Under the Umbrella of Importance

God said:

Of all the contents of the world exists Oneness. This is as simple as pie.

There is a whole lot of palaver that goes on in the world, and it is all much ado about nothing. It is understood that all departures from Oneness are big stuff to you and big to the whole world.

What really matters is the Quiet State of Oneness. Oneness counts. Disparity, not so much. Life can get out of proportion here and there, now and then.

Until your final day on Earth, you are filled up with occurrences and events of great multitude. You fill yourself with excitation often noted as inconvenience of one kind or another. What a world!

Your Life does not have to be filled up so high and wide with so many ins and outs. Life occurs, yes, yet what occurs doesn’t have to take up all the space and diversion and carrying-on it usually does. Is it only the news that makes up the headlines that matter? Only at the end of war does a newspaper ever say: “Peace is declared.” Peace doesn’t seem to hold the allure in the world that fussing may.

Everyone’s Life gets filled to overflowing when you could claim peace just as easily as anything else. All your pockets don’t have to be so full.

Sometimes it seems that you may divert yourself from the real goods. It’s very possible that when you’re honest, you find sturm and drang more vital and significant than peace. Peace might be too mild for you. You claim your sides. You foster that which you claim. What is really holy to you? When push comes to shove, where does your heart lie? Perhaps all of this furor in Life is purposeful in that you find out where your heart belongs.

It would seem that much of Life is filled with stuff. You stuff yourself with stuff. It’s possible you crowd out simpleness in exchange for complication. Do you have Life topsy-turvy? When your Life is upside-down, who put it that way? Who surveyed it and found it wanting?

Everyone gives lip service to what’s important. Does suffering and heartache have to be more important than the underpinnings of Life? Who says so? Who says what is said so?

Are results in a spelling test more important than living Life in Joy? What is really a big deal and what goes under the Umbrella of Importance?

Perhaps you have been on the wrong track all your Life. It matters where you are now. Where do you take yourself to? Where do you show your mettle? Or where do you hide yourself? Do you forsake yourself and blame it on Life or someone else? Did someone make you do it? Was Life a conspiracy? Did you conspire against yourself?

You are capable of proving your merit to yourself as well as you are capable of disproving your merit. Which is the hard way, beloveds, and which is the easy way? Which way do you choose? When all is said and done, which way do you choose?

No one forced you down a path. Wherever Life may have placed you, by and large, what you do there is your choice.

Life can change. Most assuredly, you can change how you meet Life and what you do with it as it appears. You can throw stones at it. You can swear. You can beg that your Life change before your very eyes. You may have to change the scope of your vision before Life will follow suit. It is up to you to get on a different horse, beloveds. Change your mount. If you can’t change your mount, then change how you ride it. Rescue yourself.

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You May Have to Change the Scope of Your Vision

Oh, I Love this: "You may have to change the scope of your vision before Life will follow suit. It is up to you to get on a different horse, beloveds. Change your mount." Yes! Sometimes all it takes is some re-calibrating, observing of thought patterns, getting out of our way, getting into our body, maybe for the first time ever, by opening up our inner voice and learning to listen, and freeing and expressing our outer voice, and voila, there we are. We changed our "scope", quite literally: restructured our chemistry, our body influencing our brain influencing our emotions. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!