The Willow Is Strong

God said:

Beloveds, how many times have I suggested that you let go of the past? I don't mean to nag at you, but isn't it time? You may nod your head and agree with Me, and yet you may still be one of the many who hangs onto the past for dear life and for ideas you have long held, ideas you do not want broken.

I am not telling you not to have memories or not have any cherished ideas. You are going to have them. I am talking about when you resist accepting a new thought. This is not to say that you must accept every new thought. Of course, you don't. But some? Can you trade in some old thoughts for new?

I am speaking in particular of new thoughts concerning yourself. When I say, "Get out of the past," you may nod your head vigorously, and then you hold on to past ideas of happiness or unhappiness as if you couldn't move on in life.

Unfreeze yourself from the past, beloveds.

When your present circumstances leave you lonely or unfulfilled, this is not the signal to hark back to the past which is over. This is the signal to move forward, not back. Time to stop looking over the back fence.

For many, you may feel your life is incomplete without a mate. You may have the idea that you have to have a husband or wife in order to be happy. Must your happiness depend upon someone else? Must it?

Are you saying No to life? Are you perhaps insisting that you already know everything about life and what it is supposed to be for you?

There is a tendency, often in your moments of lostness, to be adamant in closing yourself to a field of possibilities. If someone suggests that you can be happy where you are, or someone suggests you will be happy when you move to Alaska or the tropics, you are adamant that they don't know what they are talking about. Beloveds, let in the possibility that you don't know what you are talking about. Truly, beloveds, there is no need to mark yourself in stone.

You are not what you once were. You may never have been what you thought you once were. And yet you may hang on to illusions that do not hold you in good stead. You may hold on stubbornly. If you think you know everything and you cannot or will not let in other suggestions unless they already agree with your own, when no one else knows what he or she is talking about, and you are strong that you are the only one who knows or who could possibly know, then you may be stubborn and choosing to stay in a lost place. It would seem that you do not want to move over one inch. Feeling unsettled where you are, you nevertheless fight off any suggestions tooth and nail. In fact, the more listening would serve you, the more resistant you seem to be listening and the more tightly you hold on to what has not brought you happiness.

You are saying, "No, no, no." Perhaps you are saying no when you would do better to say, "Yes, yes, yes."

Listening doesn't have to mean accepting, you understand, and, yet, you want to be open to what presents itself to you. Perhaps I have sent you a messenger, or two or three, and you refuse to hear what they have to say. You may only want to hear what your mind has already enshrined.

Your reluctance shows vulnerability, beloveds. Inflexibility is not a sign of strength. The willow is strong because it can bend.

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a messenger, or two or three

I try not to exclude myself, but like everyone else, I see it more easily in others than in myself: this tendency to nod one's head and still fail to truly reconsider. I hope the Author of Heavenletters will continue giving us specific advice on this particular issue.

I have often tried to think about why we find it so hard to let in new thoughts. It's almost as if we were shaking them off when we nod our head in agreement. Some more superficial part of us agrees, and so we don't notice that on a deeper level we don't agree at all. Nothing, it seems, can make a dent in our pet ideas, let alone cause us to give them up. Well, of course not. Who would abandon their pets?

Often there is not even a sense of having to defend our pets. After nodding, we simply don't apply what's being said to ourselves, we don't see the connection and there is no way to make us see one. I find this nodding (and smiling) and not re-thinking at all in people who are relatively happy, whereas unhappy people tend to get angry fairly soon when their pet ideas are challenged.

But analyses are not going to do any good for anyone. What makes us listen, what makes us take in what's being said? What makes us notice the inner sieve of preconceived ideas? What makes us notice we're not really listening and taking in?

There is a Heavenletter somewhere on how to read a Heavenletter. Since many things are repeated again and again in Heavenletters, perhaps we will hear more on how to read Heavenletters. I would love to. Opening a pathway for God's ideas to reach us directly must be a great thing. What if, until now, only a trickle of them has reached us through our known and unknown filters?

Jochen talks about Letting in New Thoughts

Jochen's thoughts teach us to let in new thoughts. They also suggest we let out the old thoughts What a mind! What wonderful thoughts. Thanks good friend.


Bend like a willow in the Wind.

The Wind of the Spirit blows in life on the path you walk, sometimes from the south and it's hot, sometimes from the north and it's cold. Usually we don't notice the wind or know that it is one of the Names given to the Spirit of life. In the New Testament is is the pneuma and in the Old Testament it is the Ruaha, the Hebrew word for wind. Learning to bend comes as a life long lesson to us. This Letter reminds us to set our thoughts to learning how to be limber and yeilded to the mind of the Universe. It's a good thing to know and grow.



For some anything that is not in agreement with their thoughts and feelings is to be defended against. The thinking is wrong because the Mind is split.

I've learned and greet every new day with joyful expectance of the newness of life as God created. I'm learning to sift and watch my thoughts carefully to allow only the good ones.

You are not what you once were. You may never have been what you thought you once were.

Thank goodness for this and I start each new day anew and acknowledge You in everything.

I thank-You for giving me the strength to survive out of the past.

LIGHT and LOVE butterflies to ALL

Johanne is a knower

The beautiful things you write make us know that you KNOW. This was a delight to read!


Just what is "the past"?

Jochen raises a fascinating question in his nicely phrased response to this letter: “I have often tried to think about why we find it so hard to let in new thoughts. It's almost as if we were shaking them off when we nod our head in agreement. Some more superficial part of us agrees, and so we don't notice that on a deeper level we don't agree at all.” I think there are answers to this question that start of from asking just what it is that is called “the past” in the body of this letter?

If only the “now” exists, what is “the past” that we are talking about here? Of course the events of the past are gone, but they do still exist for us in that they have left remnants of their effects in our mind. Past events are the basis for our present attitudes, our expectations, our habitual and accepted thoughts, as well as the subtle assumptions that are the support for the ideas we choose to entertain. The effects of these past events have become solidified as our worldview and the image of how we believe reality works.

Heavenletters present us with new thoughts constantly, and it is my observation that they do not mesh well with the mind structure that I just finished describing and which is our inheritance from the past. Entertaining new ways of thinking becomes a problem because our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are not just a bunch of loosely held independent ideas, they are highly consistent with each other and interlock into a smooth system. We naturally reject what does not fit well. A new thought might resonate strongly with our heart but be rejected due to its inconsistency with this pre-existing mental structure. I think this is what Jochen is getting at when he says only a superficial part of us agrees with many of these new thoughts. Not that our heart is superficial, but our acceptance seems to be only a superficial acceptance since if doesn’t percolate easily down into the deeper levels of our belief structure. Not easily and not quickly.

I think even this analysis understates the difficulties in accepting radically new ideas. Not only do we personally hold this traditional worldview, but so does virtually everyone else we know. Our friends and acquaintances reinforce the old beliefs and will strongly discourage any ideas that threaten what our culture accepts as true. Beyond this, our cultural beliefs can also be said to be literally set in stone. They become the concrete and steel and glass of our buildings and roads, they are written into the billions of books in our libraries, and materialize in such things as our teacher’s unions, political parties and our laws.

If this thesis I present is accurate, there is a huge amount of resistance to the messages of Heavenletters to be overcome. It will be, though, there is much greater power in the Truth being conveyed. But the same messages do need to be repeated over and over again and we do need constant reminders. I think we also need to be patient with ourselves in the process. It will prevail in due time.

Love to all….Chuck

Chuck makes the past sound real!

I'll admit that the yellow brick road does a lot of winding and takes a lot of dancing too but "we aren't in Kansas any more." The Chronicles of Narnia require a different look at the past through a crowded wardrobe all full of old clothes.

When you come to Paul the Apostle we can hear him say: "Forgetting all that's past, we press on into the light." George, the illusionist, insists that the past is a serious hangover from skipping the present while fantasizing on the future so as to make the past into a dream of humbug gone sour or wild, or down some rabbit hole. It's so much fun though.

A bottomless rabbit hole is the concept that there is such a thing as a "new idea." It's fun to think that "new thought" is actually new. That's what they said about Plato, or Aristotle, I'm sure the things that Jesus said on the Mount sounded like New Thought to the peasants listening to Him.

Any free open looking at the divine mystery breaks into our system of thinking and shouts "I'm new, I am, and don't you forget it, or do I mean remember it. Oh shucks, it must be new, I don't remember it. Then a fragment of a past event or book or kiss comes to mind and we laughingly shout, "Oh, there it is!, It was there all the time." So...we turn over and go back to sleep.

Don't you love Chuck's clear analysis? He's fun, as much fun as Jochen. Love


Great, Chuck, I love it. I

Great, Chuck, I love it. I love clear statements of difficulties and resistances before we conclude that Truth will be stronger and all will be well. Otherwise our optimism tends to lack in substance and to crash every so often.

Part of me would like to think some more along these lines and engage in a discussion, but another part doesn't. You know why, Chuck? It's because "the events of the past" aren't gone. They never were. The past never was, so it doesn't even exist as "remnants". Everything arises presently, memories too. Time does not exist, before or later do not exist, all is imagined now, including the scenes on the photos that have dates on their backs. The person you are going to meet in a minute, someone you have seen scores of times and know very well — all of it is pure imagination. The coffee you had this morning, it never was, even if the taste seems to linger. And so forth. There isn't much that can be said here. Except perhaps: "I don't understand, God, but my heart knows You're right."

Jochen knows what few know.

Jochen tells us that All is imagination. Dorothy learned that when she finally got out of Kansas and so did the lion and scarecrow and the tin man that needed oiling now and then.

What I would like to know is: Who's been oiling you? Consciousness has to be oiled in a special way to see and taste coffee in a perfect morning after a good nights rest, all being imagination, just imagination, nothing more. That's deep mystical knowing.

This takes more than squinting to see more clearly; it takes a form of "knowing" that only the Essenes seemed to "know". You really lit my oil lamp! Thanks