The Truth of Your Heart

God said:

All impulses come from love. Beneath and beyond what you see as impulses of anger or lust lies the energetic impulse of love. Love is a meeting of itself, and impulses arise from love wanting to meet love. Sometimes your impulse towards love becomes thwarted, and you call that anger or something else.

All the emotions that you don't want come from the one you do want. The contraction of your impulse towards love causes you to feel a discomfort you call hate or anger or envy and so on. That contraction of love, that contortion of love, comes because you have allowed someone or something to make you feel less than you are.

Accept that you are the only one who makes yourself feel less than you are. Whatever goes on around you, when you capitulate to it, you have capitulated to it. No one can make you do it. You are the one who contracts your heart.

You cannot be less. Just as, without glasses, you may not see a chair in the distance — that does not mean that the chair is not there. When you allow yourself to feel that you are less, when you draw conclusions from the compression of the natural love in your heart, when you conclude the negative emotions, you are not seeing the seat of love within you that is there all the time. That's all negative emotions are — conclusions you draw from a constriction of your love.

But you do not need to allow anything to constrict your love. Love itself is enough. The nature of love is to flow. You are the one who flows your love. Perhaps someone turns away from you. You think something terrible has happened to you because they moved one way and not another, and so you mistakenly allow your heart to close.

You do not need to protect your heart so much. Let your heart be the lover of all, independent of who or how they harken to your love. They do not have to harken to it. They are not obliged. But if they knew the truth of your heart, they would only respond in love. But they, like you, have short-circuited their heart. They pay more attention to the clamps in their heart than they do to the open spaces.

You equate an open heart with vulnerability. You see an open heart as a wounded heart. An open heart is an open heart. Your closing your heart doesn't prevent wounds or heal those you already have. Opening your heart is letting more love out and in. Unless you give out more love, more can't come in. No longer squeeze your heart. Do not set your heart so much by what other people do with theirs.

This is one of My charms. I love regardless. Regardless means I do not exact measure for measure. My love is immeasurable, so why would I measure it, or measure someone else's? I do not ask for love. I give love. I do not know what it feels like to be rejected because I do not reject.

I long for you to accept My love, not for My acceptance, but for you to know love, love so boundless that you can only swim in it, overflowing love that reaches every corner, burgeoning love that sweeps over everything, inescapable love that reduces everything next to it to size. There is a tidal wave of love in the universe, and you are a stream of it. Do not block your heart. Open the gates. Let Me in.