The Vastness of Love

God said:

Lovely are you immersed in My heart. How lovely you are. If you would only begin to have a smidgeon of an idea of what you mean to Me, you would not perceive woe. You would be so immersed in My love for you that you would know nothing but My love, My love that would supersede everything else. So immersed in My love would you be that Our love would delight the world, and there would be no room for anything but Our tumbling love, tumbling. Falling in love will take on a new meaning. That’s all you would do is fall in love. You would be in such a state of love that it would be like falling into a well, falling into a well of Heaven. You would be in such a state of love that the world would open up into a pool of love, love so spacious that it would fill every crevice of the world, and the world would rise on love until love was embedded, and nothing else was.

The world would float on love, and you would know yourself as a world of love, a universe of love, love living on love and living in love. When a smidgeon of My love is known, known in consciousness, you would know nothing else but love. You would hear nothing but love. You would see nothing else. You would speak nothing else. You would think nothing else, so deep in My love for you would you be.

You would begin to know what love really is. You would begin to know the Vastness of Love, and, therefore, you would know Eternity and Infinity which also float on My love. You would know yourself as My love, and you, with every gesture and motion of your soul, you would emanate love and love alone, and you would be a hero to the world and to yourself and, of course, to Me, for what I am would you also know without cease. You would become in your awareness the Vastness of My Love that is more than contained within you. You would forget the existence (the non-existence) of anything else but the wondrousness of love in its natural state. There would be no erosion of love. There would be the totality of love, love complete, love given, love unfolded, love paramount, love inhaling and exhaling so fulsomely that naught but love will surmount the Universe. As it is above, so is it below, only, at this time, there is no longer even the concept of above and below. With love there would be no up or down or across or vertical or horizontal.

There would be Truth, and you would trip over it in your delight in being the Truth of Love. You would know yourself as a kiss of God, and so you would behold the world and the world would behold and embrace you. This non-time is at hand, and it is also in your hands, for you are the forerunner of My heart and all noble prophecy. You are the human being to usher in the years of Oneness, the age of Miracles, only there would be no need for the word miracle because there would be nothing else but miracle.

Right now, the world is an expression of miracle, only you may have had thoughts that were less than love, and so life was sometimes known to you as miracle-less. Still, you have known blessing. What you presently have not seen as blessing, you will begin to see as miraculous as every perceived blessing, and you would know that it is you who bring blessings to the fore of life. You are right now a creator. With your thoughts, create more loveliness, more lovingness, more beauty and all the love in Heaven right onto the surface of life on Earth.

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Dear Gloria,

please help me to understand what is meant by this sentence:

There would be the totality of love, love complete, love given, love unfolded, love paramount, love inhaling and exhaling so fulsomely that all else but love will surmount the Universe.

Is is possible that the the word all should be nothing?

Thank you!

love and light, namasté, Anneke

Beloved Anneke, thank you,

Beloved Anneke, thank you, thank you. How do these errors get passed me!!! But thank goodness for you, Nancy, Luus, Normand, Engin and other volunteer angels who catch these rascally mistakes!

I will change the sentence now to read as you suggest:

There would be the totality of love, love complete, love given, love unfolded, love paramount, love inhaling and exhaling so fulsomely that naught but love will surmount the Universe.

Naught means the same as nothing.

May I be more careful about proofing.I can’t believe the errors I don't see.

Thank you so much. Please don’t ever hesitate. If you have a question, ask it. If you have a doubt, express it. We will all be happy if you are mistaken!

Thank you for your caring.

God bless you.

Love, Gloria

no problem at all....

Beloved Gloria,

think of the thousands and thousands words that you write that are correct....and now this error has been corrected, so it no problem anymore.....

We are Human and Humans make mistakes.....we do as good as we can and care as much as we can.....

Glod bless you!!

love and light, namasté, Anneke

You are not alone

Gloria, dear, it seems that for all of us, one of the hardest things to see is our own errors. It is much easier for us to find the typos and report em. Love ya.


my question

Dear Gloria,

the question was posted here #4306

love and light, namasté, Anneke


Ahh yes, thank you...
This is becoming so true for me and I was given an experience
of just this teaching, when in my trying to console my daughter
I spoke of words that were not of my own in my human way of
This very teaching of "being" the love will come out to and be
In the world came for me when I told my daughter to "give" her
love and to not" take" her love. It showed me how one is conditional
and the other is unconditional. That has and is coloring my thinking and
being since. I am looking less and less through my filter of fear and
more and more through the love in my heart to have and solve my
experiences...I keep going to my heart to know and have more of the
love that is there for me. Oh, my dream, my dream to experience
that profound love of my heart...for me....

What a beautiful example of

What a beautiful example of God's love you are, Carmella. As you grow, may I too.

Does anyone remember the story someone recently posted about giving unconditional love? What was that story? It was perfect. George, do you remember? It's on the tip of my tongue. Two travelers together. Someone was rude to them.


By reading this H.L. i only read about love and did not find any mistakes as mistakes do not talk to me I only experienced Gods Love and saw the world ful of love and YES IT WILL COME love to all Jack

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