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God said:

Above all, let go of the fear of disapproval from others. Would that approval were common in the world. Alas, approval has been hard to come by. Acceptance has been hard to come by. Disapproval is easy to find. It’s a dime a minute. When you have good motives, approve yourself. Throw away some things but never your good heart toward yourself. Your approval means something. Others’ approval may or may not.

You are growing and changing with or without approval or disapproval. Those who disapprove may be well-meaning, yet who is there in the world to tell a red rose to become a purple iris, or a yellow dandelion to become a blue-flowered chicory? Who can presume?

Desire to be all that you want to be, and let it happen. And may others do the same regarding themselves.

A tailor can make clothes to fit another. No one can make you to fit another’s ideas. They can try their heads off, yet you are you, and you are growing the best you know how and as fast as you can. You know the way to grow just as your body knew all along. You have ways to grow that are yours. Your ways don’t have to be someone else’s. They don’t have to be anyone else’s.

You can only follow your own inner promptings. You cannot always groom yourself according to someone else’s desires for you. Too many people in the world are hard to please, too hard to please.

And when it comes to your approving others, have a light touch. Others are not your business. Everyone is My business. Approve rather than improve.

This goes for your children as well. The most auspicious way to improve your children is to approve of them. Telling it like it is may not always be in the best interest of the child. Rather than thinking of improving your child, think of the ways you can encourage him and swell his heart. Oh, he will improve. He will improve very well.

Reprimand is reprimand. Encouragement is encouragement. Do not tell your child so much the road to follow. Show him. Even the best-intentioned parent has to withhold his suggestions. Your child is going to follow you. He will embody you. Let him have his space even to misbehave. You don’t have to notice. You are not a policeman giving as many tickets as you can. Hands off as much as possible.

It is important that you love your children, your family, your friends, from your inner heart as I love you. It is My desire to inspire you. And so I ask you to Inspire all. Fill hearts. Let all hearts know you are behind them. Be behind them and not on their back.

This is easier said than done, I understand. Yet this is a great key I am giving to you. This will open the Heavens. It will certainly open doors to and from your heart. Use this key. Be what you want others to be. Don’t pick on any one, not even yourself.

Open wide your heart. Love is better than criticism any day of the week. If criticism comes in a salt shaker, use it very sparingly, maybe once a week, no more. Choose your occasions.

You are a key. You are an opener. You are the key to open other hearts. It is a blessing to open hearts. It is a blessing to be a messenger of love. From the recesses of your heart, love. Turn the key of your heart now.

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and let it happen

You know the way to grow just as your body knew all along.

You can only follow your own inner promptings.

This feels so true and, moreover, it feels so obvious. But if it really were obvious, why would we try to teach ourselves and each other about evolution and where it all began and where it went wrong and what therefore needs to be done now and why?

Since I found Heavenletters, I have had the mounting suspicion that these reckonings don't work. That no calculation works or will ever work because we know the way to grow the way our bodies know. That is, we don't know; we know but not as knowledge. No knowledge can ever reach this knowing. We can only follow our own inner promptings. An inner prompting is not one of the things that can be brought about, or it is not an inner prompting. Well, yes, it can be encouraged. By desire, by intention.

I don't know if earlier Heavenletters have said it this clearly. They likely have and I didn't see it. And what does it matter. Today I'm happy to have this one. What a treasure chest.

Desire to be all that you want to be, and let it happen. And may others do the same regarding themselves.

How many things do we know that are this powerful? Oh, one day we will all stop teaching and just speak our heart, just be ourselves, just let everyone be what they are. No more flowers that need to take on different hues. Yes, we need to grow. But the wonderful new message is that we know how to and therefore need no cookbooks, no recipes. All those recipes and reckonings, I suspect, have only slowed down our growth. But they are all right nevertheless. Without them we might still not be open to hear You know the way to grow just as your body knew all along.

The mirror of error.

Re-re-reading this Heavenletter, I was not sure if I could identify precisely WHAT IS THE KEY TO USE. There are many directions or hints where to look for it. Is it (1) the fear of disapproval, (2) be what you are, (3) you know how to grow as your body knows, (4) follow your inner promptings, (5) how to educate your children without reprimanding, (6) you are the key, the opener (7) …? But a hint is not a key, but a way to it.

And there is this center statement: "This is easier said then done. I understand. Yet this is a great key I am giving to you. This will open the Heavens."

What precisely is easier said than done, yet that IS A GREAT KEY?

My interpretation or understanding of "THIS KEY" is about correction of error. "Approve rather than improve".
Detecting the errors is the favorite sport of the ego, especially the errors of other egos. It is very vigilant at that. And it seems natural, kind, right and good for parents, teachers, and society in general, to point out errors and correct them. But if the ego is watching for errors, is it really aware of what errors are and what correction is?

That is where we have to put another element in the perspective. We are all right because we are all Son of God. God did not create us wrong because He would have been Himself wrong. So where does the wrong reside?

Errors are of the ego, and the only way to correct errors lies in the surrender of the ego. If your brother or your sister is of God, how and where can he/she be wrong? Since error is a misperception, it must reside in some level. But levels exist only in perceptions, which are in the realm of the ego. Ego cannot and does not want to get the 'whole picture' because it will put itself into light.

God does not perceive errors. So who does? We must be mirroring each other. It is because we believe in errors that we make them real to us. Error is just a wrong guide, like sickness. In this Heavenletter, God teaches us to see health and light in those in which we find an error. The same goes with illness. See health in those that appear sick. Otherwise you will maintain their sickness and yours at the same time. "Approve rather than improve".

The key I found in this Heavenletter is : always see the righteousness in your brother because if you perceive errors in him and accept them, you are accepting yours. And, indeed, "it is easier said than done, I understand. Yet this is a great key I am giving you".

the destiny of being a chicory

For one who has always tried to fix the world, like me, I confess, this lesson in "approving" is almost impossible. But I can let a "chicory" bunch be what it is. Destiny or innate talent or natural proclivity or DNA ( packets of love/light encoded) lead this evolutionary game. The less my personal, egoic will interferes the better.

Use This Key

This is one I needed to see. My children are adults. I lost one as a teenager and I suppose I am a little too mothering and helpful sometimes. Letting go is so hard, but I am learning that God takes care of everything so I don't have to. Now, I need to do better at keeping my helpful comments to myself when I am not asked for them. I know, I need to listen more than I speak. Thank you for ALWAYS being the constant in my life!

For some it's a combination lock, for others a card thing!

If it's a combination lock, then it's more simple: l. o. v. e. . Click it opens. If you have to slash your card it fast and simple: l. o. v. e. . Click, it opens.

All of us learn that t. i. m. e. (click you wake up) is part of the process, as is also, growing up into who you are. We dreamy ones find that the most complicated is a w a k i n g to what we already know about who we have always been. At times it really is fun!

The older you get the more fun it is when you stop trying.


Nano-energy sealed

it comes to my mind that the combination lock
could be a real gold melted card as beautiful protection and if you put this gold card on the root of all things you are growing up into who you are now. For me God made it a card thing!

thank of your advice,

dea God thank of your advice,
this heavenletter you give to let know who we are,
i am belive the power of mind,i first am helling to my belif
befor i can do to the other,and it work,
onley one thing i dont know what the key,
to our self,,and also i work to opend heart to the other
am always Love