Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking Now?

God said:

Through Whose Eyes are you looking now?

You wonder how it happens that this question through Whose eyes you look can enter the equation?

You woke up one morning and you became aware that the eyes you were looking through were not yours. You saw out of them, yet they were not yours.

Well, you used to always be questioning, trying to figure out, trying to get somewhere. It was as if you had been walking toward Heaven, and now you have passed go. Is this possible? Now that you are here, somehow you have left yourself, as you knew yourself, behind. The you that you always thought you were has flown the coop.

Now that you have risen to Me, Who can you be but My Almighty Self? Is this the meaning of Oneness -- no longer can you find yourself anywhere? You seem to be missing. At first you may well experience that you have lost something precious, for where have your idiosyncrasies gone?

You may mourn that your little self is gone. Like childhood, like toy land, “Once you pass its borders, they can ne’er be found again.”

What’s left of you asks: “Who is this One Self that I feel dispassionate and objective and impartial about now?”

You may feel as though you have become a Stranger. It is as if you had traded yourself in and got faraway-ness instead of hip-roaring happiness. You sense a state of non-existence. In Oneness, where can appearance be if it is at all?

At first, you may feel your new State of Consciousness as absent. Where is the golden goose you had anticipated? You expected something. Alas, now it may seem like your heart was whisked away and not replaced.

Don’t tell me, dear Ones, that you miss the ravages of emotion and all the disturbance that comes along with it? You are an even keel now, no more rocky boat.

You expected you would feel rambunctious Love. You wonder now – has even Love occluded itself and become impartial and at a distance? Can it be that Self-Realization no longer feels like ardor?

When you no longer experience opposites, you feel not the  closeness you expected but may rather feel more away-ness and your Self seemingly adrift rather than deeply occurring. No longer are you bogged down. Instead of feeling deeply, you now feel off to the side.

Well, you may say to yourself: “Surely, I didn’t expect wild emotion, did I?”

Well, yes you did.

When you are at a peak, you simply are at a peak. You made great strides, and now you no longer stride. No longer do you climb a mountain. Now you are truly above the world.

You are Home. Once upon a time, you were Homebound, and you had a lot to write Home about. Now the cake is out of the oven.

The world is no longer your personal world. You had anticipated ecstasy. Even-ness isn’t excitement -- it is equanimity.  Stillness is not the same as riding on a merry-go-round.

Now that you are beyond the world, what is left for you to desire? This is the meaning of this desirelessness that you heard about. It isn’t that you had to put away your personal desires. You did not have to do anything. It happened without a decision. It came with the territory. You have a bigger vision now.

Now you no longer exist for yourself. No longer are there two realities, one the world’s and the other God’s. When you are Here, you are Here. No longer are you searching for yourself, because now you are already found. Now, you are meeting Yourself in passing.

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This Heavenletter blew me

This Heavenletter blew me away!

Oh...the Truth of this....

I could name a couple of modern day sages that could have very well said the same words....proving the universality and deep intimacy of Truth!....I have felt for some time that personally I have been on the verge of this realization....But who needs verges...and who needs attachment to personhood....just the futile echo of an ego....from another reality! Jim

Now that you are beyond the

Now that you are beyond the world, what is left for you to desire?

... the spell is over....

Love You

Shower of Grace River of

Shower of Grace

River of Love

timeless Truth

dreaming into Being

this joyess world

all of this we are,

all this we are


Shower of Love

fragrance of Joy

Ananda Bhagawan... "

Now that you are here

Since reading this Heavenletter this morning, I have been remembering published accounts of people who reportedly have arrived "here", some of them without any spiritual history.

And as the use of the present tense in this Heavenletters suggests, there are Heavenreaders who also have arrived "here". Since I am not one of them, I could not help thinking how nice it would be to have their accounts of how they got "here" and what it feels like. It may be an ego desire and a bit childish, especially as this Letter makes it clear that there is nothing to win for the personal ego. Still, you can't help this desire as long as you feel like a pocket of unawareness, of non-Oneness, in Oneness, even knowing that no such thing can actually exist.

I find this Heavenletter disquieting but even more so promising. Here is another vast promise God made (or is it the same one?):

"No transformation is necessary. Awareness is necessary. A blink of an eye is all that is necessary. You have the Free Will to recognize Who you are and act accordingly. Oneness of focus without effort is a gift I gave you and give you still. You have this gift. Everyone has this gift, the gift of letting go and finding that the Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you." (From # 4819)

#5769 .... Tons of love

#5769 .... Tons of love

thank you Rover

Thank you Rover for your beautiful sharing and sharing of HL #4819