There Is Also a Life of No Thought

God said:

You live in more than one world. You live on Earth, no doubt about that. Earth is a dream world of its own.

When you sleep, you are somewhere out of the Earth world. There is the world of sleep dreams, and there is the world of sleep where it seems that for a while, you do not dream and you do not exist anywhere, yet, you are Somewhere.

There is the Life of Daydreams.

There is also the waking state when you do not dream and yet you are not clearly in the conscious world.

There is the Life of No Thought which is also yours. Hurray!

Between words, you are on pause. In the written word, you can see the empty space where there is no thought between words.

The True You lies in Infinity. You are no stranger to Infinity. You are someone who has great wealth and may not know you have a bank account filled with wonders. The bank account belongs to you just the same. You don’t have to be conscious of this for it to be so.

You are possessed of Great Intelligence, yet you may have no idea of the breadth and depth of your Intelligence. Or you may have an idea, yet a vague one. There is no question but that you underestimate yourself. You are good at underestimating yourself. You may even be proud of it. You are modest to the hilt, as if you would not be seen in Bright Sunlight, as if you would only stay hidden from yourself and everyone in the twilight. You prefer to stay in the shadows. And so, you hide yourself and consider yourself smart. You take great pride in your modesty.

Strange, isn’t it, that you fool yourself and everyone as did Little Jack Horner in reverse from you:

Little Jack Horner

Sat in the corner,
Eating his Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said: “What a good boy am I!”

Little Jack Horner honored himself.

Or, are you the Gingerbread Man who thought he could elude the world: “You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man."

Of course, he was caught and ate his words after all. How smart is it really to kid yourself? How wise is it? How worthy is it?

In the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, two swindlers led the Emperor to believe that only the best of leaders could see the fine weaving coming from the swindlers’ loom empty of yarn. Everyone in the world at the time chose to pretend he actually saw woven cloth, for everyone wanted to be seen as a best leader, and so everyone pretended to see what he didn’t see until at the Emperor’s Parade, a child cried out the Truth:

“But he doesn’t have any clothes on!”

Of course, the moral of The Emperor’s New Clothes is pretending you see what is not there. In denying your Greatness, it would seem that you are adept at swindling yourself of your own Light, as if it is smart to pull out a plum from a plum pie, or to believe you can run faster than everyone else, or that you can fool yourself and others that you are less than you are, as if you are a whiz kid to hoodwink yourself and everyone else about your proclivities that are True and belong to you while you repeatedly shake your head No.

Look for your True Nature and find it. The fact is you are Blazing Light that you have chosen to blindfold yourself to. Open yourself to receiving the Light I have given you. No, no, no, don’t withdraw yourself from all the opportunities I set before you. Consider the possibility that the attributes I declare are yours ARE, in fact, YOURS.

You don’t have to be a rabid hunter for great feats. Just be open to receiving, for your time will come, and Great Vision will be upon you, glistening for all to see. You will reveal yourself as Who you are. How about in this lifetime, what do you say?

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I say "Yes".


"Just be open to receiving, for your time will come, and Great Vision will be upon you, glistening for all to see. You will reveal yourself as Who you are. How about in this lifetime, what do you say?"

I have these post its placed in several places within my home: "I cannot be stopped, I AM always in receiving mode. With great joy, gratitude and appreciation I receive unconditional self love and unconditional self acceptance."

Wow!....Thank you Christine...

Thank you so much Christine for highlighting this HL....I feel like we are on the cusp of so much new change to our 3d at this time to really digest this HL is so so significant....Thank you from my Heart..../.Jim(i)

I AM Blessed

Thank you Jim for your gratitude. Each holy in breath of Gratitude and holy out breath of Peace strengthens the of weave Unity and Oneness. I AM so grateful we walk hand in hand on the journey. Blessings to you my brother. :-)