway?

Again, I write another note

Again, I write another note so that responses to your beautiful note begin to show.

Hello Gloria, My home is in

Hello Gloria,
My home is in Calgary, Alberta at this moment - but I was born in the Caribbean.
That song I was singing was 'Stand by me" by Ben. E King.
That first time I heard God spoke, was memorable for me.
Everything was quiet, I remember hearing even my own breathing as I slept. Then all external sound and vision disappeared. It was just this one voice that held ALL my attention. It began with "I AM ALL THAT I AM". I can not explain to someone else this voice, except to say it was all internal and all your attention was wraped and focused upon the words. There was no display of grand lighting or drum roll, except it was perfectly still and all your body was very quiet, and even your body cells were listening.
The next night the same thing occured, and I knew this was no dream.
One of the message was that I must not kill as all life is sacred.
Since then I have asked God to reveal himself/herself to me.
One time I saw this "one" eye" from above watching, and years later I saw a picture that an artist painted. He also must have seen the same image like me.
The last time I saw GOD, he appeared like an older, thin hindu holy man, with a scarf around his neck, and he came and was telling me something.
This last encounter happened one week before that sunami that devestated some of the islands and parts of India. I was sleeping chanting "GOD". and he appeared in my dream vision. I have no recollection what he told me.
Gloria, this has been a puzzle for me. I cannot conform this, and no one has commented on this. But I believe that GOD is 50% light and 50% darkness. I recalled going into this region that was all of darkness, and all the voices within darkness was welcoming me. This required courage to do on my part but I went. I do not know what to make of this encounter. Maybe one day you can ask about this darkness side of God.

Welcome to "Heavenletters"

Welcome to "Heavenletters" dear Victor!

What wonderful awakening you have had. It seems that, that triggered your search, leading to more awakenings. I think most of us here are on that road of discovery and no wonder, it leads us here to this site.

You said, you wanted to see God's face; God has often said in the "Heavenletters", that we can see him in our fellow human beings, when we open our hearts. Not only that, but also all of his creation. I saw his face in a flower.

Great to have you here and greetings from a fellow Canadian!

Xenia, so nice to have you

Xenia, so nice to have you back!

Victor, wow, your experiences! Oh, you've got to tell us more about how you see life and how you apply what you have gained to ordinary life.

With love and blessings,