Unfolding Mysteries

God said:

Where does today lead? No one knows. Many can speculate.
Today may be winter, and there is a thaw. Tomorrow may be a blizzard. The best-laid plans, so well-thought out, may disappear in a moment. It is not that you are to hold on to plans made with so much consideration. You are to let go of them. Ride the waves, beloved. See where they take you.
Okay, now there is a tornado, and now you find yourself in a tree. What is there to do but to take finding yourself in a tree in your stride? Climb down from the tree, if you can. Otherwise, someone will come to get you. Whatever happens in life cannot be foiled. You can’t slow it down, nor can you hasten it. Do what you can do that helps you furrow through life. In any case, your story will continue whether it is known in the world or not.
On Earth, your life seemingly steps out from Infinity. You find yourself on a street corner. Regardless of how your life may seem to you, you are not away from Infinity. You have not been excluded from it. You are as much a part of Infinity as ever, only it is not clear to you while you are on this temporary stop on a corner of life. You are here for only a little while. It seems to you that you are on detour. The fact is that you are moving forward, and the particular path you are on will not occur again. Enjoy. Stop arguing with it. This is your chance of a lifetime.
The life you have now is Divine. This life you live now may seem to you as far from Divine as can be, yet you are a walking Divinity. Divinity carried you to Earth, and Divinity will carry you back to your awareness of Me and all the accompaniments of Infinity, Vastness, Great Love and all those not forgotten memories that are vague memories and hard for you to pull up just now.  
This life, your present life, is like a novel you read. You get into it. It may not be the exact novel you would like to be in, yet you are writing it, and you are inviting or leading into the events of your story in some way or another. You are the Story Writer.
However the novel of your life that appears in this lifetime may end, it is not yet over by any means. You find yourself back in Heavenland where things are as they appear to be. You continue your life without your cumbersome body and all that a body requires.
In this present life, you may consider yourself a vagrant wanderer in life, not knowing where you will be next or what will befall. This is the charm of life on Earth. It is a kind of juxtaposition. You really do get carried away with it. And, yet, you are restored.
The body, you don’t need. Your soul you are never without. On Earth, there may well have been a preponderance of body. You may have felt stuck in it. Nevertheless, in this very life, you have had a chance of a lifetime.
Living on Earth is not a time of settling down. It is more of a time of sitting on the edge of your chair. You may consider that your not knowing what will be happening next as a blight, yet something is going to happen next, as if you were on an excursion. In fact, you are on an excursion. This is a mystery ride you are on. Whatever the mysteries in your life, you don’t really have to unfold them. Perhaps life on Earth is all about unsolved mysteries. You might like to watch such matters on TV yet would love to shirk them in your life. Life doesn’t allow you to straight-edge your life. You yourself are the biggest mystery of all. You are just beginning to come across yourself on this mystery ride you are taking.
There is no mystery, however, about where you are going. You are coming to Me, and I await you. You are coming Home, and that is the whole story. You are evolving, and that is the story. You are exploring yourself. Well-done. You are a champion. Well-done. You do find your way Home, and Home continues to become more and more wonderfulness winding before you.

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This is how it seems,

This is how it seems, Gloria, in life on earth.


"Perhaps life on Earth is all about unsolved mysteries."

This is more beautiful than words can say. And I guess there's really no perhaps about it.

Rover and Steve, I think

Rover and Steve, I think you're right. There's really no perhaps about it!

It must be that I have thought that all these questions were not supposed to be, that it was somehow wrong for there to be all these questions, Did I think they were already supposed to be solved? Or that the world couldn't get along without my personal contribution to solving them?

Is this another way God has of telling us to let go?

Heavens letters are the only things worth commenting on

these days. Thinking about donating next!