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Translation Update 2 - old forum open for you to retrieve missing translations


The old forum is online for those who would like to pull out the missing translations. I believe Engin, Maria and Paula (Berit and Leen?) have translations there that they would like to access. Please update here once you have copied the translations. Here's the url:

We're about ready to launch the Spanish site. Cecilia has translated most of the static content of the Heavenletters site into Spanish. Cecilia has also submitting translated versions and English versions of Heavenletters into the database so that we will have a wide selection of translated Heavenletters available in Spanish.

What we have observed is that each language home page will work most effectively if someone can be in charge of administering it's content and correspondence with readers. As this area is new to us all, we'd like to use the Spanish language site as a learning experience.

For the other languages we will launch basic home pages where Heavenletters are available for viewing and indexing by search engines in that language. In order to launch another language home page, it is suggested that we have a minimum 42 translated Heavenletters in the database.

In Spanish there are around 100 translated Heavenletters in the database.

There's also an opportunity for volunteers to help with submitting English language Heavenletters into the database. This is a big task for 1 person, but a team could get it complete in a week or two. There are around 2700 or so Heavenletters ready to be submitted. Use this contact form: to send a message if you are interested in helping with this.

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I don't quite understand:

I don't quite understand: Are we supposed to copy the missing translations to this forum? Or will you make them available to the readers somehow? It would be a big job for me in this moment, as I'm busy with other things. Also, I'd like to know what about the Italian webpages? I'd already translated all the static content of the old web site and there was an Italian site of Heavenletters, and actually people have asked me where it's gone? There are hundreds of translations in Italian on the two forums, so what's the process to get the home page going?


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Dear Paula, So it looks like

Dear Paula,

So it looks like Italian is also about ready to launch! Fantastic. I'll go look for the translations of the static content and see when they can be submitted to the new site.

I understand about being busy. Pablo is almost done with the tanslation of the Heavenletters Book 1 into Spanish, after which he will be able to help enter the Italian content into the new system.

No worries about the existing translations that are on the old forum. I will see if we can get them moved. There was a period during which we were moving to the new site, when translations were being submitted to the old forum. Some of those translations did not make it to the new site. It is helpful if you could give an idea as to which translations did not make it over onto the new site.

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Dear Santhan, Thank you so

Dear Santhan,

Thank you so much for letting us go into the old forum and retrieve our translations! I'm so happy I've copied all of them here!



Muchos gracias Maria. I'm

Muchos gracias Maria. I'm going to take the old forum offline again.

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