To Be Generous

God said:

For the most part, you do know the higher road to take. You do know what is magnanimous and what is not. You are to be magnanimous, beloveds. You can even be magnanimous about others’ opinions. You don’t have to put your opinions before others’ opinions.

Often opinions are stated as facts. They are not facts. They are opinions. It is a fact, however, that you do have opinions, and you are convinced of their reliability for as long as you are. You do not always know what motivates you. You do not always know what patterns you have fallen into. Your thoughts are not always original. Most often they are not. Often they are like leaves that hang on a tree by a thin thread.

What does it mean that you are to take the high road? That means you are not selfish. That means you are unselfish.

Look at the few really happy people you know. They are not always thinking of themselves. They are thinking of others, and that is a great key to happiness. Thinking about yourself so much isn’t a good idea. It is not magnanimous.

You were born on Earth to serve. As you serve, there is less attention on yourself. As you serve, you spend less time thinking about yourself. As you serve, you even forget your importance for a while, and so you are blessed.

Have you not foraged for yourself and never minded about others? Have you not on occasion put a choice food in the refrigerator, saving it for yourself, not giving it to others? Have you not, furthermore, prissily, denied others yourself? Have you not also saved yourself in a fridge somewhere, waiting for special occasions or meritorious people that later you will pull yourself out for, for you see them as worthy? You have picked people out, and put others back in dark caverns of your heart.

Judgment, judgment, judgment.

Judgment hounds generosity and undercuts it. You measure your generosity. You ration it out. You hoard it. You undercut yourself, beloveds.

Ego chooses that you deny your heart to others. Ego gives you all kinds of reasons. It tells you that you are in need. It tells you that you have to look out for yourself. Ego tells you that you have to protect yourself. Ego tells you that others are out to take from you. It tells you that others are quick to take away from you and why should you be any different? Ego tells you that giving has to be your own prerogative. You have to think of it yourself, and you have to want to do it. Beloveds, you may well have to teach yourself to be generous, for the world has taught you not to be.

Through generosity, you are richer. You develop your spirit. Become a generous giver who thinks of the reasons why to give and not the reasons why not. Despite what the world and your ego have taught, there is no percentage in stiffening your heart.

And, now, here’s the hard part. Not only do you have to teach yourself how to give, you have to teach yourself how to give without receiving a payback. It is not giving when you think of the gratitude you will receive or other gifts you may receive in return. This is not giving, beloveds. This is haggling, beloveds, and it doesn’t bring you happiness. Counting on being paid back is making yourself a bill collector. A bill collector, of necessity, has a closed heart, a mathematical heart, a heart of debits, a mind that is working and a heart that recedes.

Be generous three times today. Let your generosity flow, and then forget about what you gave. It was a pittance.

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teach yourself

Oh, great! I get an excellent diagnosis and then I'm sent home with the instruction, "Now don't be sick three times today!"

In the world of man, this healing practice would be called scandalous. That's because in the world of man intention counts less than a pill or powder. Heavenletters are about intention. At least that's what I gather. Otherwise I might find this one annoying.


One of the things, I find appropiate is "LOVE is FOR-GIVING". So love is the Key and Yes if your intention is to be loving. you will get all the help you need and you will not find it to hard at all. Love to all . Jack

Love to you Jack ! Berit

Love to you Jack !

To Be Generous

No one said facing the medicine with God would always be easy. He has a way of making a point where you realize only one of you needs to make a move, and it ain't God;))) Thanks as always for the 'good stuff', which brings such opportunity to take the next step with confidence that it is the right thing to do. Blessings.


MAGNIFICENT! Thank you for again nudging our personalities to see ourselves ever more clearly. Thank you for the reminders. My heart was pierced by seeing here and there where I see I have not been what I know to be the better. Thank you for sending us daily help to refine our personalities, to choose better, to be better. God Bless us all.



I have been given some money by my very creative husband, who's now with YOU. There are 9 children waiting for me to

who can't wait for the day when it will be theirs. I have already been told that I am too extravagant, so i am in a dilemma

about being generous. Perhaps You or Your Angels can help me in this matter. thank you

Mary Moon

I understand you more than I can say, Mary Moon. I am trying to find the "gift" behind this kind of affair.

...teach yourself to be

...teach yourself to be generous, for the world has taught you not to be.

It is very difficult to give generously until you've had the "opportunity" to be a grateful receiver. There is a fortune in misfortune, in that it teaches gratitude and humility. God said, "... I do not want you or any other to suffer. And yet, often, your compassion is for yourself, and you have none for what you may see as the scourge of your existence. Find compassion for the other. Be merciful."

Teach yourself to be generous.

Love to you all,

Angela, I needed to read

Angela, I needed to read what you posted. Again and again, I need to be reminded: "Teach yourself to be generous."

Thank you!

You were born on Earth to

You were born on Earth to serve.

Love all, serve all.
much love