The Years of the Soul

God said:

Your body had its heyday, and now your body stars less in your life. Now you relax into the essence of yourself. Gone are the years that We could call the Years of the Body. From your point of view, the body is leaving you in the lurch, plying you with wrinkles and all that. The popularity of the physical you is less. Now your mind is less wrapped up in itself. With good fortune, you come to the Years of the Soul, the Years of the Ascendency of the Soul, the Years of Coming Closer to What Most Matters.

Youth of the body is interested in itself. Youth has perhaps become a cult, a cult of worship. Perhaps you had to be pulled out of that cult and given no choice but to entwine, interact, and engage with the growing of your soul. Displaced from youth, now you have your soul to gaze at.

You can't see your soul in the mirror. You can't add make-up to it. You don't try to have your soul lose weight. Your soul can only be as it is, a beautiful growing thing that you perhaps have not paid much attention to heretofore. Now it is your soul's turn for your attention.

Your soul has always been growing. Your soul grows with or without your attention. And now you are ready to focus on growth of your soul which is another way to say focus on Me, God.

Why is it good to keep Me in mind? It is not that I am all that is left to you. This is how to stay young, your focus on Me. There is nothing like it. Focus on Me is not a finite focus. It is focus on the Eternal Infinite You.

When the bonds of the world loose their hold on you, here I AM. I AM here, always with you, and you are right on the mark with Me.

Gone is most of the selfishness that held you in its thrall. Gone is much of the self-centeredness that was your horizon. Now you are engaging with Vastness. Your attachment to what you once were attached to is less. You are more willing to let go of the surface values and adhere more to the deeper values. You don't want to ride the roller-coaster any longer. You are less interested in possessing. You are more interested in divesting. What you once thought were your valuables have lost their shine, and now you keep your youth by being a pioneer of Spirit.

That the body loses some of its charm is good fortune. It is not bad fortune. It gives you a respite from attachment. It corrals you into the Land of Love.

Your heart can still dance. Your heart can still leap. Your heart can lead a parade.

Now your soul comes out of hiding, and you seek it more, and so your soul is revealed more, and you value it more.

Body beauty is temporal, but not your soul's beauty. Your awareness of the beauty of soul and awareness of the beauty of your soul grow and grow. You are awareness growing. You are consciousness growing. You are consciousness coming into its own.

You make dates with consciousness. We, you and I, the seeming two of Us, conspire more. The two-step becomes the One Step. You come closer to Me. I cannot come closer to you. I was always with you. I was with you in the blush of your youth, and now you are with Me more. You are engaging with Me, and so I beckon you forward.

The soul grows and yet the soul never grows old. In the world, some souls are called old because they have been around the block many times. Souls grow, yet all souls remain in the dew of their youth.

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Waking up to my Soul's purpose.

Love like you are breathing.

I am truly touched by this piece from Creator Source. I was just thinking today that I am getting older and I was pondering today about my wrinkles lol.... and I truly said to myself and to God, " I am truly waking up to myself, the real me...

All I can say is I truly LOVE YOU Papa Source..... there is not a moment that does not go by without stopping for a brief moment, just to catch myself and be present when I am adhering to his Wisdom and Love and offer him up my undivided love and affection.


Monica, we, you and I, must

Monica, we, you and I, must have made dates in consciousness! just as God says.

I love your expression too: Papa Source!

Love you,


Love you, miss you:))


Canim Gloria,

you have one of the most, most, most beautiful souls I have ever felt (I can not see it, I think some can:)))

We love you
Engin & Sarya

Your daughter and grand-daughter in-LOVE -
and saint Guray:))
PS: We are in Kaş -till 3rd of September

see Kaş:))

Engin, Heaven's beloved

Engin, Heaven's beloved angel translator into the Turkish language, you know you are seeing your soul!

I know first hand how beautiful your country is. Kas is soooo beautiful and new to me.

With love and blessings for you, Saint Guray, and Daughter Sarya.


ENGIN & SARYA your beauty speaks of love.

Engin, "Kas;" is a new and beautiful concept to me too. I love you and Sarya.


ENGIN Kaş -as a word- has


Kaş -as a word- has a weird meaning: EYE-BROW :)))) Therefore you can see some irrelevant pics at the link:))))))))

The Soul Years

I absolutely adore this message. It boosted me to feel and live the reward of my advancing age, though "old" here, suggests God, is just a "body" word, as though God dismisses it with a wave of the hand. I forgot that my soul and God are lovers. Life can be so distracting with the physical stories and challenges. But this letter goes straight to my heart, Home. Here is the reminder, the Truth I knew all along but barely had words to make it conscious and lived, you know? In my inbox too, it is, right on schedule, right when I needed it with physical problems popping up like weeds, and thinning hair amusingly poking my vanity. How many others have this experience of timing with Heaven Letters. It is the fun in spirituality I feel. My soul saying, "Told ya so!" I love the evergreen comment which is companion to this: "I AM as close to you as your next breath." I share one more: Eckhart says it is as though we become transparent in old age, and the soul becomes more visible. I have experienced this in my older friends and in some rest homes. My mom used to quote the psalm, "Be still and know that I am God." We have all we need. Thank you thank you.

Joyce draws tears of love to our eyes.

Joyce is the name of one of my sisters who died, she was older than I was. Your words Joyce, filled me with good and useful thoughts. Thanks, this Heavenletter points to the soul.


Now you relax into the essence of yourself."

At first blush, this sound like a letter to the old folk who have been "around the block" a few times. Well, I am one of those old folk who have been around the block a good many times. Once I had three darling sisters. Each grew old, very old and one by one they all passed away, but I remain. I had a beautiful Father and loving mother who also grew sort of old and passed away.

This Heaven Letter speaks to all of us, old and young about the soul coming into view as material things grow less important. That happens day by day. Perhaps WWII made it slip into sight sooner because, as a medic, I saw men in the prime of life walk boldly into the next dimension from wounds of war. Yes, now, at this age, close to 90, the things of the world have little attraction to me. Now it's all love, joy, peace and some comfort in my frail body. Read this letter very carefully and listen to its message as you become the who of you.


The Who of you! So well

The Who of you! So well said, beloved George.




Hi, Ever

Ever since I have subscribed to heavenletters, I have been blessed with the words of God that have enchanted me, have been sweet music of Truth to my Soul, have been exactly what I needed to hear at exactly that precise moment in my life. This is Perfection. This is Synchronicity. And I AM conscious of that awareness at the exact moment I write this comment. Truly, God has always been with each one of us. I embrace now my new life “walking hand in hand” with Him and His Love and That is All That Matters.

Beloved Pierre, thank you

Beloved Pierre, thank you for writing down your heart so simply, truthfully, and completely.

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