The Umbrella of Your Thoughts

God said:

It is hard for My children to let go of things and thoughts. All material possessions are thoughts as well. Thoughts materialize in one form or another, clear or obscure, immediate or late. And so it is important to let go of thoughts that do not serve you well.

Every time you indict yourself or another, you have had a thought that does not serve you nor the universe.

The umbrella of your thoughts, however, is belief. You come from a premise. True or false, you hold your premises dear. In order to indict, you have judgment. In order to have judgment, you have belief in better and worse, superiority and inferiority. You believe in health and illness and build pavilions to them. You believe in wealth and poverty and build economic systems around them. You believe in opposites. Let go of such thoughts and embrace thoughts of Oneness, because Oneness is Truth. When Oneness is Truth, all else is false.

Perhaps you would like to build a house of brick rather than straw.

Perhaps you would rather swim in an ocean than dangle your feet in a little mud-pond.

Perhaps you would like to soar.

Perhaps you have become entrenched in your thoughts and are afraid to turn them in. Outdated, irreverent, yet you hold on to them as a life raft. Your thoughts are your blessing, and your thoughts are your downfall. Your thoughts are mixed. But you are Oneness.

Seek not the power of condemnation. Seek the power of love and then My power and the glory become patently yours. Power and the glory are Mine because I am love. The vastness of Creation is love. Love needs no glory. It needs only itself.

When you have an insight, you have a new thought or you have a rethought. A thought of yours has been rehoused, refurbished, or razed to the ground. Good.

Dispense of little thoughts that dig their heels into the ground. You are a Created Being who is to fly. You fly with your thoughts, or you are grounded by them.

The whole world as it appears to be is formed by your thoughts, mostly your inherited thoughts. Is the past what you want to continue or do you see brighter horizons? Disengage old thoughts that have shackled you.

Freedom is in your thinking. Free yourself from old thinking, and you are free. Unmuddy the waters.

Dive into the Oneness, or at least take a little dip.

You are the treasure you seek. You do not propel yourself upward by engaging in thoughts that keep you back. To go forward, you have to go forward. Where you have been, where your thoughts have been, is not forward.

Look up and automatically some of your old thinking will fade. Let not your thoughts be old soldiers who never fade. Old thoughts are worn. Perhaps they served some purpose once, but now the only purpose they serve is to be a rung on the ladder of new thoughts. Keep climbing, beloveds.

Why are your accumulated thoughts so precious to you? Are they really your beloveds? You really can let them go. You won't miss them. Would you really miss a hovel? Do you not miss Me more?

Do not miss Me. Join Me now in a vaster frame of reference. Let your thoughts reach Me and uphold Me. Let your thoughts stride forward rather than revert. Come to a new habit of thinking. Do not retrace your steps so much. Lean forward into My arms.

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The whole world as it

The whole world as it appears to be is formd by your thoughts,mostly your inherited thoughts.Is the past what you want to continue or do you see brighter horizons?Disengage old thoughts that have shackled you.
Oh,my dear God,how I would love to be free from my thoughts,that at times are soooo unplesent,but so far have not bin succesful in freeing myself from them.
I belive,that with Your help,the day will come when I will be free,and all the others,my brothers and sisters.
I thank You my Father,from the bothem of my heart.
Love you all,and thank you Gloria,for the posibility to receive Gods words.