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Two red dots in India

Studying ClustrMaps (at the bottom of our community page) delights me no end. There are two red dots now in India and if you choose "Map with smaller clustrs" they are even three. I can see the big Engin dot in Turkey. Looks like Ankara. But may be somewhere else since Nomvula in Durban is obviously the big clustr at Cape Town. Central Europe is very crowded. Well, we knew that. Where are the people from Canada? Every day I expect a little red dot to pop up at Moscow.....Kualalumpur.....Lhasa........

Beloved Jochen, keep on

Beloved Jochen, keep on expecting!

I just learned we have a new Russian translator! If we can get her to post on the forum, you will see that dot.

We always have new subscribers from Canada!

Does Croatia show? Bulgaria?

Forgive my ignorance, but I wish ClustrMaps could somehow name the countries -- continents too!

Russia! That's what I

Russia! That's what I expected.

Well, wonderful Gloria, at least I boldly believe I can see Croatia and Bucharest.

And of course ClustrMaps can zoom in. But that would be $1.99 a month or $15.99 per year -- and I don't know whether it will name countries then. As far as I am concerned, I really love opening my brand new National Geographic Atlas and looking up exactly where all those beautiful people are. And the feeling I get when I do so is of the world becoming one.

Indeed the world is becoming

Indeed the world is becoming one, so beautifully expressed dear Jochen !


Beloved Jochen, then you can

Beloved Jochen, then you can be our Atlas!

New Zealand! China!!!

New Zealand!

Cluster maps only reflect

Cluster maps only reflect visitors to 1 page on this website, which is the community page. There are over 3000 pages on this website. I'll make a note to look for something that can provide more realistic access statistics for those of you interested.

One Love

Well, dear Santhan, I sure

Well, dear Santhan, I sure love all the many things you do for us but personally (I can't speak for anyone else, of course) I don't need anything more realistic. I think anyone regularly visiting this site will automatically be on the community page every once in a while. So for me it's all right, in fact wonderful, the way it is.

I tried to find out what

I tried to find out what this new Google thing next to ClustrMaps is about but couldn't. What can you do with it?

Do you mean the Ads Google ?

Do you mean the Ads Google ? I think it's for advertising, kind of database where you can check out who is where, either giving citty or selecting what you search for.
May be I'm wrong, anyway, I LOVE SEEING ALL THE RED DOTS !!!!!!!!

Much love

Hi Berit, Clustr Maps

Hi Berit,

Clustr Maps provide a free service. Those little red dots on the globe are generated by ClustrMaps Ltd. In return for this fun tool, they earn revenue by including Google adverts around the clustrmap landing page (after you click on the image). I was a little reluctant at first to use their service because of the adverts. For example, today I saw adverts on Meditation, finding the right mate, bible studies and love letters which was a site for sexy singles!

We'll keep the the Clustrmaps until we program our own widget.

One Love

Happy to report that we have

Happy to report that we have upgraded the Clustrmaps so that no more adverts will appear and you will be able to zoom into the continents within the next 48hours.

One Love


So many gifts, Santhan. Wonderful, thank you!

Dearest One Love,

Dearest One Love,

you are doing miracles over mirales !!!! I love the clustermap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:

I think I have no problem with bearing some "strange" adverts, there's often some "side effect" to things we handle or do, isn't there ? :?

But you get all my curiosity about a proprer HEAVEN WIDGET !! :Rolleyes:

Thank dearest HEAVEN ANGEL on Earth !!! :blushing:

Much much love

The Google button is a tool

The Google button is a tool for adding live Heavenletter feeds to iGoogle, which is a service Google recently launched. It allows us folk to customise the Google home page and select content from various sources to appear on the page whenever we open it. For example, the iGoogle page I go to has the last 10 Heavenletters aggregated on the top left, then I have the current moon phase and a few other aggregated pieces of content.

Oceans of Love

Is this something I should

Is this something I should be doing? If yes, would you kindly tell me how to do it? Muchas gracias.

Senora, It's more for people

Senora, It's more for people who already use iGoogle. iGoogle may be something for techies and business people who require a whole lot of information to be aggregated and presented on one page. Besides, you're way ahead of iGoogle!

One Love

There is someone in Canada

There is someone in Canada finally. Xenia? Someone in eastern Anatolia, Sweden, Lithuania, Lesotho, Canary Islands, more people in Finland and in so many places. No one, it seems, in France.

It looks like ClustrMap wants to develop into the One flag of the United World.



Many more, looking like:

Many more, looking like: Kirkenes (North Norway), Moscow, Coimbra (Portugal), Sevilla (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), Istanbul, Bursa (Turkey), Adelaide, Perth (Australia), even somewhere in Northern Malaysia.

And America. Goodness, it's swarming with new dots. Any New World soul who wants to name them?

We have new visitors from

We have new visitors from Kenya, Ethiopia, Qatar, South Korea and the Philippines. Isn't hat just wonderful!?

Welcome to you all, dear friends from all over the world.

It is simply wonderful the

It is simply wonderful the way God's Love Letters are spreading across the globe !!!!

I love the red dots !!!!

much love to all

Kuala Lumpur at last!

Kuala Lumpur at last! Jakarta, Fiji, Kamerun, Ghana, Kuwait, Oman, Israel .... new places in Portugal, Turkey, Greece ... it's a bushfire!

Pretty soon, all of the

Pretty soon, all of the continents in the ClustrMap will be entirely red!

First red dots in Alaska

First red dots in Alaska (looking like Fairbanks). More in Russia (Novosibirsk and Bratsk or Ust'-Llimsk). Beijing. Mauritius. Gambia.

Hello to whoever you are in

Hello to whoever you are in Malta. Hello to you on the Azores. Hello and welcome to every new guest and reader everywhere on this wonderful earth!

Keeping an eye on Iceland

Keeping an eye on Iceland and Greenland, I expected Iceland to be first. But it's Greenland. Welcome!

Back from a few days of

Back from a few days of vacation, I find that one of my little dreams for the Big Unified World has come true. I knew it couldn't take much longer when I saw Faeroe Islands turn up on Clustr Maps. And now, at last, Heavenletters have reached Iceland. Reykjavik, hello to you!

May all your dreams come

May all your dreams come true.

Missed you.

There is a new feature at

There is a new feature at Clustr Maps. In addition to the red dots, the map now has a list of all the countries where this site is visited from, sorted according to frequency of visits. I love studying it a little; it's really very interesting and instructive.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for pointing this out. May there be more and more people from more countries reading Heavenletters. God is willing!

It still fascinates me to

It still fascinates me to watch Heavenletters™ spread to even the farthest islands and corners of the world. Well, far from my point of view, of course. It's not just information. I imagine someone in – oh, there must be an eager Heavenreader right in the middle of the Algerian desert. Desert. Sand, rocks, sandstorms, tents, camels, Heavenletters.

Still no one in Tibet, what a pity.

Senor Jochen, what you wrote

Senor Jochen, what you wrote is like a poem! "Desert, sand, rocks, sandstorms, tents, camels, Heavenletters." I love it!

Since last Heaven News, we have had new subscribers from three countries -- I mean, three countries that we have not had subscribers from before -- or we haven't since Heaven Admin made the data base in about 2005 which now includes what country someone is from. Before that, we don't have a record.

The new countries this month are: Suriname, Vietnam, and Swaziland.

Yes, no Tibet, yet we have Nepal!

If we think Tibet, I wonder if a dear subscriber from Tibet will arrive.

At the same time, I gather that borders are illusions.

I volunteer to go to Tibet

I volunteer to go to Tibet and take out a Heavenletter subscription and to welcome the folk from Tibet to Heaven ;)

Yeah, this sounds just like

Yeah, this sounds just like you, One. But since our attention is there now, I think we don't have to wait much longer anyway.


There is a Heavenreader in

There is a Heavenreader in Kugluktuk (Coppermine) on the Coronation Gulf in the Nunavut Territory. I had a look at the landscape and the history of the place. How extraordinary and beautiful.

I love to have a look

I love to have a look sometimes at some of the more exotic seeming places where Heavenreaders live. There is a new Heavenreader way down south in Chile, must be Puerto Natales. If you look it up in Wikipedia, you get some breathtaking pictures and even a webcam. What a most extraordinary and beautiful part of this incredible Earth.

How do I find Clustrmaps?

Jochen, dear friend, if I click on the "Community" tab at the top of the home page, I get to "Heavenletters Spiritual Community." I cannot find any Clustrmaps at the bottom of this page. How do I find them, please?

Dear Chuck, it's on every

Dear Chuck, it's on every page of this web site at the bottom of all the items on the right-hand margin. See the little world map with lots of red dots on it? If you click it, it will enlarge, and then you can enlarge individual continents still further. Have fun!

I guess it's true

Hehehehe, I guess what my wife says is true. I can look at something right in front of me and not see it! Thanks, Jochen.

yay!!! 333 people in Kenya

yay!!! 333 people in Kenya reading Heavenletters

Maybe I should edit that and say 'visiting the forums' :-)

Heavenletters have now

Heavenletters have now reached Ushuaya in Terra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina. It's a most beautiful part of the world, and they have great webcams.

If you are interested, Wikipedia is a good start:

The corresponding German page has a fantastic panorama photo:

South of Ushuaya – only Antarctica.

Jochen, the Oneness Journey

Jochen, the Oneness Journey will include Terra del Fuego! What a nice reminder! Thank you.

Oh, let me know when you are

Oh, let me know when you are down there. If I have some money then, I'll join you!

Start saving up! Or perhaps

Start saving up!

Or perhaps you want to come on the whole journey!

or just say

Hey Jochen,

Or just say, I'll join you there, Gloria, and God will take care of the money needed!

Tell me, why not?


Now, Anco, this is truly a wonderful suggestion!

No objection. Sometimes the

No objection.

Sometimes the obvious is the last thing you can think of. (Ever had that?)

a cheaper solution.

I have another more obvious solution that I am going to practice: teleporting myself or projecting my consciousness where I want to go.
Easy, is it ? And no need for money at all! But my main motivation is not money, it is avoiding the check-in at the airport and that awful food they use to serve on planes.

No problem for me. I fly

No problem for me. I fly once every five or more years, and everything is fun and exciting then. Getting an unexpected check as I did last week, I'm overjoyed. Oh, I money and using it for some gruesome airline wine in a plastic cup!

Okay, I'll go with teletransportation, but only if they have something to eat ready when I arrive.

You will have the most

You will have the most beautiful meal prepared for you, Jochen.

a poetical solution

Oh, how I love people loving to waste money! ( glad for the check indeed).

For a moment ( you know I have an eye for headlines) I thought you could fly.
It would be a third wonderful solution because with teletransportation I fear we cannot enjoy the journey over the ocean and forests. Departing and arriving would happen the same moment and, moreover, no time for preparing you a meal.

Ah, but I would be waiting

Ah, but I would be waiting for Jochen to arrive or you or everyone. You can give us notice, can't you, about when you are going to teleport?

Since you mention it, I will

Since you mention it, I will confess that flying is one of the things I am grimly determined to learn in this life. I almost did once, it felt very close...

The other very important thing I am determined to accomplish is finding my wedding ring I once lost on a scree slope high up in the Alps. It is silver, with an olive branch engraved, and waiting for me to tune in to its soft call. Being able to fly might come in handy there.

let me think...

If you "almost" did it, you woudn't be here any more to tell us. You can't fly just a little, it is a too dangerous actvity.
Being a metaphor, then, I could try to guess how you did it. Smoking, you don't smoke, drinking, you like gruesome ones and they do not take you further than a terrible headache...let me think of something else...
Anyway, I wonder what Heaven would be if we coudn't fly, are we less than pigeons?

Are We Less Than Pigeons?

Are We Less Than Pigeons? what a great title for a book!

This is an odd thought I

This is an odd thought I have always had and, yes, it sounds pretty well.

there's two ways I see

Dear flyers,

There is two ways as I see it:

1. Like in science fiction some machine transports your body to another place

2. The soul, who can fly, takes the body with her, to another place
I like both, and will see which one is first possible for me to do

Our ClustrMap has been

Our ClustrMap has been reset, and the count by countries has started anew on March 31. It's fun to see how the dots are spreading again and where the regular visitors are located. It's not important, of course, but I like to imagine all the people who may be reading Heavenletters this very minute: in the early morning, at sunset, during the day or in the night, in early spring or fall, all together, all now.