A Message Awaits You Today

God said:

You will find a message in your life today. You will stumble upon it. It will find its way to you. It is marked for you. Be alert to a message today. You do not know from where it will come, but today a message will arrive, and you must reach it. It comes to you, but you must reach out to receive it and then listen to it, for it has something important to say to you.

There is much you do not yet know, but a huge impulse is on its way to you and will create a great wave in your life. Be not daunted. Welcome it. This is the message you have been waiting for. Now arise to it.

You have called it to you. You have half-called and half-deterred, sitting on the fence as you are.

You are on the cusp of eternity. You yearn for it, and yet you hesitate to embrace it, for fear of falling or fear of containment or fear of eternity, so you have delayed rather than to know. But today a message will come to you that will help you sit up and take notice.

This message will transform your perception. It will transform your view. You will see from another way.

You wonder how this can be true for everyone who reads this message. Do not waste your breath on such wondering. Wonder about the grander scale. Wonder about what is, not how it can be.

That you are infinite ever-flowing light means that you will keep lighting up. You have not yet achieved your apex. There is more. And today you will have more. You will find it in front of you.

Harken to messages today because you have a great one coming. This idea alone will wake you up.

You are going to have a revolution of thought. That means that an insight within you, long dormant, will awaken. It will be awakened by an outside event or an outside word. You will have a recognition of something, and this recognition will lighten your life. It is as if you run through the streamer that signals the winning of the race, only this streamer signals the beginning of another, for you are ever anew.

Be watchful today of all that surrounds you and comes into your awareness. The message you receive today may be coded, and you are the one to unlock it.

The cells of your body are leaping into Oneness at the thought of what is coming today. Your heart becomes like a great sun which radiates light to your entire body and out further. This light from your heart will spill into the universe and be well-received. Your cup runneth over.

A stream is going to bubble up where there was none. Your perception of dryness of the soul will be a thing of the past, for this stream bubbles up within you. You are the giver and the receiver of it. You are it.

I am the Mainstream, and you are joining Me. You are racing to the Ocean which races to you.

The message you receive today, no matter from what messenger, comes from Me. You may receive it secondhand, but it comes from Me firsthand.

My hand is held out to you through many hands. Which hand presents Me to you today? And in what form do I appear? And how readily will you receive this great awareness bestowed upon you today. You will wonder where you have been until now. You will clap your hand against your head and wonder at your previous ignorance, for today you are going to receive a great message that will change the course of your life.