Too Soon or Too Late

God said:

Yes, your human heart seems to be a kind of barometer. It goes up, and it goes down. Your beloved heart goes to extremes. No matter how much you intend to not to be upset, you still get upset. You react, as if it is urgent that you react. You seem to be unable to hold back even an hour. It is an immediate thing with you. The expression “living in the now” isn’t meant to apply to a fast comeback that puts other people in their place.
What is your place, dear ones?
You feel it is urgent to represent yourself, as if this were the last minute of a baseball game, as if it were urgent to make your homerun now. The thing is, when you are hot under the collar, you’re not using your head. It’s probably safe to say you also aren’t using your true heart but, rather, your emotive heart. Rash emotions take over. Does this all sound familiar to you? Rashness takes over and you say your piece?
Well, maybe you do not have to get whatever it is off your chest.  
Next time you feel you must confront another, remember that, within your heart, lies Mine. Accommodate My heart. Lay My heart bare. Lean into My heart. I guarantee that rashness will be appeased and slink away. At present, often or always, after you confront someone, how you may wish you had waited until you cooled off.
Hey, beloveds, why don’t you talk to Me before indulging your rancor? Something someone says or does pushes your buttons. Remind yourselves, your buttons are your buttons.
Now, I’m going to say the opposite. Maybe it’s time you vented your spleen. Maybe you’ve been waiting too long. It’s possible you needed to assert yourself long before, when you could have done so in a more friendly way. As it is, you let resentment accumulate, and then you burst out with words that may add to mutual rancor.
So, your lesson could be to speak up sooner.
We could compare your not speaking up to riding on the wrong train quite a while, and then you are mightily annoyed at the conductor. Truth is, you are ticked off at yourself. You were, perhaps, too timid earlier, and, then, in time, your temper grew and flared, angry as you were at your own timidity. Is this your story? Always, often, sometimes? And then, when you speak up, you over-compensate for your delay?
What is it that holds you back from speaking up in the first place before your anger mounts? You are afraid that someone will hit you? Of course, you know they won’t hit you. You may fear you will injure their feelings, but, probably, what you really fear is that they may hurt yours. You fear they may not like you anymore.
You are the one We are talking about now, and you may tend to be silent for too long until you decide that you are putting up with too much. There is no blame, beloveds. Really, there is no blame to another, and no blame to you. Forget about fault. Forget blame altogether.
You may think you learned your lesson until the next time, when you learn it all over again, and there is another replay.
Hear it from Me. You are entitled to speak up. You spend too much time weighing the merits of what you think, and, later, you hurt the person’s feelings, more than you would have in the first place. Could well be better to speak up in the now.
Which are you? Too late? Too soon? A combination of both?

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I lived much of my life like

I lived much of my life like the person on the train, holding everything inside and keeping a smile on my face. Then I went through a period of occasionally flipping out. In this period I became less afraid of expressing how I feel because somehow it all worked out anyway. As I became less afraid of expressing how I felt I began to relax more around the emotions that stirred within me, and as I relaxed around them sometimes they would work themselves out with no expression at all.

Over time more and more of my troubles find perfect and satisfying resolution without needing to work anything out with anyone first. Life becomes easier as my need to find peace outside myself is satisfied by finding sufficient peace inside myself. I am glad not to be fighting the battles I used to excitedly engage in. It was exhausting.

With repetition I become increasingly certain that nothing outside needs to change before I can find peace inside, and the peace I find within shines outward and everywhere. I am sometimes surprised at the wonderful blessings the external world brings as it reflects back to me what I offer it.

Thank you, beloved Aaron,

Thank you, beloved Aaron, once again. Muchas gracias.

Hi Gloria, I think some

Hi Gloria,

I think some messages of God are difficult to understand and some others are quiet easy. What do you think?

As a matter of fact, beloved

As a matter of fact, beloved Chetan, one of my most favorite Heavenletters™ is one I can't say I understand at all on the level of intellect, but I love it, and I love reading it, and reading it again and again. My conclusion is that my heart understands it. It is thrilling to me every time I read it! I'm having a hard time restraining myself from copying it all here. This is it::

HEAVEN #1646 A Meeting of the Stars and it was published on May 23, 2005.

Do you have a most favorite Heavenletter?

I also love your questions!

I think we have two great topics here for e-books -- Most Favorite Heavenletters and Questions from Heavenreaders. What do you think?

My experience with

My experience with HeavenLetters has been a surprise for me. Something shows up somewhere in my life, and it shows up in a letter too. A specific example was just recently searching on the phrase "inner vision" because it felt beautiful to me, and I was excited about what the Internet might bring me. A day or two later the phrase showed up in a HeavenLetter. This keeps happening over and over and I am surprised over and over.

I was going to write a response to today's "Suddenly It's Spring", because it seemed to pull a bunch of puzzle pieces I had into a single coherent picture. As I started writing I called it my favorite, because it was so meaningful to me. I had not much else to say other than it was my favorite. Writing this felt trivial, perhaps a little childish, so I decided not to post a comment. Then a few minutes later you are writing about your favorite letter.

Sometimes as I read a letter I feel it brings up a question. As I am willing to share my perspective it seems to me that all things I might be wondering are clarified soon enough in an upcoming letter. As a result I feel more comfortable sharing what is on my mind. Nothing here is about to break. There isn't a bubble to accidentally pop. I enjoy the questions people ask here because a lot of times they are my own and I benefit from the asking.

I really enjoyed reading "A Meeting of Stars". The letter starts out with perfect joy and walks us from handstands to plodding. What is it like to go from plodding back into perfect joy? I love that my story starts with me plodding around. Even though it isn't really necessary, from plodding around I get to experience what it feels like to let go of a heaviness that really had me convinced for a while. I like that this letting go is gradual enough that I can take my time and really savor it.

Hello Aaron,

There might be many who resonate with your experiences and feelings.

Hello Gloria

You have asked me which is my favorite Heavenletter....Well, it is similar to answering which is my favorite flower, which is my favorite bird...very difficult to answer. Besides, I haven't read all the Heavenletters. I have been reading them since last June. But yes, there are few which penetrate my heart right through. There are often sentences scattered here and there which touch the soul when I read them first time. Some sentences make you fell, yes, God is talking to you and a sentence or even a Heavenletter becomes alive with a the words 'my beloveds' in it.

Reading Heavenletters give an impression to the reader that the writer of these must be in the supreme mood all the day long. Is it true? Gloria, have you ever received Heavenletters while you were in a sad mood also? ( a sad mood due to any reason for that matter)

Before and after receiving a

Before and after receiving a Heavenletter, I go through the range of emotions that everyone does. Dear Chetan, I am not in a supreme mood all day long. There are days that the world may be too much with me.

During the writing of God's words, what God says may well uplift me.In fact, once in a while, my heart is so happy and I am so grateful that I am elated. At those times, it's like I escape my personal self.

Most of the time,during Godwriting I'm probably neutral. Godwriting is something I do. It's kind of a non-experience yet I am aware I'm writing down a Heavenletter.

The Heavenletter I mentioned, The Meeting of the Stars, I remember very well that every sentence brought a wave of joy to me. It was like each sentence was a surprise and lifted me higher and higher. I wanted that one to go on and on and never stop.

I have been Godwriting solidly for fifteen years. Remember, for at least half of my life, I didn't think about God or even have the concept that God had anything to do with me. Godwriting has done so much for me. Truly, my whole life is changed, and I am changed, and, yet, I still have many more miles to go.

Thanks for your question!

Chetan, you make me think of so many things to say!