Throw Away Your Lists

God said:

Do you hesitate to leave smallness behind? Don’t want to let go of those little irksome things that consume so much of your attention -- what do you want them for? Why are they precious to you? They must be precious because your go over them again and again in your mind. From smallness, you are certain that someone did not treat you well. They said something that was a slur. They were unkind, thoughtless, biting, perhaps cruel. It was not right. You were not treated as a child of Mine deserves to be treated, for you deserve to be treated only with love.

Beloveds, as you harbor still the feeling of powerlessness that the experience had lent to you, you are not treating yourself with the love you deserve. You saddle yourself with an unkind word as if it were a loan hanging over you to repay. You jump on the opportunity to add this slur to the pile of accumulated hurts. Even though the hurts were small, the pile is big. You heap the past over you, stone after stone, pebble over pebble, grain of sand over grain of sand. Blow the past away, beloveds. I beseech you to not keep it any longer.

Through ignorance, someone put you in the wrong. It was their ignorance. Must you make it yours? If someone wants to martyr themselves, I suppose We can say it’s their privilege. But not you, not you, dear, please, not you.

As you come closer into your awareness of My Presence, what kind of a list would you bring Me? I do not believe you would bring me a list of faults, the ones you see nor the ones others may see in you. You would not bring Me a list of the past history of all the affronts and offenses against you. I do not believe that you would leave even the serious ones at My feet. I do not believe that you would greet Me with grievances of the past. I do not believe you would greet Me with a whole list of dreams deferred. Nor do I believe you would greet Me with a list of all of your personal errors. Why would you keep such a list at all? If it is not good enough for Me, it is not good enough for you.

Consider now what kind of list you would bring Me. What are some memorable items that might be on your list for God?

I would love to see a long list of kindnesses, yours and others. I would love to see a long list of all the people and events that inspired you. I would love to see a long list of all the beauty you have seen on Earth. No item too small. A fallen leaf would serve well.

Your list would not need to be of perfection, for in the relative world, there is none. Even a perfect peach is not perfect. Or We can say its perfection changes from minute to minute.

Do not think that change is less preferred to permanence. In the relative world, there is the apparition of time and space, and time and space are changing all the non-existence time. Everything is shifting in the relative world. That is its nature. So seek and find the goodness of change in the world. Beloveds, now you have the privilege of changing your mind. Change your mind about the past. Let go of that which was not valuable. It didn’t serve you then, and it doesn’t serve you now. The past may not have been illustrious, but the past is past. New opportunity is before you now. You even have the opportunity to let go of the past and all its accrued hurts.

Nor do you dwell on the beauty of the past, for there is new and greater beauty before you. It is just around the corner. Throw away your lists, and just meet Me with open arms and open heart, for here I AM.

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As I let go of the past I

As I let go of the past I grow in my awareness that We are ONE. My gratitude and love extends within Yours. We are One. :wub:

Hi Each while i feel i have

Hi Each while i feel i have left the past behind me and don't have to worry about the future, God is in my life first and foremost... I see the Beauty of Life before me, however in the present i am in a controlled environment... How can i say this without being personal, sometimes relationships and present circumstances are not at all what one would wish... I know God has put me with controlling people to learn something from them... I hope i don't behave like they do... I hope i never will.. I know God has hope and a beautiful future and i run to meet You with open arms and open heart... and be free from the present prison i know will not last... Luv Daisy

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said before you
Find the goodness in the world
Blow the past away

God said here I Am
Meet Me with your open heart
Precious Child of Mine

Love, Light and Aloha!

Rockin Rhonda Amazing how

Rockin Rhonda

Amazing how our lives are "formed" "shaped" and "molded" by our past.
We call it our spiritual "baggage"
Were flying to our destination...with a heavy u-haul attached.
Dragging us down...using more gas..slowing our progress
Its LOADED, bumper sparking on the pavement.
PLEASE..let the hitch break.
Let the uhaul and all contents be hurled down a cliff!
Bottom line never happened.
The hurts, the crying, the suffering, the human condition of thinking we have been "wronged".
The past doesnt exist.
Only LOVE exists.
The past hold us back.
It says..."hold back"....carefull..dont open yourself up...
hold the love in...dont give it away...might be taken from me..I might cry...I might hurt! Put the "CLOSED" sign out! God says otherwise!
Travel this journey "LIGHT" baggage going thru 'check' waiting for the little belt to bring it back around for you to pick up, no tagging, no aching arms, no need to file a claim for "lost" baggage, no baggage 'check in'....leave it....unhitch the u-haul, leave it in the trunk of the taxi, leave it on the bus...
never pack the bag...never 'buy" the luggage...
We have no baggage to pack.
Its gone.
Yesterdays news.
The really amazing part is......
It never even happened.
xoxoxo being written my someone who could have a hit drama mini-series written about their past!! Sure glad its not REAL!!! (my dad would not be happy!)

A very warm welcome Rhonda

A very warm welcome Rhonda to the "Heavenletters Forum"!

I feel lots of liveliness and humour from you. :big
Will we see more of what you have to share with us? Surely, hope so!

A warm welcome hug,

A most wonderful reminder

A most wonderful reminder really !!! Many many thanks and a big hug to all here !!

Love and blessings

I am enlightened by the

I am enlightened by the illumination of Your words. The light those phrases bring to my eyes is greater than the brilliance of the stars in the heavens.
If You want my list, God, I will give you the name of each one of those celestial orbs, like pretty maids all in a row.
No matter how many there are and how long it takes,
I tell You,
Every one of them.

Star lights - shine bright.