There Is a Preciousness in Life

God said:

As you keep climbing in Life, you wonder when you yourself will reach the peak you have been waiting for, or if you ever will.

Surrender, beloveds. Just climb. Keep going higher. You desire to reach the peak. You may well have reached it, and you find that beyond is another peak and another peak. Life features climbing. Peaks are incidental. The achievement is climbing. Life is made of climbing. Reaching peaks feels wonderful for a while. After awhile, reaching the peaks isn’t enough any longer.

Reaching peaks is a point of view. Reaching peaks is incidental.

Achievements are like mile markers on the road. You keep going. When you reach a peak, you keep going. No matter if you slide back, you keep going, one foot after the other.

The process of climbing matters. You are not setting out in Life to make a record. To be a high achiever is nice, yet this is not your purpose. Going forward is your purpose, not what the world may or may not make of you.

No matter what, look high. The Sun, Moon, Stars follow you. Let your eyes follow them and the Sky, the Blue Sky, Gorgeous Sky, Rainy Sky, Cloudy Sky, Thunderous Sky. While you are on Earth, be glad for all Earth’s Gifts. No matter the appearance of the Sky, the Sky is yours. You don’t have to ask for the Sky, nor are you ever without the Sky Above. Even in blindness, you know Sky exists. All this is already yours without fail. Notice all your free gifts that abound.

When an advertisement comes in the mail, and you can get something 50% off, you pant to have it. Alas, all that is free is not always valued.

Here on Earth you have values of million of dollars, and they are free to you. You already have them. Name the value of a Million Stars and Galaxies and Moonbeams and Sun’s Rays.

Never say that Life is not worth a nickel. You don’t mean it. You look at picture after picture in a magazine when, all the while, you have Infinite Images right in front of your eyes wherever you look. There are prize photographs of slums and one leaf or one pair of eyes or one baby crying. What about your hand? Isn’t it a magic thing, your hand? Your hand can write. Your hand can type. Your hands can wash dishes. Your hands can embrace. Your hands can soothe away a child’s crying.

Of what value are your hands, your feet? What do they mean to you? What would you insure them for? Confess, you do love them. You love all they do for you.

There is preciousness in Life. What is not precious? Only that which you take for granted and do not really look at. Start looking with Eyes of Love.

Ah, yes, you take a lot for granted.

If a dish breaks, thank that dish for all its service.

All of nature rushes to serve you.

If you have ever said that Life is not worth living, take your words back.

Let the advice: “Count your blessings,” have a new meaning for you. Who are you to be a cynic? I swear to you, you are not meant to be a cynic, a scoffer, nor a dilettante, a complainer, a victim or anything else but a Child of God. Smooth the world for all. Smooth the world for someone else and, by golly, you smooth the world for you.

Just between Us, have the idea that you are here on Earth to be its public relations director. Oh, yes, you are here for more than one purpose. Stand with your shoulders straight and chin up. You are definitely here for something. You are not here for nothing.

But never mind all this. Do what is in front of you to do, and, c’mon, smile!

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Every tear, every laugh, every appreciation, every smile, every hug is Precious beyond measure. I am grateful.

Do what is in front of you to do, and, c’mon, smile!

No longer do you even assume a reason to hide anything from view.

You will, soon enough, dare to be as I made you. You will forget other things and remember Truth. You will be a Banner of Truth shining across the firmament. You will remember that you have the sun in your pocket, and you will pull it out like a mirror, and look at yourself and look at what I have wrought and which you wrought with Me.

This is an auspicious occurrence. This is the day of reckoning. This means that I reckon you will wake up and see Me smiling at you, and know that you are shining light on yourself, and you are the One smiling.

Thank you Adam

Whatever arises I love and I hold deep compassion for my humanity.