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In relative time
It's all relative
Relatively speaking, that is
Some are seen as family
While "others" are not
Your presence seems to live for a while
And then, it does not
Truth is remembered
And then, forgot
Yet relative time
Exists only for the time being
Within My Time and Being
Of Perfection Begot
So it stands to reason
That your seasons
That seem to change
All take place
Within My Mind's Reason
Of Unconditionality
That no false ideology
Or belief in finality
Can effectively affect nor rearrange
"Welcome" to You
To Absolute Truth
My, Your, Our
Most Gentle, Resolute Power

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Indeed we are trying to

Indeed we are trying to re-member Truth and who we really are. So beautiful sweet poet.

Love and blessings

My Heart is always warmed,

:wub: My Heart is always warmed, if not outright set ablaze, by Your Blessing's Embrace Dearest Berit..namaste...michael:)

Thank you Michael for

Thank you Michael for sharing that sweet Truth with us. Love, is Gone...He went to the store and never came back!

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

TY, as always, Jimi for your

TY, as always, Jimi for your lovely, appreciated sharings...:) in Peace...michael:)