Universality and Uniqueness

God said:

Of all the possibilities you could be, you are you! I create well. Even as all are One, I created you as unique in the circle called Earth. No two are alike. All are One, yet no two are alike. Even so, all are One. Of Oneness you are made.

Let Us speak of your uniqueness now. You are uniqueness I created. I, God, created you unlike any other in the world. Of all who are on Earth now, and regardless of Oneness, you are the only one just like you. Of all who have ever been on Earth and all who will ever be on Earth, you are the only treasure that is just like you. Oneness is Oneness, of course, yet this semblance of you is unique and unheard of before. Viva Oneness, and viva the uniqueness of you.

How is it possible that you appear as no one else before or after you! Of course, I am a Creator of Miracles. How do I do it? So many individuals, and no two exactly alike and, still, just the same, Oneness! I desire, and what I desire comes to pass as if all at once. It could be said that you were created long before you appeared on Earth at this juncture of time and space.

Just as time and space are not real, so are you, in your uniqueness, not really real. Oneness is real. And yet you exist in this realm of the relative world that appears to be so solid and permanent when it is not.

Everyone is here to express love and light, light and love. How many individuals on Earth can express love? As many individuals as there are, this is how many can express love. The Truth of you is that you are Love and Light. You come from My love and light. I love you with all My heart. Love is real, and anything else is not, no matter how real-seeming otherness may be. Energy is love, and energy appears in many ways. Appearance is not Truth. Anything less than the appearance of love is not Truth.

Sometimes My children see Me, their Creator, as not loving. You draw conclusions as to what love must look like. Love can look as you believe it should, yet love may appear in ways that are beyond your understanding. For instance, when there is unfairness or whatever you link with unfairness, you seethe. Uniqueness is okay with you. You can accept that. Yet what you may see as a cruel blow perpetuated upon you -- that which is called death, for instance -- comes to all.

Of course, this universality of death is a boon. You see death of a loved one as an unfair mistake, something that should never be, and you take it as personal to you -- the theft of a loved one -- and, then, the seeming death of your own body, your own body wrested away from you. Yet, beloveds, death of a body leaves no one high and dry. Alive, the body has great merit, yet the body is not essential to life. Life is with or without a body. Love is regardless.

That you are born to Earth in a body is good fortune. That you stay on Earth long or short is also good fortune. That you leave Earth, and that your loved ones leave Earth --also good fortune whether you like it or not.

That you have room to grow is common knowledge. No matter how much you may resist, the opportunity to grow is good fortune. How much you suffer on Earth is a choice you make. There are givens on Earth where you have no choice. You do have choice to make of what occurs in life as you will.

You are learning to embrace. In embracing, you also let go. Hold love, and let go. Embrace, and let go. A secret to life is to embrace and let free. Hang loose, beloveds.

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Such a Beautiful Heaven Letter

In the Eternal NOW, I consciously Breathe in Love and Breathe out Gratitude, I consciously Breathe in seeming Suffering and I Breathe out Transformation. For if each outbreath ends in death, each inbreath sees you/me/we Born Anew and Present to this Magical Moment. Thank you Heaven for Being Here Now. I AM drifting safely in the arms of Laughter. Tee, He, Ho, Ho, I AM Laughing at the Funny Show. ;-)