The Unfathomableness of Life

God said:

Unfathomable is the course of events. Unfathomable are the actions that people take. Unfathomable are the responses to life and the routes followed. Unfathomable is life.

And, yet, imagine all the figuring, reasoning, and heartache that take place about the unfathomableness of life. Is this not the case?

What if it were preferred that life not be understood, would then the world have a better chance of sitting back and enjoying the adventure? Would you?

Imagine that you were taught at an early age that life is unfathomable, and that this is just fine, that life is not meant to be understood. Eons of history would drop away. Questions would be erased.

It is no mystery that life is unfathomable, and yet My children tap the unfathomable every day and worry it back and forth. “Why, oh, Why?” is the most asked question, preceded or followed by its variation, “How can this be?”

Let go of having to understand, and you will have let go.

Yet the desire to understand life is strong, and so, we have science and the amazing discoveries that the human mind has discovered. Life itself wants to understand itself. You are hot on the trail of fathoming the unfathomable. You are the greyhound chasing the rabbit he seemingly can never catch. One question leads to another. There are unending questions. There are always more and more questions to answer and more and more answers.

Questions and answers will be around so long as you need them. According to your level of consciousness will your questions be. And sometimes your questions will surpass your level of consciousness.

So long as you have questions, you will ask them. You must, for questions are the street signs you follow. You deliberate them. You wrestle with them. Even when you don’t find answers, the process of questioning answers something for you.

In the relative world, there are right answers or wrong answers. Five and five are ten, and this is inalterable in the world. Even guesses are often inalterable in the world. Laws are made and must be followed. Judges make decisions. Something is followed.

According to your consciousness, questions are worthwhile. That must be so. The process of questioning serves great purpose. And, yet, the answers themselves are merely commentary.

Even so, there comes a time when you no longer have any questions to ask, and who would there be to ask anyway?

When love fills the world, when all is well, absence of questioning is okay because you know the One Reality. You have seen the light, and you are filled with it. You would not even ask: “Why am I no longer asking questions?” On another level, on another vibration, you have resonance, and questions are no longer in the equation. They have gone into the ether. Questions are simply not discernible.

It is not exactly that you know the answer. You simply don’t have the question. You have Truth in the palm of your hand.

You have the Wholeness that you so wanted questions and answers to give you. On the level of Oneness, you are One.

By no means are you to stop asking questions because of the value of not asking questions. While you question, you must ask yourself your questions. And when you, from the fullness of your heart and your Being, no longer have questions to ask, then questions will not arise and answers will not be sought. There will be no why’s and wherefore’s. There will be Being. Beingness asks no questions.

Meanwhile, toss around your questions. They will inevitably lead you to Me.

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all the figuring, reasoning, and heartache

When we don't feel supported – by nature, by being, by the whole, by love, by something we need no name for as long as we feel held – when fear creeps in, we begin to want knowledge. We suspect that we have to hold ourselves and therefore need power and therefore need knowledge. That's how instruments and weapons come to be created, thats how organized brute force and imperialism and science and philosophy come about. In short, to the degree we don't feel loved, and don't love, we want to know, we question. Stem cell research, genetic engineering and creating ever more gigantic machines for research into the first split-second after the big bang – we must be quite afraid, there can't be too much love. Not on the surface at least.

Yes, even without having seen the light, some wanting to know has started subsiding, I can watch how more of it drops off every day. Books aren't read any more, workshops aren't attended any more, newspapers and magazines aren't bought any more, TV got thrown out long ago. Coming back to what must be the primal questions. Who am I? What is the world? Where is God? What is all of this about? What am I supposed to do? Where are freedom, ease and love to be found? There are, of course, smaller questions as well, questions having to do with imagined relative reality of space and time and germs and money. But wanting to know seems to be falling asleep, that old wanting to know that is supposed to increase leverage in the world.

What if it were preferred that life not be understood, would then the world have a better chance of sitting back and enjoying the adventure? Would you? I certainly would. I can hardly wait for the end of needing to understand.

Things are turning out to be a lot simpler than I or anyone I know suspected.

Excellent post, Dear Gloria.

Excellent post, Dear Gloria. Such comfort to our heart and a reason for our mind to stop working overtime. Thank you for a wonderful comment Jochen. I agree with you one hundred percent. We seem to want all the answers to questions and further question when we are discontented with what we have and the knowledge we have acquired thus far. Once Love enters our heart though, questions about various things begin to subside and the answer to all our Questions is... Love.

Much love and light. Thank you Gloria and Jochen for sharing wonderful and enlightening thoughts.

Thank You Lord.

the answer to all our Questions

"Once Love enters our heart though, questions about various things begin to subside and the answer to all our Questions is... Love."

Yes, Kay.We can even use the number of our questions as a gauge of how much love we are able to allow at the moment. Sometimes everything seems so simple, what is there to ask or doubt? At other times the flow of love seems to stop and is replaced by a torrent of questions. Perhaps they are not worth asking. Perhaps it would be better to wait for love to return. Waiting can be a challenge when you tend to get uneasy and restless...

The human mind, evolving

I find this to be interesting timing for this letter and Jochen’s excellent comments to appear. I have been exploring an idea that fits in nicely with them. It has seemed to me that fear plays a pivotal role in how our human ego develops and functions, as well as our tendency to hold so tightly to our experience of the past. Accordingly, I have been exploring the 500 or so Heavenletters in the archives that discuss the nature of human fear. More specifically, I have been searching for what they have to say about where our fears come from in the first place.

This letter, and Jochen’s comments, have been quite helpful in my effort. This letter is a very nice statement of a familiar Heavenletter theme and highlights an assumption that lies beneath much of our attempts to deal with our fears: the idea that life is “fathomable’ and it is possible to truly understand it. Jochen carries this further by rightly pointing towards another of our assumptions: that we feel the need to understand things in the first place since we feel unsupported by the nature of the universe and our place in it.

Perhaps most useful is the sense of human spiritual evolution that are captured here so well. It seems that man starts out with a sense of separateness and vulnerability and this leads to our questions and our searching. As Jochen points out, this is a major impetus behind our science and technology. I find this letter’s picture of a future time when we will have no need to question to be fascinating. This is beginning to make sense to me. Clearly, we are not there yet, but our questions play an important role for us. I also agree with how you end you comment, Jochen: “Things are turning out to be a lot simpler than I or anyone I know suspected.”

To make the incomprehensible seem comprehensible give such joy.

We work so hard to learn to know that there are things we really can't know. Yes, we paint a picture with paints that we fabricate but refuse to call the painting a fabrication.

This leads to throwing paint on a canvas on the floor, running through it bare foot all the while thinking that science will explain how we are expressing the pain of being abused by some teacher, uncle or pastor or just living.

My joy, at least in part, comes from the excellent way that JOCHEN lays our his very meaningful thinking. Then along comes brilliant CHUCK to explain JOCHEN.

George runs up and slides on the canvas to explain Jochen and Chuck. Gloria smiles.

George (George is no good at explaining that he can't explain anything.)

I envy you, Doctor! I wish I

I envy you, Doctor! I wish I had the time to do some research of this kind and perhaps write about it now and then. But how nice that you can do it!

Nice post about questions

Nice post about questions thanks!


You sure know how to make it simple.

Are you the wonderful

Are you the wonderful wonderful Tony who made Heavenletters appear second at the top of a Facebook page?!/whatiloveaboutfairfield

Bless you, Tony. Thank you.

You know the answer? Sure is unfathomable?

The answer is our self playing with life's questions. The questions require choices. Choices demand a kind of thinking. So often what was the SURE answer turns out to be something very different. "Go figure!"


Teaching by contrast.

The seek for answers to questions is also the seek for questions to answers—an ongoing process— in the relative world. The reason is that life on Earth is about change and shift. In Heaven, where we Really live right now and continuously, there is no change and shift to remember of. Contrasts and differences are necessary teaching aids in time and space.

"By no means are you to stop asking questions because of the value of not asking questions." Questions and answers are all aiming at putting contrasts and differences into light so that we can learn what to avoid and what to seek. Science can be a teaching aid in that perspective. But science will never attain knowledge, and will never be knowledge whatsoever.

The "value of not asking questions" is really in finding the answer that makes the need for any differences disappear. This is the real and only Knowledge God wants to Share with his Son. Knowledge is not progessive or "evolutive". Knowledge on earth is only bits of information, data. So it is not real Knowledge. We lost Knowledge or the memory of Knowledge when we started denying it to go our own way. Then was made the decision NOT TO KNOW. Knowledge cannot be taught because it is Being. We never lost Knowledge, we just lost the memory of it. What we need is to acquire back the conditions of Knowledge. Which means that we have to stop denying it then accept that we are guiltless and innocent.

Ultimately, we don't have to acquire Knowledge. It is already ours. We have to restore it through certain conditions .That is when the question IS the answer because the question is the questioner and the answer/answerer. Everything else is literature.

a dangerous activity

"We could say you are here to learn to be happy in a physical body. You were always happy when you were not encased in a body. Why, why, do you have to have the body then?

You have to have it because a question has been asked, and you are finding out the answer to the question you asked."

It would be better refrain from further questions until the end of the game, please, also from intelligent ones.


Your Timing is impeccable as always.