Unbelievable As It May Seem

God said:

Everything in life falls into place. Even if the place is not what you want, life settles there. Life finds its place. Threads are tied, and tied neatly. One aspect of life meets another. Even threads from years ago find their rightful place, yet, later again, they may switch places. When events and people in life are no longer in their rightful places, they change, and may turn up in unlikely places. Objects, the same. They go from one treasure chest to another, and your telescope may no longer reach them.

Houses the same. One day it’s your house. The next day someone else lives there. Life is like a song. It is choreographed. The dancers surely do not stay in one place. And, yet, even when you seek adventure, a part of you would like to hold things where they are now. If not hold, at least be able to reach out to at will.

You want things to be as they were in an old photograph. Your parents live in your heart forever, and yet they have absented themselves as if they drifted away from you. Of course, they have not. They are no longer in the fore of the photo, and yet their picture was taken and hung in your heart. Those who have died, as the world speaks of death, cannot be resurrected, for there is no death. The surface of life is not everything. It is nowhere near the whole story of life. It is only the surface.

All the wailing you choose to do does not change the surface, or, if somehow it does, that also was a knot of thread tied. And yet knots do not stay tied forever. Slipknots are part of life.

At the same time, nothing in life is broken. It reconstructs. Nothing is out of place. Whatever you think of it, whatever the world thinks of it, whatever holy texts think of it, it is okay. The cards stand where they stand. They have simply gone in an order that is just right. And if the cards had fallen in a different order, that would have been just fine as well. The orchestration is perfect. How could that be? And yet it is. Unbelievable as it may seem, whatever song is sung, why, that is the one that was supposed to be sung. In some roundabout way, you chose it. You did not cause it, and yet it was a choice. Perhaps you chose it a thousand years ago. You would not choose it now, or, perhaps, you would depending. In any case, a song visits you now.

Life is unpredictable, and yet, even so, an aspect of you may have predicted it. You may have forgotten, and, yet, you may have written it down. “This is the way to go,” you may have thought in the recesses of your mind at a long-forgotten time, or you may not have thought so, and yet you had the thought of it. Thoughts, as you already know, are powerful. They are real. Sometimes they come true in one way or another. Thoughts know not time, you understand. They swim around like fish. They leap. They leap into the air. They dive below the surface. Hallowed be thoughts. And where they land, whose hand catches them, nobody knows. And even when caught and where they are is known, suddenly they may flip, a new configuration gets into place, like one chorus going off stage and another chorus coming on. Is not life in the world like that?

The known certainty is Heaven. So powerful are your thoughts that Heaven is not always known or acknowledged, including powerful thoughts that on certain days and nights could be called mistaken, or could be called into question, or not even thought of at all.

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I will hereby acknowledge that we here on Mother Earth, walking the world, want things to stay in place most of the time. Yet, the
images in our photographs cannot remain the same. Like the house I live in now, will have someone else living in it sooner if not later.

But I LOVE what you say when you say," HALLOWED BE THOUGHTS !! which can suddenly flip over and then the stage
changes and a chorus that WAS - goes off stage and another chorus moves in.

It's a good thing that thoughts can leap, and even dive below the surface, where revelations can suddenly be found. I must
admit that one of your Great Emissaries named Neale Walsch is telling us now that WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGES, CHANGE EVERYTHING !! I LOVE THAT !! It's aligned with YOUR WORD, MAESTRO.

AH, AND THE GREAT COMFORTER IS "THE KNOWN CERTAINTY IS HEAVEN". Another thing I am realizing with great
wonder is that we simply can't focus on the injustices of the world, it is a great mistake to think we can step in and change all the
"cruelties and injustices" that the world loves to show us. I shall say "Hallowed be My Thoughts, vof God is here with me!" when our news media presents to me the horrors and calamities it loves to dwell on without change THANK YOU, MAESTRO

Mary Moon knows about the song she sings!

Mary, your voice is clear and beautiful. I love the songs you sing!


Bursting with truth...

This was such a timely message and reminder that imparts a peacefully excellent acceptance of events, thoughts, people, times and changes. All is good and right with my world, no matter what. Thank you!

Barbara sings a love song of truth!

Thanks you Sweet one, we are on the same page!


"You may have thought it or chosen it 1,000 years ago" How so?

It takes careful, thoughtful, loving reading of this kind of Heaven Letter to let the intelligence of the Universe tell us that we are "Eternal light beings" that never started and will never end. We thought we were a "body" but found that this temporary package was the container of an everlasting Being.

This is one of those Letter you must read over and over, Meditate on it until you find out who you really are. It's fun.



If you pull them, they don't tighten, they open and are gone.

I wonder what "holy texts" are doing here. Strikes me as quite odd for some reason. Like myself, like the world, holy texts seem to tend to think in terms of not okay.

There's a dreamlike shifting of pictures and concepts here. I like it. I like to see certainties tossed up in the air for juggling.

And though hope has been called weak, I hope for some weak link in that chain of powerful thoughts, so powerful they go on thinking themselves even when I think I'm not thinking.

Jochen's precious words romp around in our minds....

Jochen at times you write to make us think that we, the clumps of clay, skin, and bones, are the Thinker and actually think the thoughts we think. It is more likely that we just hear the voices out of the eternal past telling us what they thought that they thought. The little caterpillar never dreamed that the cocoon it built from its own mouth would become a trap for its metamorphsus, or that the tiny hole it had to squeeze through would be the launch site of a new life in the heavens with wings it couldn't imagine.


True, George. And what you

True, George. And what you say about the caterpillar sounds even more than true.

You see, I'm trying to keep some sort of balance between what feels like eternal truth and what is taken to be everyday experience. I have tried to live on eternal truth alone. It did not go very well.

Thanks, wise friend.

Jochen's precious words take us to the top!

We all enjoy playing in your back yard. You show the highs and the lows and of course warn us of the lows but the warning draw us into looking so darn hard we end up coming back every day for more of the way you play.