The Wild Blue Yonder

God said:

All human beings are riders on the range. You are roamers on the range. You have a lasso, and you do round-ups. You gather others unto you, and they go in the way you go. It is hearts that you round up. It is hearts that you take with you. All hearts are yours, and they are yours for the asking. One heart joins another, just the way people hold hands. Let Us hold hearts across the wide prairie and unite the world.

All are going in the same direction. Why not go together? Not as a herd but as splendid hearts, all for one, and one for all.

Stand up and be counted. You are not a soldier of fortune. You are a soul of fortune. Fortune means what is to come. What is to come is Unity and Peace, and you are a forerunner of it. You may be a humble rider of the plains, and yet you are the leader. Where you go, beloveds, shall I go. You follow Me in this march across the Universe, and, yet, I follow you. We are horse-riders of the plain.

As in a beautiful movie, We ride over the horizon and rise into the sky and head up to Heaven. Rising, rising, rising over the horizon up to the pink sky and past the white clouds into the wild blue yonder which is not wild at all. It is rest and peace and all things beautiful. I am describing you. You are your journey, you understand. You are your own vision you seem to see in the distance.

You ride the range, and you ride the waves. There is no difference between ranger and surfer. There are no differences at all. Riding, riding, riding over the flat plains or riding, riding, riding the blue waves.

There are no shores but the shores of hearts that leap and leap high. All hold hands. There is One Rider and One Way to Ride. There are no battles, no battlefields. These are photographs you snap with the camera of your mind. They are yet to be developed. Developed, you will see the Majesty of Truth. You will see beyond what is called the Veil. The thing is you will see, for you will have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. You will stop for the night, and in the morning you will awake on this infinite ride you take across the desert sands and across the night sky. You will touch each star on your way with a kiss, for you are a rider of Creation. You reach into your heart and you toss it to the stars from where you came.

You leave yourself everywhere. You know that, don’t you. Even what is not seen, nevertheless, is seen. You leave yourself everywhere.

You are an architect of life, and you are a beautiful being returning from where you began, except, you never began. You always were. You live in Eternity, and Eternal and Infinite are you.

You don’t really think you are only a speckled spot on the surface of life, do you? You are life itself. You are the Spender of the Splendor of the Universe. You do not collect the Universe. You ride the range of the Universe, and the sun shines on you, and you reflect the sun until no one can tell the difference between you and the sun or the night stars or anything you can think or remember or not remember, for what is there in the Universe but the Oneness of Light and the Oneness of the One Heart that gallops everywhere.

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What a beutiful upliftment

What a beutiful upliftment to Heven,what Joy in my heart. Marija

This is beautiful but I need help - where do I post that?

I want to be involved in Heavenletters, but I am a bit gun-shy (a problem for a "rider on the range"...) The last spiritual web community I was involved with told me that they loved me, that I was an angel, that I positively glowed, invited me to be one of their editors, and then all of a sudden everything changed.


Beloved Kaye, this is Gloria, inserting myself here. Please excuse me for withdrawing a long strip of your heartfelt understandable email and please don't take offense! I have saved your words, and I will answer you in full as soon as I have a minute.

Quickly, I want to say that you are creative, and I have an idea of something that you might be able to help us with.

Hang on, I will get back to you, dear one.

Riders in the sky

What a beatiful script God via Gloria.!!! So we are put here to gather others with our love (Lasso). Ok Fine let us do it we are all Love so get more love and as One big love let us warm this beautiful world into peace Love to all Jack

You are leading the way,

You are leading the way, Jack!

Your Heartspeaking is just

Your Heartspeaking is just so beautiful dear dear Jack. LoveToYoToo God bless you dear Jack!!!

Beloved Faye Hall, When I

Beloved Faye Hall,

When I read your post, I was in tears. You are in pain and in searching just like I did before. It is so true that I had the same kind of pain as you do “have no hand to hold but her own”.

Dear one, do you know that holding you own hands have different ways? The best way is to open it, give it to others in need, and some helping hands will come back for you to hold. Those hands appeared as others, yet they are actually your own, they are actually God's loving hands. Holding hands works this way for me perfectly.

It is from God’s creative design: As away so within; as above so below. The outer is inner; the inner is outer.

Through soothing others' pain, our own pains are magically gone. Through holding the hands in need, we have God’s hands holding us tightly! Can't you believe that?

With endless love and blessings,

Leean, what can I say but

Leean, what can I say but bow to your beautiful response.

What a heart and mind and soul you share with us here.

The time has to come -- it really has already come -- when such wonderful things are happening with Heavenletters™ that there simply won't be the opportunity or time for me to respond as often as I would like on this forum. You know that this forum is one of the great gratifying things I am privileged to read and reply to.

Of course, this forum has long taken care of itself.

Thank all of you for your posts.

This is such a beautiful place with so many good wise and caring people who keep this forum moving forward!

Thanks, everyone.

Beloved Faye, was it you who

Beloved Faye, was it you who wrote a post on about a time in your life when you had been fired for eating doughnuts at your desk? You made such a great point when you said you had been upset at the time, but, now, looking back, you can only laugh!

What you wrote on the blog made me smile, even laugh, and, I'm sure, others who read it felt the same Of course, we know that's the thing for you to do now in this situation that hurt your heart that you wrote about on the forum and which I took off: "LET IT GO."

I understand the perceived need to vent about something that was unkind, and I know very well that sometimes it's hard not to repeat the unfairness of it all.

Please know that what I write here now, although your post motivated this response, is directed to everyone. It is written for me too.

When I start to vent to my daughter about something upsetting, my daughter will say: "Why are you spending your energy going on and on about this? Why are you telling me? What's the point of it? You want me to be unhappy too?"

I guess the point of it is I want her to commiserate with me. I want her to say in words to this effect: "Isn't that awful. They never should have treated you like that."

Dear Faye, you already knew that this forum was not the place for a tale of woe, for they don't benefit anyone, especially not you.

When you briefly told about that time when you were fired for eating doughnuts at your desk, the way you told it uplifted the human spirit. The way you wrote here about a website from the past and how they no longer appreciate you and how they are being investigated etc. was dispiriting, dear Faye.

What do Heavenletters™ tell us?

On the guidelines given for this forum, we ask everyone to refrain from posting negativity on this forum. We get enough of it everywhere else. No one is going to miss out on negativity.

There are many of us, every one a volunteer, who put our hearts, our lives, time, energy and financial support into making Heavenletters and this forum available for the upliftment of all. We care very much for the individual. We care very much for you, Faye, and we value self-expression. We know that no one likes to be censored, and we don't like to do it, yet, our first purpose here is to serve God and the Higher Good.

Thanks for listening, dear Faye.

Dear Faye, I would be happy,

Dear Faye, I would be happy, to read more of you. I just want to let you know...

The Grammar of Being

"You are your journey, you understand. You are your own vision you seem to see in the distance."

We get so familiar, accustomed to this particular style of God's language that we almost take it for granted. We notice that in that kind of utterance also like "you are the writer, the fingers that are writing, the paper you are writing on and what is written", there is a total absence of the verb to 'Have" and the unique presence of the verb to "Be".

In the relative existence, there is a necessary separation between "to be" and "to have". And that is what gave rise to the verb "to do". In the relative world, when you share, you lose. If you have $100 and you give $50 away, you have "lost" $50. Giving means losing. You gain money, friends, love and you lose money, friends, love etc.

This split between being and having comes from a sense of lack that appeared with separation. Ego cannot give if it does not expect to receive. It's survival depends on getting what it needs. Hence it has 'to do' something to get what it needs.

But God makes no difference between to Be and to Have because He is Everything, so He has Everything. And in creating Us, He gave us All that He is so All that He has. And all that He Has is the Knowledge of Himself which He wanted to share with His Son.

To access peace and joy, we have to acknowledge that we already Have Everything if we accept that we Are Everything. The Grammar of God's language is extremely simple: only One Verb that makes One with the One subject: I AM. It is only in human languages that we have tenses, declinations, singular, plural, and complex grammatical and syntactic rules.

We Have Life because We Are Life Itself. This is grammatically correct in God's Grammar.

Beloved Normand, this

Beloved Normand, this comment of yours was an eye-opener for me, a heart-opener too.

What you say about God's grammar there is a total absence of the verb to 'Have" and the unique presence of the verb to "Be". is an entirely new idea for me -- and I used to be an English teacher.

This is such brilliancy, it can only be God's writing.

Thanks, Normand.

Heavenreaders, you might like to see yesterday's blog -- the title is something like this: Normand's exquisite view on Godwriting™. (If I leave here to find the exact link, I'm afraid I might lose this post.)

Thank you dear Normand

What you have to say I understand better and more easy each time I read new comments of yours. It's like taking a deep, effortless breath. Thank you so for sharing. I'm looking forward.. God blesses you!

Thanks Uta. Perhaps by

Thanks Uta.I like your image of a deep, effortless breath. Perhaps because I do Hatha-Yoga, hold my breath for several seconds and also perhaps because I stand on my head five minutes :) For me, writing more and more makes me understand more!

In fact, contrarily to how it works in the relative world, where somebody has to teach you what you want to learn, in the spiritual process, you have to teach yourself what you want to learn. You have to give love if you want to learn what love is. The Logic of Oneness is definitely not the logic of twoness. If you want to have the Knowledge, you have to Be the Knowledge. Right-side up mind is confusing sometimes!