Truth Rises

God said:

Beautiful sounds fall from Heaven, and you gather them up into words. How revealing that is of your need to share thoughts in all directions! You crave to know what other forms of you are thinking, and you crave to share your thoughts with other reflections of yourself. Your thoughts must be shared, just as I had to share creation. Your thoughts are your reflections.

A craftsman is sharing his thoughts in what he crafts. An artist. A musician. You. But then there seems to erupt a need to please the viewer rather than express yourself, so you may make something off-hand that does not express the depth of your heart's truth. You tumble yourself for something you imagine the world can give you. Giving less than the truth of you is a form of lying, and lying is cheating yourself.

All is beautiful of itself.

And words are beautiful.

But words are not to get caught up in. When words are true, they are powerful. When words are issued in truth, they are powerful.

The same words can be true or untrue.

Sometimes My children want to make true what is not so in their hearts. There is another purpose in mind than truth. Something you think you don't have and need.

Every what you call lie is an attempt to be what you think you are not. If you but began to know who you are, you would know there is no need to make words into something they are not any more than you have to turn yourself into something you are not.

Gold does not have to be dyed to be gold or to look like it.

You are rich. You are royal. That is what you are. You need no embellishment. You simply haven't let your thoughts of what you are catch up to what you are. You have had a mistaken picture of yourself. The photograph you saw got muddied, and so you thought what it represented was not quite right.

Know what your consciousness is. Know what it says. Then you will be listening to truth.

Decide that what you live and what you say will be truth today. Anything less than pure being is not truth. Anything less than love is not truth. Coordinate your heart and mind today so that they concur. Acknowledge the wonderment of you, and you will be wonderful in truth. There is no need for you to dissemble.

Put your energy into truth. Perhaps today speak no word. Just assemble truth. Let your eyes find it, your hears hear it, your heart know it. Be silent in your truth today, and then your mouth will speak it tomorrow. Do not be so hasty in what you accept as truth. Feel it. Stand in it.

This is heart discernment We are talking of, not the mind's. The mind can fool you. It can convince you that what is true before you is false, or it can convince you that what is false before you is true. But the heart needs only to hear itself.

Truth of itself will sink into you and rise at the same time. False falls with a thud, and you are bereft. Whenever you feel bereft, dismayed, or out of sorts, an illusion has let you down. That is what illusions do. That which is not true is illusion. Truth does not let you down. Truth doesn't tumble. Falsehood does.

But, oh, you equate truth with bitterness. You equate truth with evidence from a spy that lets you know you have been misled. No wonder you don't want it. No wonder you prefer illusion to truth when your idea of truth is disappointment, but it is untruth that disappoints. Truth upholds itself. It upholds you.