God said:

God said, God said, God said, every Heavenletter begins with My saying that I am an ultimate Authority. I will not deny it, yet the word authority falls short, for you are also an authority. Close your eyes and let go of the static you surround yourself with, for a minute, and divine Me within you. In any case, you are your own authority. This is obvious. Correct or not, you are your own authority, yet correctness, whatever that means, is not the whole story. You are writing your own story. You don’t have your story all figured out yet. You can go left. You can go right. From one perspective or another, both left and right may work. Rather than right or wrong, We can say you jogged this way or you jogged that way. Left could be more direct than right, yet how can you know until you follow the path you choose even when you choose blindly?
But this I will tell you. Ultimately you have written your own story. Therefore, you are correct. No one said you had to write a perfect story. Each story is perfectly its story, told as only you could tell it. Free Will gives you many choices. In one sense, all possibilities are right. It is more than a shake of the dice because you choose it. You are the writer of your story. And, of course, you impact others’ stories as well. You impact the world. One version of your story may be more favored than another.
Ultimately, you are looking for a good story which may or may not be in the favor or flavor of the world. You are your own Storywriter. You are the teller of the tale. You are the one who lives your story; therefore, you are the chooser; you are responsible for your story. You are responsible for what you make of it and how you tell it. Others may swing in and out of your story, yet you are the star of it. You are the one who seeks your fortune. In effect, oft-times you are blindfolded. It’s true. Half the time, possibly more, you don’t know why or how you choose what you choose. And if what you choose happens to blow up in your face, you are still the one who chose it. Sometimes you may feel that you are an automaton, yet you are the one who chooses.
In world terms, sometimes you choose right, and sometimes you don’t, yet, each way, you have made a choice. No matter how much savoir-faire you have, your choice is innocent. You hold your breath, and you make a choice. You can only wait to see how it turns out.
Ultimately means in the final analysis. Ultimately, when the day is done, as We are One, there are no accidents, no coincidences. Ultimately you never did anything but seemingly watch a news reel which has your name on it. Yes, as you played in it, you were also the director of the news reel. You were also the artist who drew the pictures, the writer who wrote a scenario, and you were the actor. No one could have played the part so perfectly.
In this way, you, the actor, writer, artist, choreographer, caterer, errand boy, director… play all the parts to perfection, and I say you did a good job even when you think you didn’t. Actually, you excelled. You did a stellar job.
Another time, you may write a different story, a whole new story, and you will play a different part. All the parts will come out in the wash, and you will be soul, pure soul, pure Being who traveled around here and there and now stays Home.

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Gloria, a minor problem with

Gloria, a minor problem with a comma in the first paragraph, third sentence, which reads "Close your eyes and let go of the static you surround yourself with, for a minute and Divine Me within you."

The one comma doesn't work where it is. One fix would be to add a second comma after "minute", setting "for a minute" off in relation to "Close your eyes . . . ." I'm guessing that's how you heard it.

Another fix would be to move the single comma after "minute", and it would now serve to divide the sentence into two parts, reinforcing the "and", which is doing the same thing.

Maybe the simplest and easiest would be to take the single comma out altogether. It isn't crucial that it be there and it makes sense without it.

Definitely, dear Charles, a

Definitely, dear Charles, a second comma belongs there. I will fix it in a second. Thank you so much.

Just a little while ago I fixed some things on this Heavenletter. All minor. The one I remember that I uncapitalized Divine. It is divine as a verb and not Divine Me. I stumbled over this one when I first saw it.

Thanks a bunch for all your attention.


Dear God, I AM in Love with YOU. I smile at my humanity when I look at myself and real eyes there is only ONE. There is a Sacredness that infuses Me as I real eyes that my own growth is my work here on this beautiful Planet named Earth. The Earth is My Home for this Incarnation and I AM indeed humbled and blessed by this awareness. In the Eternal NOW, I take Responsibility to Be filled with Love and with Kindness and to share JOY and Laughter with All. I AM like the Apple Tree as I Share the Unique Gift of Me. All are welcome in my Heart and I do the Gratitude Dance (created right here in Victoria, BC). Let's Dance and Be Happy, Happy, Happy! ;-)