This Is Your Life

God said:

Ah, the little aggravations of life, and how they get to you! You know you were not meant for smallness, and that is just why the little things do get to you. You are frazzled or weighed down or anxious about nuisance matters, and you know you are made for more than that. You know you are greater than that. You know you are here on Earth for a greater purpose than being annoyed or upset. You know, you really know deep down, that you are made for Greatness, and you are aggravated by your own attention to that which is not worthy of your heart and soul.

You are aware that when you are aggravated, you are walking down a street that isn’t yours to walk on. You are well aware that you are dealing with nickels and dimes when you are meant to activate treasures. You know you are playing penny-ante poker when you are supposed to be in a big game.

What are We going to do with you then? How do We get you out of the mode of buying into the little stuff? Every time, it seems that you fall into the trap. What little thing is going to get the better of you next?

What if nothing does get the better of you ever again? Wouldn’t that be an accomplishment, wouldn’t that be an occasion for celebration?

Let’s celebrate in advance! No more aggravation for you! Not because aggravating events don’t pursue you but because you don’t allow aggravation into your life any longer. Now you let aggravation roll off your back. This is your life We are talking about. Why on Earth would you let irritation fill even one moment of your life when there are so many better things to fill life with?

Do you really have to aggravate over what aggravates you? To what end?

It is as if you have a rash, and it drives you up the wall, and yet you keep scratching it and tormenting yourself more.

We are celebrating the end of petty annoyance. We are celebrating the end of your taking petty annoyance into your bloodstream. You are turning a cold shoulder to annoyance. No longer are you going to let petty annoyance take over your life.

We are celebrating a cool you. So what that mosquitoes of thought are buzzing around you. They will come to leave on their own. No longer are petty annoyances uppermost on your mind. No longer do you scratch them as if on command. Petty annoyances no longer beat your drum, call your tune, occupy your heart. They are not the rulers of you. You rule yourself. No longer is there place for petty tyrants to take your attention away from joy and love.

You have had enough aggravation to last a lifetime. No longer will you dance to aggravation’s tune. You are done with it. You are learning a new dance step, a dance step that raises you high above the ground. You may never alight on aggravation again.

Let the aggravations have their fun, and no longer play with them. Just because there are annoyances doesn’t mean that you have to be annoyed. They don’t have to stick in your craw. You are looking up at Me instead. We, you and I, are dancing together. Remember Who your Partner is. Remember Our vision and all that We like to embrace. We have no room for aggravation. It plays a false note. We are into good music.

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If this is God, would he or

If this is God, would he or she have sent the same mail to everyone? We are very different individuals and need more personal feedback.

personal mails

He/She cannot, in fact "we" do not exist.

Beloved Gurid, what has God

Beloved Gurid, what has God said that doesn't apply to you, dear one?

Hi Gurid~ In a way these

Hi Gurid~

In a way these Heavenletters are like God's blog. Or in a more old fashioned way, like the morning chapel that some students in a religious school attend daily to start their day. What is amazing to me is that they are able to speak to such a wide variety of people all over the world day after day after day in ways that so often stir the heart. They don't repeat themselves and they don't get boring. Human beings might be capable of coming up with such messages for awhile but I am convinced that only God could keep this up day after day and year after year with no sign of ever running out of something new to say. If you knew Gloria, you would know there was no way she could do this herself.

God does give more personal feedback but that is not what Heavenletters is about, altho people often feel like the message was in fact directed at them personally. Gloria has given workshops in which people learn to Godwrite for themselves. There is nothing spooky about this but it does take the willingness to step out and let whatever happens happen. You could do this on your own. You might also click on the "Ask God" link under "Community" at the right side of the page. This explains how you can ask God a question with Gloria's help if you don't feel capable of doing it on your own. There are requirements such as becoming familiar with Heavenletters over time and not asking frivolous questions. Gloria also asks for a donation to indicate your seriousness, which might sound like a scam to some. Perhaps as much as anything else that keeps Gloria from being overwhelmed with requests in her already overwhelmed days.

So I hope you hang around for awhile and get the drift of things as they ebb and flow, twist and turn. You might take whatever you can from the various messages and read the comments to see how others see different aspects. But then on the other hand, if God is telling me today not to get annoyed with little things, this makes me wonder if He or She has ever been around our cat.

Charles tells it so well...

You put the words together with a fragrance that draws and heals. Thanks


We, you and I, are dancing

We, you and I, are dancing together. Remember Who your Partner is. Remember Our vision and all that We like to embrace.

How I love this message. Only love heals all things.

much love

Sweet Berit....

Oh, come dance with me. It would heal my chemo.


George Angel, divine

George Angel,

divine timing, you couldn't know, or could you ?
your heart heals mine and in loving you I am blessed in Oneness.

Berit, Angel, I knew

From love the knowing flows. Thanks dear Berit



Excuse-me if i write in french, i live in Quebec, my english is too small

Simplement pour vous demander si votre site pourrait se faire en français? Il me semble très intéressant.

Merci d'une réponse si possible,

Roselyne Castonguay :)


Roselyne is asking if there is a french version of this site that she finds very interesting. She gives many thanks for the answer.

Dear Roselyne,

I am sure someone will explain everything in detail to you. Since I don't know much French, let me just tell you that, yes, there is a French department of this site. I do not know how exactly it works, but if you simply want to read Heavenletters in French, there are two routes you can take:

  1. If you see the little flags in the top right corner of this page, click the French one (touch each flag with the cursor and they will tell you which nationality they are). The interface language will then be French (partly at least) and you will see the Heavenletters in French.
  2. Or click "Heavenletter Forums" on the right margin, scroll down and click "Heavenletters French" in the list of translations.

Hope you find what you want.

And welcome!

Jochen (Munich)

Chère Roselyne

Le site Heavenletters ( offre des traductions quotidiennes des Heavenletters en français. Et vous avez l'opportunité de recevoir par courriel chaque jour la traduction de chacune des lettres publiées en anglais.

Vous n'avez qu'a vous rendre à l'adresse suivante:

et vous inscrire pour recevoir les lettres en français chaque jour automatiquement.

P.S. Les lettres sont également traduites en plusieurs autres langues dont l'allemand, l'espagnol, le néerlandais, le turc, etc.

today the one word

today the one word is

Peace, Bernie

Bernie's ONE word!

One word from you, Bernie, is like a thousand, or million or....







Thsnk you God

God gave me Paradise to live in near the tropical Rainforrest. Because of a wet season more than usual our walls and ceilings need washing to remove the mould. We asked the local cleaning service to give us a quote but they only wanted to do it using Chlorine . Our house is all open and we cannot sleep in the chlorine smell so we do it ourselves Thank you God for giving me the strength and balance to climb on ladders and on a plank at my age. Mieke at 75 is a great help and we work so well together. We finished half and will finish the other half this week . Thank you God . Oh by the way do you know the rainforrest is at its most beautiful when it is raining. Thank you God. Mosquitos? We just love them away and nothing really worries us anymore as we are so happy in all we do and experience. Even the political scene does not worry me anymore We just Laugh at their antics. Thank You God for the Show. Love you all Jack .

Jack's words SING!

The melody of your words lull my heart into a restful place of beauty.


Jack dear, love and hugs to

Jack dear,

love and hugs to you and Mieke !!

you know my heart

dear God heavenley father,
you writteng theis words to every -one of os and every life,
and am thankful you suport os in our herth and mind
when we are ground of eretation or postrade, or aggravation of life,
i also understan to other people, why the have postrade or aggravation,
because som people the have no work to live theres life,, to yearn the mony to live,
am always breing my tought to other countrey breing hope
the have a goodt life and also breing my hope the have en God en theme
heart,,, so the dont loose thers hope of life,
am sory am express my felling to you, and your porum,
wher els i can express my felling it only you i can,
and you know my heart am always care,,

We are grateful to you for

We are grateful to you for expressing your heart here on the forum, beloved Carmen. And proud of you for all that your beautiful heart expresses.

Getting the better of you! God does it all the time.

This is the Truth about God. We hardly see God taking the sweetness of our love and plastering it all over a baby's tummy with a slurpy sound..
We don't hear Him say to us: "You'll learn the most from THIS lesson." Sure, even if it hurts.
It's so hard to think that we are the APPLE of HIS eye. We are, ask Gloria. She know this too.