Uphold Yourself

God said:

No longer are you to scold yourself. Now you are to uphold yourself. Even if you drop a treasured dish, congratulate yourself. Be happy. One less dish to wash, to think of, to worry about. Think more of yourself than you do a dish.

Think more of yourself. Favor yourself. Listen to this, beloveds. The less you fault yourself, the less will others fault you.

Have you not pounced on your perceived faults? Haven't you done that? I am telling you that you have overdone that. You have faulted yourself way too much.

You may complain that other people discount you. You have discounted yourself. You have been like that figure in Greek mythology who climbed the mountain only to slip back time and time again. He never could quite reach the top. In your perception, that's you in a nutshell.

Now you are going to be a great friend to yourself. Would you talk to your good friend the way you talk to yourself? Are you your own good friend, or are you an instigator?

A friend doesn't probe into what is wrong with you. A friend doesn't say to you some of the remarks you make to yourself. Tell yourself:

"Hey, you are good. When you fall down, you jump right back up. You are bright, and you stand tall. You are a blessing. You are a good guy. Most of all, you are good to yourself. And so you are good to others. Of course, God says there are no others. Well, then, you are a leader of the world, and leaders don't berate themselves. You have no time for that. You are busy on other matters.

"A leader in the world is a leaper! And you are one who leaps to the occasion. You always come up running. No grass grows on you. If you fall down, you leap up and keep on going. You are a great resource to yourself.

"You have a great attitude. It is such a pleasure to be with someone like you. I want to be like you.

"You know that if you find fault with yourself, you are clinging to the past. There is no reason for you to hit yourself. Let bygones be bygones.

"If you are keeping a list of errors you made, throw out that list. I tell you this as your friend. Compile a list of the beautiful things you have done and are going to do. The first thing on your list is that you will encourage yourself at every turn. Just the way I, your good friend, talk to you, this is how you will talk to yourself. No longer will you kick yourself. Now that is a foolish thing to do. Never make that mistake again. Never get down on yourself again.

"From now on, you are going to be your own buddy. You will be cheerful about yourself and others and everything. So what if you made an error. Let it go. No matter what you've done, let it go. Let it retreat. Let it recede. No longer belabor it. Even love your errors. The minute you make an error, you graduate from it. Congratulations.

"When you make an error, you have a tiger by the tail, and so you move forward in life. You move lickety-split. You are moving forward and have no time to recount the past whatever its state was.

"You are one who leaps over tall buildings! This is for you to keep in mind. Not lapses, not trials, not errors. Carry yourself high. You are a champion. Chin up," you say to yourself.

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Or is this the one?

The less you fault yourself, the less will others fault you.

Just imagine, no one will ever fault you or hurt you in any way if you don't. Every wrong ever done to you was done by ... yourself. It's mind boggling, even maddening, but it does ring true, there is no doubt about it.

I spotted this year's first starling moments ago. Starlings, like snowdrops and crocuses, are the messengers of spring where I live. God, how I have been waiting for these last two Heavenletters. Only when they arrive do you remember what it was you were waiting for.

" Tell yourself:"

This Heaven Letter will teach you how to become who you really are. Learn the art of talking to yourself. Tell your higher self to listen to what the Heaven Letter teaches about talking to your self.


Heavenletter #4133 Published on: March 19, 2012

I am a mean guy cuz isolation has been getting the better of me.

I isolate cuz most people are not true or honest to themselves and upon others they simply use for there own agenda.

I wish to love and be happy,but I am backwards litterally upun conception,and wish to feel love externally,for I have it for myself I have never been asked or shown how to give it to someone else. I knowI can step out from darkness when someone loves me so i wont be apphrensive at returning those emotions,

But apparently most people only believe "you must love yourself before anyone else is capapble of loving you",that is true 9 X 10.but some need the love first in order to release theirs

.I know itsounds absurd,But One knows themself better than an old saying.I often awake from sleeping and thus break the dimension of dreamland and still feeling the effects of the external love from her upon me,which allows me to release my uncorked "love" &realizing I am once again abandoned,

I try desperetly to fall back asleep and into the world I know I want but no earth bound dimension has supplied.I am seeking an impossible dream,to expect or seek this relationship from a women,

There is a courtship process that all mammals perform during spring love affairs that,I for some unknown explanation have been unable to muster up to for fear of denial.

Children are not born with love,it is something the household teaches them through example and disposition.if achild is not exposed to it and is exposed to the opposite,they will be murderers,rapist's,robber's and drug addicted-suicidal shells of human biengs,

If they just arent shown love then they simply will meander aimlessly through life seeking someone to understand what is missing and not to take judgement as to without internal love one can still be whole,but must receive that external love from a significant other in order to release the gates of apphrension that ' I will not love until I love myself.

Some think why be all happy front,when at the end of the day you still are alone in bed ,heart and life.Looks liks a mail order bride maybe my only altenative,and even thats a roll of the dice,for she is wanting a bettor material life,while you want love and companionship,I can break out of this rut,but why be pretentous.

I really screwed up to 2 lifelong opportunities at relationships with 2 intelligent women who are sirens and The loss of them in my life compounds my unbalanced love life. I should have been a priest and spared myself this mockery!

David, you are fantastic. I

David, you are fantastic. I love your openness. I honor you.

Let's see what responses your deep honesty brings.

And will you please respond too?

David, do you subscribe to Heavenletters?

God bless you.

With love,