Universal Heart

God said:

Do not hold heartache so closely to you. You know that ache is not the nature of your heart, and so, you know ache cannot last. It is a temporary cover-up. It is a shawl pulled over your heart to fool you into thinking that it aches and doesn’t love anymore. Your heart cannot be wounded, beloved, except by your own hand. Nor do you wait for Cupid to reawaken your heart again to its true nature. Awaken your own heart. Pull out the knife you put there. Stop wiggling the jagged edges. Simply pull it out. The wound does not have to leave a scar. Every day give yourself a new unblemished heart.

If coal dust has shrouded your heart, blow it away with a breath. If a desert storm has covered your heart with sand, wipe it off. If tears have drowned your heart, bail out the tears. The only thing your heart can really drown in is love. The sap of life is the love in your heart.

Your heart functions beautifully. I set the flow of it in motion. Get your foot off the brake. Nothing is to deter your heart from the course of love I set it on. Certainly not the little things you let interfere. Let life chortle along as it does. Passing events in life are not the metronome of your heart. And if events have knocked against your heart and seemingly caused it to stumble, then reset your dial. Imagine your heart as a timer, and reset it. Never was your heart meant to be an alarm clock to go off. Your heart was meant to be a perpetual fluttermill of love. If your heart has hesitated to be what it is, dunk it in the waters of love again. Your heart is made for love. Certainly, you don’t believe that your heart was meant for anything else.

Your heart was made for full measure of love. Not a level cup of love, but a heart filled to the brim, an infinite brim, a brimless heart of love. It is not that love escapes from your heart -- it circulates itself perpetually. For your heart to love, all you have to do is to leave it alone to love.

If you cannot love your own heart, then accept that it is My heart, and I have planted it in your chest for safekeeping. You are not to pay a high price for the loan of My heart. Just keep it high on the mantel, not as decoration, but as a valued clock. Indeed, your heart is the ticker of life and the ticker of love. There is no life without love. Love is the very basis of life. Everything else is not.

All courage comes from your heart, beloveds. Your heart is brave. It is My heart that you have. Remove the thicket that hides your heart from your own view.

Consider your heart a beautiful bird’s house, and you the beautiful bird who flies in. There is no door to your heart. A beautiful bird flutters in your heart, and the beautiful bird flies in and out, always carrying love.

Your heart is a universal heart. It is not a protected species. It is not kept safe. There is nothing to keep it safe from. Oh, except from your mind, perhaps, that would tell it stories of woe. But your heart is above woe, beloveds. Your heart is meant to be woeless. Woe to the heart that stems the tide of its love.

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As a gift from God I open my

As a gift from God I open my present each day, to discover the fountain of wisdom that my Beloved from Heaven has sent to me, to tell me and keep me focus on the eternal truth of his kingdom that resides withim my own..and so it is that my life has been enrich because I decided to listen and believe that I AM God's eternal expression of LOVE. And I give thanks to the ONE that made possible for us all to find this treasure and recieve the blessings that GOD has upon us Bestowed. Silvia.

Your heart is brave. It is

Your heart is brave. It is My heart that you have.

Amazing !
much love.