To the Ends of the Earth

God said:

Beloved, there are no ends to the Earth, nor is there truly a beginning, yet there is indeed a purpose in the Creation of the world beyond speculation. Earth has something to the point. I, God, am true to the core. I am true. Earth has something to the point, even within the trip of illusion that holds you in its thrall. Fiction is also a kind of journey, no matter how you may be fooled. There is a purpose in everything, even in fol-de-rol.

Even as you sleep, there is value in sleeping so there can be value in waking up. Supreme value. Even in folly, you serve a higher purpose. Going around the mulberry bush serves.

Jack and Jill going up and down a hill serves.

Even Jack Horner sitting in a corner serves.

ITere is purpose in everything – even including that which makes you cry your heart out. I do not suggest you seek out weeping. Nevertheless, it is good for you to know when to dry your tears and get back to life in the making rather than life in pain or disappointment.

Pursue looking at the trees and flowers' unleaving and the connections of Oneness all over the place to see what a difference you, yes, you, make to the Universe. How present the Universe is, and how high you fly and how you don’t crash.

Believe in Me as I believe in you. Believe in the merit of life even when it is fiction and quite unreal. Sometimes you would like to be spared from what you see as blunder, yet how do you know what is a blunder any more than how you know what is a miracle right and left and day and night? Sometimes it takes you awhile to catch onto to what is what.

Turn your head on differently – not solely the way a cover to a jar holds onto its contents, yet also to announce that you serve a purpose and meaningfulness everywhere all over the land.

One way or another, you speed to Me. Oneness am I, and Oneness are you. In what a wholeness of Oneness We exist as One.

On any day of the week, start anew.

Unless you fall asleep, how will you wake up?

Come to think of it, without you, what would I be engaged in right now? You and I gravitate to a dot in the sky somewhere over the rainbow.

You are about to come true before Our One pair of eyes. Your service to the Universe is about to come true, and you will know this well. Congratulations. You are about to get your sights on straight and no longer portend that you lag. You are on track just as you are.

Have a seat, and you will well know where you are coming and going with perfect eyesight. You will no longer have any mix-ups or think you do. You are exactly at the helm of your ship. Make no mistakes. Do not let yourself be held up. Be on your way without further ado. Accrue greatness to you. This isn’t immodest. This is virtuous. This is how it is. Life is to befall and be worthwhile to and for you and on your path. Offer your worthiness all around the block without batting an eye. You are not here for nothing. You are here for something. Make hay while the sun shines.

Love and good fortune are before you. This is your day before you. Make no excuses. You don’t have to justify yourself. By the right of eminent domain, you are here, and you are here for all and no exception. What is before you to do is for you to do for your benefit and the benefit of all.

Look yourself squarely in your eyes.

See as I do see.

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Dear beloved God of my One

Dear beloved God of my One heart
My vision is yours; my thoughts and feelings yours and my very breath yours.
With our awakened vision and the gift of speech - your words - let us together
pour forth unto every thirsty heart that which is of your will to do so.
Together as One are we the love, mirroring to all, that which they are.
And so do we spread the joy of recognition of truth.
So It Is.