Thoughts Whirling

God said:

Thoughts fly in, and thoughts fly out like birds. It's wise to catch a thought on the wing, or it is gone. Remembering a thought isn't the same as receiving the thought in the first place. Thoughts rethought are not quite the same as the original. Thoughts well up, and thoughts float away.

You may not be able to remember a thought your mind held. No matter what, you cannot conjure it back.

Thoughts occupy you. Thoughts leave you. Thoughts fly out the window, and thoughts fly in and do not stay, or thoughts won't leave.

If thoughts are electrical charges, thoughts may blink on and off. It seems that all of your life you are pursued by thoughts, that thoughts are your life, and thoughts are ongoing and unstoppable.

You may lose a thought that was like a jewel in your hand while your mind keeps popping up with other thoughts. Some thoughts you welcome. Some thoughts, you do not welcome.

It would seem that you do not think thoughts so much as they come to you, perhaps pounce on you. You have a flood of thoughts you wade through.

How many impulses of thoughts do you have in one day? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? What you do know is that thoughts have a field day with you.

One thought leads to another, or you get stuck on one thought that will not leave you.

Sometimes you think in pictures. Some thoughts are like songs that keep running through your mind. Some thoughts are harrowing.

When you are in nature, under the sky, your feet walking on leaves, the sun poking through the trees, it's possible that thoughts may leave you for a while. Your thoughts are much like trees whose branches go off in many directions.

Your thoughts may be a barrel of laughs, or your thoughts may be a fount of tears.

Your thoughts may be clear, or your thoughts may play with you.

You might like a vacation from your ordinary thoughts, yet, the more you think, the more you think and may not get anywhere.

At the same time, you are aware that you are capable of great thoughts and insights and revelations, and you are also capable of having no thoughts at all. You may have forgotten where you were in your thinking. Perhaps you were under a spell, and then you wake up from the spell. You have no idea where you were in your thoughts, what they were about, where they took you. You know now that you returned to where you are right now, but where you were before, you do not know.

Sometimes you wonder if all your thoughts get you anywhere, or if all your thoughts are simply thoughts that go nowhere -- thoughts that may simply delay you from the adventure you are in search of. Your mind is crowded with thoughts going every-which-way, a toss-up, a meandering that whirls you around yet nowhere.

How you love inspiration, yet so many thoughts – so much thinking – sometimes wears you down. You may wonder if no thoughts would be nirvana. You want your mind. There is no doubt of that. It is all the thinking that you are not so sure about.

Sometimes you wonder, if you had never heard of the word illness, would you know only health? If you had never heard of the word disharmony, would you know only harmony? If you had never heard of the word overwhelm, would you then know only evenness?

As it is, many of your thoughts are babble, not much more than that.

And, yet, your thoughts also take you to Me.

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Mind the Mind

Your posts are awesome, extraordinary and inspiring. They give me clarity and confidence and much more. More than all this, I connect with my inner God thru reading your daily heavenletters.

Please keep it up.

Beloved Prem, how

Beloved Prem, how straightforward and strengthening is your comment.

I went to your site. Thank you for quoting from the Voice of God from this Whirling Heavenletter as you did in your blog. Your blog, just like your comment here, also speaks for God and spoke to my heart..

It will be my pleasure to read more from your blog and also to say more in the blog I write
in response to direct, powerful, clear, deep, one-pointed words you share in your blog.

God bless you.