This, Just This, Happiness

God said:

Happy Days are here again! Hum this song, and see how you feel. The sky’s the limit. In fact, not even the sky has a limit. There is no ceiling on the sky.

Why not Happy Days? Where is it written that life is ever to be less than happy? Nonsense.

Not to be nostalgic, Beloved, yet today is a one-time offer and will not come again. This is just one aspect from which to look at Today.

Today is an occasion. It is an occasion for happiness. There are no limits on how happy you can be. Take My Hand. Accompany Me to where all the happiness in the world lies. Here is happiness right smack in front of you where I AM! Here is the door to open. See the hand-painted sign tacked on the door. Here, the sign says Happiness. I painted the sign My Self. I also painted your name on it in Golden Letters. Isn’t this enough to make you happy today?

This is a personal invitation from Me to you. Come right up. Come right here in front of Me.

Happiness for you could be reading a good book. Happiness could be taking your children to the zoo. Happiness could be another day named Happiness tomorrow. Be your own Well-Wisher. Get a good start.

Of course, happiness doesn’t have to come from what you do. Anything less than happiness isn’t your True State. There is a vibration within you that echoes happiness. Let’s call happiness your DNA as happy as can be today. This is your happy hopping DNA today, enlivened with a thousand blessings from God. Here I am. Come here. Take your rightful place by the sign that says Happiness Today, and enter Eternity.

Here’s something to consider. There is also the concept that there is only one day that exists in Truth, and it is this One Today spreading out its wings before you ready to take flight with you.

Of course, in Our minds, there is the Rising Sun and the Setting Sun, this one Sun that brings you Light and Love. Okay, then, in Truth, there is only Today. This is the only day ever, and it is the Best Day ever, this one day before you. This is it, even as you may have a sense of déjà vu.

Of course, there is also the theory of time that time does not exist whatsoever. We can adapt Our theory to look like One Continuous Day that strolls along. This Today is here for you right now. If time is not, it must also mean then that time doesn’t shift. There can be Light Day and Night. Why not? What cannot be?

You, a Soul, are born to Earth where Life is like a marvelous fruit bowl in front of you.

You are born to Earth to do somersaults so your Heart soars.

3 cheers for the world, I say. 3 cheers for you. Hurrah! Hurrah! There is no last Hurrah. There is no first Hurrah. The whole Universe is made of Hurrahs all at once. There is nothing else that exists but Hurrahs and Upsidaisy!

There are no humps to get over. There are no traffic jams. There is no stress or strain. There are safe passages. Angels abound and lead the way over hill and dale. Smiles and laughter abound. Love is seen and heard. You see yourself mirrored in everything you look at, and you look good. I relish the joy I see in your face, joy that sings Hallelujah in honor of life. Joy surrounding Us truly as One. Forever We are joined in Happiness in this moment. This, just this, Happiness!

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What happiness this

What happiness this Heavenletter is! Such joy to the world!

I agree

Totally and completely...A Joy to the World.