Touching Heaven

God said:

The more down you feel, all the higher to rise, My beloveds. From the depths, you bounce up high with great momentum. So do not be dismayed when you feel low. Know that great power is moving you upward.

When you start to climb a mountain from the bottom of it, you have great energy to propel you forward. By the time you almost reach the peak, you may be crawling up, hand over hand.

Nevertheless, the arrival is the same. Whether you reach the top in one bounce or many leaps, whether you are close or far, your arrival is close at hand.

Beloveds, whether you start from the bottom or almost at the peak, you will reach the summit. From heights or depths, from energy waxing or waning, the outcome is the same. All the signs are fortuitous. You cannot miss. There is no one who will not reach the Kingdom of God.

With that awareness, great burden is lifted from your shoulders. You do not have to carry burden. When you feel burdened, you are bent over too much. You are looking at the ground where you have been rather than looking up to where you are going. You are going to rise, beloveds. You are rising. It's okay if your feet aren't touching the ground. Your fingers are reaching for Heaven. Your consciousness is almost there, almost there, almost here.

With the same lightness of breath that you use to blow away a dandelion puff, you will alight in Heaven. You will alight and stay. And when you do this, the whole panorama of the world will change.

You will have a different taste in your mouth. You will smell scents never dreamed of before, colors you never saw, music never heard, and your fingers will touch without touching. Nothing will be the same because you are the one who sees, and you will be perceiving from a new height and therefore seeing differently.

It is not that you are changed really, because this new sight, new hearing, all these new senses and beyond, have been the Truth of you right along. You didn't see because you were not looking. Or, if you were looking, you were not seeing. Now you begin to see. Now you begin to know what it is to move in the world as the Divine Being that you have always been. You were never otherwise than Divine. You had great illusions, however, not of grandeur but of lowliness. You associated lowliness with living in the world, and you could hardly lift your head.

Now that you have lifted your head, you are beginning to turn around and to see what the world looks like with the brightness of your blossoming aura. The world is being washed with your aura. Your aura is a great cleaner of the world. It polishes it. It lightens and brightens it. How necessary your sight is to the world!

And how necessary the world is to you, beloveds. You really don't want to be without it. You want to serve it, not protest it. When you uplight the world, what can there be for you to complain about? When you are your own true light walking through the world, what will not be lighted and what will not be seen in the light of God that you are shining forth?

You have yearned to see as I do see, and this is fast coming upon you. Whether you have desired this or not, it is still fast coming upon you.

The Optometrist of Heaven is fitting you with new glasses. They will fit you perfectly. They will open your eyes. You will see through them. Everything you see will be beautiful, as beautiful as you.

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"The Optometrist of Heaven

"The Optometrist of Heaven is fitting you with new glasses. They will fit you perfectly. They will open your eyes. You will see through them. Everything you see will be beautiful, as beautiful as you."

I am sincerely and impatiently waiting for these new glasses. When we can't see clearly anymore, as our eyes are filled with tears, to who else but God can we turn?

In order to climb toward Heaven, as written above, we need to see where we're going, after all; or else, we might miss the road. :)