The World Waits for You

God said:

When your thoughts are on details, you are tied to matter. When your thoughts are on unboundedness, you are untied from what bounded you even a moment ago.

A time will come when you can be unbounded no matter where your feet are.

I say time, even though time does not exist. It would be better to say, a realization of Truth will come and you will keep it. It will be sustained. There will be a stroke, not of a clock, but of knowing. There will be such a burst of light emanating from you that it will include everything.

Water will turn to wine. And your heart will be laden with joy.

What will have changed? Nothing. Everything.

What is there to change but your perception of it.

There is understanding on many levels. Often seven levels are given. Yet there are levels within levels and each wraps around itself until, until all levels become One, and there is no wrapping. There are no levels. There is Oneness. We could say that Oneness permeates everything, but Oneness is, and what can there be to permeate when Oneness alone is.

All pieces fall into place. There is Union, such Union that you draw a breath, and all is the breath of God.

There are many dancers, but one dance. One toe pivots. One song is sung.

All sound becomes no sound.

All thought becomes no thought.

From one spring issues all glory.

Glory belongs to all. You are imbued in glory, for glory is all there is. I am imbued in you, and you are imbued in Me, and there is no difference to note. There is Oneness.

There is glory of glory.

A piece of pie knows it is the pie. Separation is only a line drawn. Each wedge of pie reaches the center.

Even while you may feel like a fragment on earth, you are connected. You are a part of Oneness, yet Oneness has no parts. Nothing is separated from Oneness. If Oneness is, it is. And you are Oneness.

A descendant of a King inherits the Kingdom.

You are My Heir.

Let your heart rise to the occasion of the Oneness and Wonder of Our Union.

No royal robes are needed. No crown. Your crown is My light. You have it already. Know Whose light you wear and Who placed it there and Who holds it in place.

Enough of differences. Rejoin Oneness. Enter.

Without your eyes on Oneness, the world is bereft. It thinks it is all that there is. It thinks there is nothing beyond its fray. The bedraggled world loses heart until your vision reaches beyond it. Your eyes mark upheaval or upliftment. Upheaval is more worldly than upliftment. Worldliness is more predominant in your thoughts, but that does not make it more real; it just makes it more predominant. Change the subject of your thoughts to Oneness, and Oneness will be evidenced. You are the representative of Oneness on earth. Speak for it. The world waits for you.

Why follow that which creates heartache for you?

You are a leader of the world. You do not keep the world where it is. When you feel saddened that this is how things are and always will be, you believe, you bow to that which you do not honor.

The world is capable of being what you want it to be. Honor the world then with a bigger picture of it, and the world will grow to your picture. The world is waiting.

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A piece of pie knows it is the pie. Separation is only a line drawn. Each wedge of pie reaches the center.