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Usually there has often been a posting to okay, sometimes many in one day. For about a week, there have been none. I'm wondering if this step has been changed, or if it is the same and there just happens to be no need.

Sweetest Gloria, I'm a bit

Sweetest Gloria,

I'm a bit down with flu ;) but really I can't get your meaning, :? I may be dense of course :p

Love :wub:

Take good care of yourself,

Take good care of yourself, beloved Berit.

When someone hasn't registered and they post, Heaven Admin or I has to okay the post. That is called Comments Approval Queue, and I'm sure that can only be seen by Heaven Admin or me.

These are the posts that you may see as unverified.They are good people. My concern is that everyone who wants to post can do so.

Have some hot lemon water with honey, and you will feel better!

Good observation Gloria!

Good observation Gloria! There seems to be a bug. We're looking into it.

One Love

Sweetest Gloria, indeed it

Sweetest Gloria, indeed it was so simple to understand ! :p

Thanks dearest, I will follow your advise for I feel it's getting in full swing. ;) Yesterday I kept hearing your cd of Heavenletters :Rolleyes: and I felt asleep while listening to your sweet voice. :blushing: I had a wonderful wonderful cozy dream about one of my pets :Rolleyes: and I woke up with a wonderful feeling of cozyness and softness and warmth. :wub:
Heavenletters really do miracles !
Love :wub:

Although I'm logged Huh: in the site is requesting me a an incredible difficult math question (3+5=? ;) , regular new game of Heavensite ?? :?

Testing anonymous comments

Testing anonymous comments

Ok it's fixed finally! I'll

Ok it's fixed finally! I'll see about that silly maths questions Berit. Maybe some calculus or trigonometry will work better.

One Love

This is an anonymous

This is an anonymous comments test with a maths problem