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UPDATES on European Godwriting(tm) Workshop Tour June 25

Heaven CD in other languages European Tour Translators
On June 25th, 2009 Gloria Wen... says:

A lot of creative ideas have been flowing.

From Magda of who is sponsoring the Godwriting workshop in Turin, Italy comes the following:

I have finally received confirmation about the location, 26 and 27 September is ok, the room can contain maximum 60 people, do you think it will be enough?

Then I had an idea regarding the Heaven CD. I was thinking, what about translating the Heavenletters contained therein and then register it in Italian? I could read the text and then send you the file for making the CD, which we could offer during the workshop or sell online. What do you think?

Then later Magda thought a shorter CD of 7 Heavenletters plus Bernie's Introduction, God's Introduction.

Are other sponsors also interested? Do we want a CD in Dutch, French, and Turkish as well to have at the workshops?

Please let us know of your interest. Please post your response here, will you kindly? It's more immediate when you post here -- everyone is the first to hear -- and it saves me work. [Magda lives in the country where hi-speed connection is not available, so she is excused from posting!]

I also had an another idea that we might want to put into action quickly. Presently, Heaven News is in English only. I think Heaven News serves to bring us together. I imagine that, without access to Heaven News, subscribers in other countries might feel isolated. In every issue of Heaven News we seem to have a new country coming in, and none of the non-English speaking Heavensubscribers know about any of our wonderful news.

Emilia, I wanted to ask you if this is something you could easily take on in Italian? Please be easy with this and do not feel pressured. It's just that I thought of you. I know you are so skilled.

What do all translators feel about this? If you too feel this is valuable, is this something you can take on or find someone who can?

Magda has something else up her sleeve about the Italian CD, and I am eager to know what that is!

All ideas welcome!

Thank you!

Here is the Updated Intinery

This is the itinerary:

12 & 13 - Brugge, Belgium hosed by Leen who runs Heart of the Rainbow ( )

19 & 20 - Istanbul, Turkey hosted by Lale and Jale from Sifa Cemberi (

26 & 27 - Turin, Italy hosted by Magda who runs Lightworkers Italia (

Thank you, Leen. Because of your good observation, we're starting this new page:

Also, be keeping up with Heaven News. And thank you all for posting.

Yes Gloria, I think I can

Yes Gloria, I think I can manage translating Heaven News in italian. Thank you for your trust.

Beloved Emilia

You are a doll. Thank you so much. We'll have to figure out with Heaven Admin how we send them and all and how they get up on the website. A Heaven News should be coming out today or very soon. That will be a good one to start with.

Blessings and love,


Supply and Demand

Emilia, look what email I received this morning? Although it is written in Italian, I understood what it said:

Ciao Gloria per favore potresti inviarmi le news in italiano?molte grazie. Mauro

This gentleman is asking to have Heaven News translated into Italiano! Isn't this perfect?!!

Emilia, when you translate Heaven News, will you be able to make it with the photos in place? I ask for right now so we can email a copy to this gentleman and answer his request so delightfully! . Later, Heaven Admin will work out a system. Right now it would be great for this eager person's wish to be fulfilled so quickly!

If you will send it to me, I'll send it to Mauro as soon as I receive it.

God bless you.

Dear Gloria, sorry for not

Dear Gloria, sorry for not having seen your post before. I will translate Heaven News tomorrow and send them to you, but, for the moment, I will not be able to put photos in place. As soon as possible I will learn how to do it. What a "coincidence" is Mauro's request!
Loving you

Dear Emilia Angel, I can do

Dear Emilia Angel,

I can do the photos. It's really easy. If I say something is easy with the computer you can believe me! But it doesn't matter. I'll put them in.

God bless Mauro, and God bless you!

With love, Gloria

Heaven News translation into Portuguese

Hi Gloria!

I'm still here... in Rio!

You can definetely count on me for the translation of Heaven News into Portuguese! Is it monthly? Just let me know when it's usually sent out so I'll watch my inbox. (I have been behind in replying/reading my emails since I got a fulltime job.)

Also let me know by when (during the month) you would like to have the translation ready (sent to you), this way I can program myself accordingly.

I haven't had much time lately, but whenever I have a break I translate one Heavenletter, it keeps me connected, it makes me feel good, it's so uplifting!

I wish you much success in your European tour!

Heavenly hugs to all,

Most beloved Ana, that is

Most beloved Ana, that is wonderful that you will translate Heaven News! They are now coming out about twice a month. They come out when they're ready. I don't have set dates. When they're ready, that's when I like to send them out. I resist being regulated!!!!

There should be a new Heaven News coming out tomorrow, possibly today.

Do you like your new job? Thank you so much for what you do for Heavenletters.

You do know that the Oneness Journey through South America will start from U.S. at the end of autumn. We don't have the exact dates yet. Let's meet in Rio! Do you think we have a Godwriting workshop there?

Loving you,


From Elizabeth in Moldova

dear All in One

On June 25th, 2009 elizaalex says:

Most dear All in One!

Want to thank for the ideas, waht to tell that I also want to be a piece of puzzle and spread HeavenLetters in Russian.

I thought about the idea of CD on Russian.....
God will guide.

Love, peace, joy, happiness and prosperity.

Dream about days when the workshop can be done in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

Elizabeth with blessings and love from Moldova

Beloved Elizabeth

Beloved Elizabeth
On June 25th, 2009 Gloria Wen... says:

I moved your post over to this page because the other one was getting so crowded.
Sorry for any confusion.

Elizabeth, after Heaven Admin drops me off at the London airport at the end of our European tour, I believe he is going to be in Romania on business. I understand that Moldova cuts right through the center of Romania.

How many people in Moldova would we have to come to a workshop? Of necessity, we need the workshops to cover our expenses. How we wish we could just go and go wherever our hearts would lead us. The people who are most likely to come are those who already read Heavenletters.

Heaven Admin is traveling from South Africa to Argentina in the next few days. When he gets settled back in Argentina, let's see what he can figure out.

Beloved, you may be more than a piece of the puzzle! It seems to be God and you when it comes to the Russian language countries at this time!

With love and blessings,


Italian translation of the Akiane video

Beloved Gloria,

I have translated the transpscript of the Akiane video and Magda is so kind to revise it.

When it is ready I will advise you for further instructions.

Many thanks again dear Magda !


Dearest Elizabeth, I

Dearest Elizabeth,

I absolutely share your dream !!!

Infinite Love from Milan to Moldova ♥

Question for Paula - italian CD

Beloved Paula,

concerning the italian cd or better the shortening of the Heavenletters, do you need any help for this work ?

Let me know dear.

Much much love

italian cd Heavenletters

This idea came already up, so nothing new. could we make read some Heavenletters by italian children and film them and show during the workshop ?

If I have missed posts (which might be very easy) and this is already being done, sorry.


How I love this idea!

How I love this idea! Children reading Heavenletters! Oh, wow!

it*s a long time i wrote

it*s a long time i wrote anyting here..hahaha

but for me
it sounds as if children could write their own letters to god
and then read it or talk about it

it feels as if they talk about much other things than adults
in their godwritings

as they are more freshly by talking
and he kids here now
have great messages from Source...

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

Veronika, how delightful to

Veronika, how delightful to have you here once again! You are so right about the children.

Are you teaching school? Are you living the same place?

It was Veronika and Adrachin who hosted a Godwriting workshop in Munich a few years ago. It was such a wonderful time.

You know that we are giving Godwriting workshops in Belgium, Italy, and Turkey this September?
Is it possible to see you and Adrachin?

God bless you.

With love,


es - i STILL live on the

es - i STILL live on the same place - go to school fulltime - have nice chefs - and do a lot in the afternoons at school
as students teach students
as working with "difficult" kids - haha mostly that*s the adults...hahaha
as being with student tutors for the smaller kids....

love you

may be we - or one of us - can come to italy....

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

It would be wonderful to see

It would be wonderful to see you and Adrachin again! We will be in Turin. Are you reading Heaven News for details?