Upstairs in the Golden Palace

God said:

You do know by now that happiness and unhappiness reside within you. You adopt one or the other at a given moment. Ups and downs in life are temporary. Your happiness and unhappiness have to do with your belief in time as real.

The awareness that you call happiness or unhappiness has no one name. Temperature has hot and cold, but to what term do happiness and unhappiness belong? Mood may not be quite right, for mood is so flighty. State of Being is not the right term, for your State of Being is solid and underlying no matter how far a-field your perception of it is. Perhaps we can call happiness and unhappiness states of perception.

Certainly, the world hands you occasions for your perception. Certainly, the world leaves packages on your doorstep, and some you call happiness-bearing, and some you call devastating. Nevertheless, your state of perception is not singularly dependent upon what life may expand or constrict you with at a particular moment.

You may have no reason to be unhappy, and yet you feel unhappiness. You perceive it. You well know that there are people around you who have greater reason than you to be unhappy, and yet they have their happiness, yet, on this day or that, you notice that you do not feel happy.

You know that sometimes you have every reason to be happy, and yet, somehow, happiness has lost its thrill for you. Yesterday you felt happy. Today you don't. You changed. You may feel unhappy for no reason at all.

Your life is not to be evaluated according to your sense of happiness. That is a rocky foundation. Your perception is often inaccurate. You have an underlying river that your life depends on, an underlying river that is pure energy, pure love, pure joyousness. And yet you get distracted from this river and look at the little impediments that float upon it and see them as big obstacles, blocking you from your rightful inheritance.

Your perception is mighty. It can cause havoc. It can depress you. Everything in your life is how you see it, how you greet it, how you interpret it.

The purpose of your life isn't happiness. Happiness has its nobility, and yet it is not the purpose of your life. Happiness is too limited a purpose. To give happiness is more like it. Giving happiness expands your boundaries and does not make you the center of your life.

You may have specific purposes in your life, and those specific purposes lead you to greater happiness. You may have a purpose to sail the seas or weave beauty on a loom or climb mountains or grow flowers or be an artist of one kind or another or to sole shoes.

The greater purpose that all share is to come closer to Me. I invite you. Closer to Me is closer to yourself. I reach out My hand to you to raise you to Heaven while you exist on Earth. I invite you to find Truth and to live it.

Perhaps We can say that now you live in the basement. It shelters you. It definitely has its good points. Yet there is a stairway from the basement that will take you to the palace above where sunlight rushes in and where there is room after room of unsurpassed beauty and treasure beyond your imagination.

Although I am with you wherever you are, I am notably with you upstairs in the golden palace. I wait for you to come upstairs and sit with Me.

My metaphor falls short because I am your foundation, so I could say, "Come down to Me," but, of course, I am not your basement. Nor am I your attic.

What are you, and what am I until We become One?

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What are you, and what am I

What are you, and what am I until We become One?

What a question. The soul of all questions. Not to be one, even staving off oneness, staving off Being itself, how strange and sad. Who does that? I don't. Really, it can't be I. If I were refusing oneness, shouldn't I know about it? And to go back to the beginning of this Heavenletter: If I am choosing unhappiness, shouldn't I know I'm doing it? Okay, there is no one but me around to choose unhappiness and separation for me, which means that I am the suspect; but who is that semi-anesthetized guy who does it and doesn't know he's doing it? Dear God, could we somehow end this unintelligible and horribly painful nonsense now?

What are you, and what am I until We become One?

Sweet Jochen few know about real ONENESS.

That's why the Master asked his Father that He or the Spirit or Life would help us be ONE as He and His Father were One. The very smell of our human experience switches on the "separation" switch in our unconscious. so a little help will help us.


You have an underlying river

You have an underlying river that your life depends on, an underlying river that is pure energy, pure love, pure joyousness.

simply beautyfull beyond words. I think I'll never "get out again" of this river of love and just float with it wherever it will take me, after all in Oneness, does it matter where it takes me ?
Such a relieve to know that my Father knows my heart and takes me to events and hearts where I can learn ever more deeply to extend love.

Much love

flipping this forward

Hey Gloria!

Thanks for this inspirational message. I am looking forward to getting back with you and Santhan. In the meantime, know that I am think about you too!

PS: -- pass it on.

Tony is loved by Fairfield!

Me too.


double title

Wondering why the system insist on adding a "-0" to the permanent link for this Heavenletter, I found there is an older Heavenletter that has the same title. It's Heaven #2394.

Perhaps we can find a new title for today's HL.

Thank you

My dear God, first of, thank you for everything, special because you help me to choose happiness daily by your messages that our dear Gloria sends out. When I wake up early morning I say thank you and you smile back at me How can I not be Happy. Again Thank you for being so close Love Jack .

Jochen wonders about "has"

Jochen if we personalize "temperature" has is okay.

If is somehow connected to the past, "was" is okay.

Read it the way you like it or fix it with grammatical instructions, smarty.

George with a dab of smugness on his chin.

Gloria is the Light that makes becoming One, fun.

I know she'll scold me and say that it isn't Gloria, but God that makes the life stuff fun but God has a special "flashlight" that I choose to call Gloria, so deal with it honey.

Life without happiness is pointless.
Happiness without purpose makes little sense.
The Joy of the Lord is my strength from dawn till dark.
He's my intentions fleshed out by energy, the energy of Spirit.
It makes me laugh all the way to the coffin.

George with wrinkles that laugh at speed bumps in life dusty journey.