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Top-10 list of positve emotions

Got this in my e-mail today and share it with all of you:


Here is a top-10 list of positive emotions. See how many of these you can feel today.

1. Joy/happiness

2. Confidence/self-esteem

3. Optimism/positive thinking

4. Interest/curiosity

5. Amusement/humor

6. Contentment/serenity/tranquility

7. Love/affection/warmth/caring

8. Respect/positive regard

9. Pride/satisfaction/achievement

10. Gratitude/thankfulness

Very good this posting

Very good this posting sweetest Xenia,

good reminder and good reality check to find out where we are. I feel good on all points today and for this I am grateful to God and this Heavensite.

Thank you sweetheart !